Election 2010–House of Representatives

Today I am driving from my home in Los Angeles to a lunchtime Tea Party rally in San Diego followed by a dinnertime rally in Yuma, Arizona.

In the last couple days I have covered Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidates. Today is dedicated to the House of Representatives.

Again, I would like Republicans to win 435 to 0. Outside of Dick Morris, nobody on the right is that optimistic. I cannot cover every race or candidate. People who do that brilliantly are Larry Sabato, Michael Barone, Richard Baehr, and Charlie Cook. There are certain races I care about the most. This list will be updated as the election gets closer because I know I have accidentally left some people out.


Bruce Bowen over Maxine Waters. I know Bruce personally. As for Maxine, she is a delightful combination of laziness, race-baiting, and corruption. She is Bell, California, but with  a deeper sense of entitlement. She needs to go.

Chuck Wilkerson over Henry Waxman–I have met Chuck. He is a decent man. As for Waxboy, he is a bully. His staff are thugs, and came after me personally for having the nerve to be a conservative blogger. Waxboy is able to ignore his constituents because he gets Hollywood money. He wants to destroy American capitalism under the guise of greeniac lunacy.

Mark Reed over Brad Sherman–I know Mark Reed. He is an American Indian who is a solid conservative. He is also staunchly pro-Israel. As he has said many times regarding Israel, “if you want to know what happens to people who give up land, as an American Indian.” Sherman is not as toxic in his attitude as Waxman or Waters, yet he is wrong on the issues.

Mattie Fein over Jane Harman–Jane Harman is not a nutcase, but she has not stood up to Pelosi with regards to base closings. Mattie Fein is a telegenic Jewish Republican who is fantastic on issues of Israel and Iran, in addition to being economically conservative. People who like John Bolton will like Mattie Fein. I know her very well.

Van Tran over Loretta Sanchez–Loretta resorted to bigotry by telling her Spanish audience in Spanish that the Vietnamese are trying to take her seat. How unclassy, how…liberal.

Star Parker over Laura Richardson–Star is a conservative who happens to be a black woman. She is fantastic. I have gotten to know her, and she is a smart, thoughtful telegenic woman. Her opponent came to power in the 2006 GOP election debacle. Star has national recognition, making this race a very possible win despite the liberal tilt of the district.

Dana Rohrabacher–I have gotten to know him recently, and he is very strong on issues of national security. He deserves to be reelected.

Ed Royce–I have gotten to know him recently as well. He is a quiet, thoughtful man, one not known to bombast. He just puts his head down and does his job, which is why his constituents like him. He also should be reelected.

Darrell Issa–He is prepared to subpeona every Democrat official until the corruption on the left stops. He is a bulldog. I have gotten to know him personally, and admire his tenacity. He should be reelected.

Dan Lungren–I met him and found him to be very genuine and sincere. He is a real conservative, and was a very good Attorney General. His race is closer than in should be, so help him get reelected.

Mary Bono Mack–I have met her several times. She is a kind, sincere, thoughtful woman, one of the truly nice people on this planet. She took some heat for her cap and trade vote, but it never became law, so no harm, no foul. She is in a district where moderation is required. She deserves our support and reelection.

John Dennis over Nancy Pelosi–The Pelosiraptor should be fired. If the Republicans win the house, she will most likely resign, creating a special election. The Pelosiraptor is a vile woman. Thousands of words of elaboration are not necessary. The house will be a more civil place when she and her poison are gone.

Michael Crimmins over Susan Davis–Michael is a good man. I have met him personally. He is thoughtful, intelligent, and hard-working.

Tom McClintock must be reelected. He is the only true conservative in the entire state of California. If he had been elected Governor the entire country would have been better off.

Elton Gallegly is a good man. He merits reelection.

Nick Popaditch over Bob Filner. Popaditch is an America hero. He is the guy with one eye, losing his other one defending America. He is what America is about. Support him.

Illinois: Joel Pollak over Jan Schakowsky–I know Joel, and he is a good guy. He is the former law student who took on Barney Frank and exposed Frank for the bully he is. Pollak’s bok “Don’t tell me words don’t matter’ is a must read. He is an Orthodox Jew and a good Republican.

