The National Organization for Women are Hos

I could not be more pleased. I am delighted.

I now have the right to refer to women as whores.

Actually, a better term would be Hos.

(Not to be confused with hose, which those ghastly women most likely do not wear.)

That way I would be showing solidarity with gangsta rappers. Many gangsta rappers are black, which means I am now a champion of racial as well as gender equality.

For those who forgot, Jerry Brown was overheard having a conversation where Meg Whitman was referred to as a whore.

Tom Brokaw stated that calling a woman a whore is as bad as using the n-word to a black person.

No, it isn’t. Not even close.

Black people were lynched and hung from trees. Women did have to fight for equal rights, but they were not being burned to death in concentration camps or doused in gasoline or dragged and beaten outside a gay nightclub.

Yet how do I know that it is perfectly acceptable to refer to women this way?

Because the National Organization for Women said so.

Either the NOW represents women or they don’t. They either represent them always or never. There is no inbetween.

The NOW are a bunch of whores. They are a left-wing special interest group and nothing more.

Only in NOW fantasyland could Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton be champions of women’s rights.

Only in NOW fantasyland could George W. Bush and Sarah Palin be bad for women.

When Bill Clinton groped Kathleen Willey, and she pushed him away, the NOW praised Bubba for taking no for an answer. That meant that every man was automatically allowed to cop one free feel as long as they stopped before sopping a second one. Sounds good to me.

They refuse to condemn honor killings, or recognize that George W. Bush freed 50,000,000 women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They refuse to condemn recommending that people abort Sarah Palin or radio hosts who advocate raping Condoleeza Rice.

Driving a car off a bridge is fine as long as the killer is pro-choice on abortion.

Now we find out that using a slur against a woman is fine if the woman does not have the right views on cap and trade legislation.

Even when the belated and tepid “condemnation” was offered, the NOW said that somebody should be fired “if this happens again.”

Again? So again, men are now given one free pass.

I was a corporate slut for 15 years on Wall Street, so I know my sluts and whores.

I am less familiar with pimps, players, mack daddies, daddy macks, and others, but am learning about hoochies and bizzatches.

So to the members of the NOW, as tempted as I am to criticize you for being silent, the truth is I like it when you shut up for awhile and stop complaining. I just wish you would do this always.

The day that the NOW bothers to actually represent all women and not just leftists is the day they will deserve having the ductape removed from their traps that won’t stop yapping about claptrap.

The NOW claims that disrespecting them means disrespecting all women.

Let me make it crystal clear…

I respect Republican Women and apolitical women. I think nothing of leftist women who care more about trees and bunny rabbits than their fellow sisters, pretending otherwise.

I have zero respect for Maureen Dud of the Jayson Blair Times or Joan Walsh at Salon. They are both hos, and most likely nappy headed hos.

(These women are Caucasian, so this slur is also perfectly acceptable. For all I know I am a nappy headed ho on bad hair days.)

Most of the ladies at the NOW are just uptight. They could use a good paddling, but I save my table tennis racket for women who are non-repulsive.

(I am happy in a monogamous relationship. My girlfriend is not a ho. She has no connection to the NOW.)

When Christmas approaches, I can’t wait to line up Pelosi, Boxer, and the NOW president and do my Santa Claus impersonation, pointing at the trifecta of harpies and yelling Ho! Ho! Ho!

(This is also the slogan for Green Giant vegetables, but they bother me less than most environmentalists. Them corn niblets is mighty d@ng tasty.)

There are serious problems facing women all around the world, from rape to stonings to honor killings. The NOW does not care.

Well I don’t care about the NOW. Neither do most women, who long ago realized what a worthless, pathetic organization it is.

The NOW may object to my words, but I have a simple message to them that I would never say to most women, who I respect.

NOW ladies…sit down and shut up hos!


4 Responses to “The National Organization for Women are Hos”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    And we all know who the pimps are

  2. NOW supports “liberal” candidates (or at least as liberal as possible), because they tend to support their positions. The right of a woman to choose to terminate her pregnancy if she so desires, sexual harrassment laws, equal rights, certain social programs, and so forth.

    George Bush and Sarah Palin stood against many of these positions and so NOW does not support them. Only an idiot wouldn’t understand this.


  3. papabear says:

    What you don’t seem to understand is, Ted Kennedy was NOT a lying, cheating, lowlife philanderer, he was a concerned citizen providing Mr and Mrs Kopechne with a “postpartum abortion”!
    What could POSSIBLY be a more noble undertaking, (no pun intended).

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Whatever Jersey.
    That has little to do with their hypocrisy.
    Only an idiot would miss that.

    But I understand.
    When liberal women call each other Hos its with affection and so, permissable

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