I fought the law

In the 1960s the Bobby Fuller Four put out a song called, “I fought the law, and the law won.” It may be a fun theme on the dance floor, but it is not a pleasant life experience.

In San Diego I have been pulled over more than once. The San Diego police say they do not profile, but let me give two pieces of advice for people in San Diego.

1) You will get harassed and stopped if you wear a Raiders jacket.

2) If you get arrested, do not do anything until you have a chance to talk to the San Diego DUI Defense Lawyers at the Steigerwalt Law Firm.

Call them at 888-886-5821. Call them collect if you need to do so.

For fans of the O’Reilly Factor, Kerry Steigerwalt has gone toe to toe with Bill. Now that is a aggressive attorney. He has been practicing law in San Diego since 1984, and his record speaks for itself.

He may not be able to get a Raider fan to be treated civilly at a San Diego Chargers game, but he can certainly help a falsely accused defendant increase their odds of surviving their ordeal with their dignity intact.

The consultation is free, and the call could save your reputation and freedom.

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  1. Micky 2 says:

    i spent 6 years in San Diego.
    Its the closest any city comes to being a police state.
    Sunday morning, downtown, not a car in sight, I get a jay walking ticket.
    They wanted to lock me up for three years for one joint.
    Trumped up charge of selling to a minor with no witnesses.

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