Michigan: Thaddeus McCotter–I just like the guy. I met him once. He is so quick on his feet. I asked him if the Gitmo Detainees should be relocated to Pelosi’s San Francisco district. He replied, “No, that would be cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment, even for terrorists.” He is a good conservative, the only thing in Michigan that should not be given to Canada. Politicians can be so boring. McCotter mixes common sense with humor.

Minnesota: Michelle Bachman–I have met her several times. She is a phenomenal human being. The left wants to destroy her because she is a female conservative, and a devout Christian at that. She is also professionally a tax attorney, so she knows tax law. She is at the top of the Pelosiraptor’s hit list, another reason to reelect her.


Eric Cantor–I met him a couple of times, and as a Jewish Republican I take great pride in his ascendancy. He is a real conservative, not a deal-making jellyfish who will give in to the left. He faces death threats for being Jewish and Republican, and does not back down. He must be reelected.

Frank Wolf–I met him recently. He is a very serious individual. He is another man who puts his head down and works, eschewing flash or limelight. He should be reelected.

Keith Fimian–He is a lively and inspiring guy who wants to take a wrecking ball to the failed liberal policies that have hurt America, keeping them away from Virginia. His last name is Fimian, which rhymes with Simian, which is my congressman Waxboy.

Rob Wittman–He is a jovial conservative who merits reelection. I met him recently and like his spirit. He i an optimistic sunny conservative.

Hawaii: Charles Djou–I have not had the pleasure of meeting him. He came to Los Angeles but I was out of town. The Republican Jewish Coalition actively worked to get him elected, and  he deserves a full term to bring his moderate Republicanism to very blue Hawaii.

Idaho: Raul Labrador over Walt Minnick–I met him and got to know him  a few months ago. He is a genuinely nice person, and a true Idaho conservative. His opponent claims to be a conservative Democrat, but like too many claiming that, are dragged leftward by the Pelosiraptor. Mr. Labrador will not have that problem.

Texas: Pastor Stephen Broden over Eddie Bernice Johnson–I have met him a couple of times, and he is a fiery orator. Yet being a phenomenal speaker does not mean he lacks substance. That would be President Obama. Pastor Broden matches his passion with compassion. He believes in conservatism to lift human beings, and sees liberalism as dragging and keeping people down. He would be a fantastic addition to the house.

Ted Poe is conservative, and downright likable. I enjoyed meeting him, and his constituents rave about him. They should have him for some time.

Donna Campbell over Lloyd Doggett–I have met Donna and witnessed her give a speech with only one functioning leg due to an injury that should be healed by now. She is diminutive, but a tough fighter and a good person. Elect her.

Bryan Underwood over Henry Cuellar–Bryan Underwood is enthusiastic, and I enjoyed meeting him. He is easygoing and will bring dignity to Congress.

Ohio: Peter Corrigan over Dennis Kucinich–Kucinich is not just a hard leftist who makes the Pelosiraptor look moderate. He is also awful on Israel issues. To his credit, Kucinich takes principled stands and sticks to them. He is not a weasel. He is just wrong. He represents what the Democratic Party has become, although at least he admits it. Peter Corrigan, who I have never met, is your standard Ohio Republican adult who will get to work in a non-flashy, dignified way.


Daniel Webster over Alan Grayson–Alan Grayson is scum. He represents the worst aspect of politics. Also, he might be clinically nuts. Either ay, he should not be medicated on the taxpayer’s dime. I have not met Daniel Webster, but he is not Alan Grayson. That is sufficient.

Colonel Allen West–Colonel West is an American hero and patriot. I have not met him, but have heard him speak. He is inspiring, and oozes leadership. He is a rising star. He happens to be black, but don’t expect the NAACP to support this phenomenal man. Republicans should turn out in droves for him.

Connie Mack is a good guy. His wife is Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack. Connie Mack is solid, and merits reelection.

Joe Budd over Ted Deutch. Joe Budd is a good guy. I met him and liked him. Ted Deutch filled the seat when horrible bully and phony resident Robert Wexler finally did the country and favor and left.

Karen Harrington over Debbie Wasserman-Schultz–As awful as Wexler was, Wasserman-Schultz is just as bad if not worse. She is your standard liberal Jew, refusing to condemn Islamists while confusing Republicans with Al Qaeda. She hates the first group, rarely gets passionate about the second one. I have not met Ms. Harrington, but Ms. Wasserman-Schultz is embarrassingly liberal.

Bernard Sansaricq over Alcee Hastings. I met Bernard. He is a character, a real fun guy. Can we finally agree that an impeached judge like Alcee Hastings brings dishonor to the house? I hope so.

Arizona: Ruth McClung over Raul Grijalva. Ruth is an exceptionally bright woman. I met her, and she literally could be a rocket scientist. Her background is science. Grijalva wanted to boycott his own state. People should boycott Grijalva instead. Ruth McClung is one of the smartest people to run for congress in some time.

Arkansas: Beth Anne Rankin over Mike Ross–I had the pleasure of meeting this former Miss Arkansas and current pistol packing mama from the ultimate military family. At barely 5 feet, she makes it clear that her size will allow her to look the Pelosiraptor in the eye when she goes toe to toe with her. Rankin is fantastic.

Massachusetts: Sean Beilat over Barney Frank–Barney Frank is a disgusting slob. Any criticism of him, he plays the gay card and calls his critics homophobic. He is the corrupt head of the Financial Services Committee who blathered on about the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they were collapsing. He also has had sexual relationships with people he was supposed to be regulating. This is a conflict of interest, but again, any criticism of him is homophobia. Again, he is a disgusting slob. It is time for him to go. I have not met Sean Beilat, but he is far more dignified than Barney the Bully will ever be. It is time for Barney the Dinosaur to go back to the Cretaceous Era.

North Carolina–Howard Coble is a likable guy. I very much enjoyed meeting him. He is very gracious, a true Southern gentleman. He is one of the reasons I am against term limits. The voters of North Carolina agree with me. He should be returned for another term.

If anybody has other races I should cover, please let me know immediately. In the coming days I will cover some of the local races such as judges across the country that unfairly get overlooked. Now go vote, and vote Republican! We need to clean the house and fire the Pelosiraptor!


One Response to “Election 2010–House of Representatives”

  1. Well, never let be be said that you are not hyper-partisan! LOL!

    A couple of things…

    “The left wants to destroy her (Michelle Bachmann) because she is a female conservative, and a devout Christian at that.”

    No. We on the Left do not like her because she is a lunatic-fringe demagogue. We couldn’t care less about her religion, and to call her “conservative” is the understatement of the century. She’s so far Right she looks herself in the back!

    “He (Dennis Kucinich) represents what the Democratic Party has become, although at least he admits it.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about here. Firstly, no serious and knowledgable observer of American politics would say that Kucinich represents anything other than the far-left, progressive wing of the Democratic party – a small minority at best. Secondly, he most certainly admits no such a thing! I may be biased, as a big fan of Kucinich, but that doesn’t change plain, stark reality, and nothing you said in that sentence above contains even the tiniest shred of that.

    “Alan Grayson is scum.”

    Ouch! Just because a man is passionate and outspoken, that doesn’t mean he is “scum.” He’s not a crook, he’s never hurt anyone, he’s a self-made man who’s trying to do what he believes is the right thing, and for that I give him a lot of credit.

    As for Barney Frank… It realy is a shame to see the way he is demonized by the Right. It shows just how little you guys actually follow the daily workings of our government. I have been a C-Span junkie most of my life. I have watched Frank reach accorss the aisle countless times. He once had a reputation as one of the most fair and bipartisan of all House members. And with the GOP comittee chair, back as far as 2005, he did honestly try to rein in F&F and the rest of the mortgage industry. The GOP in the Senate blocked the effort. The slams on Frank of late show a geuine ignorance of modern American political history. It really is pathetic.


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