Reelect Michael Steele for RNC Chair

Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment is “Thou shalt not criticize any other Republican.”

I obey this dictum as settled Republican law, and normally never get involved in internal GOP fights.

Circumstances regarding the race to be the Chairman of the Republican National Committee requires that I intervene.

In plain English, current RNC Chair Michael Steele is under assault, and this must stop right now.

At the top of my lungs, I am screaming for the Republican Party deciders to reelect Chairman Steele to another two year term.

The left is licking their chops at the thought that Chairman Steele could be forced out. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews already have experts lined up to explain why all Republicans are racists.

A vile and bigoted political cartoon circulating implies that Republicans led by Haley Barbour are all racists and that treatment of Michael Steele is proof of this.

The left’s ideological bigotry guns are loaded, and we are providing them the silver bullets on a platinum platter.

Those in the GOP wanting to fire Chairman Steele are not racists. They are just falling into a trap set by the left that they must avoid at all costs.

Chairman Steele does not want to be judged on his race. It should not be a plus or a minus. The Republican Party is a meritocracy, and the only criteria that matters is results.

Let’s look at the results.

Since Chairman Steele took over, the Republican Party has done nothing but win.

His outreach has been phenomenal. I have personally watched him speak to groups as diverse as a white Christian group in Idaho, a Nevada gathering with many Hispanics, and a Republican Jewish gathering in South Florida.

In every case he has shown how the Republican message applies to their daily lives. He has done so with intelligence, humor, and class.

Those who criticize that fundraising is down should be honest and take note that both liberals and conservatives are giving more to individual candidates and less to political parties.

Yet how do people know about these candidates? The party has to recruit them.

People across America fell in love with Colonel Allen West in Florida. Can we have the decency to admit that Chairman Steele helped pave the way for Colonel West and many other fine Republican candidates across America?

Can we admit that the world is upside down when Nancy Pelosi gets to keep her job and Michael Steele may lose his? Did I miss the bus and fail to see that the Pelosiraptor won the election for the left?

Speaking of buses, while Barack Obama was using racially charged rhetoric to tell Republicans to “sit in the back of the bus,” Michael Steele was energizing Republicans around the country with the “Fire Pelosi Bus Tour.” The fact that moderate Democrats went kicking and screaming against her to political defeat shows how effective this strategy was.

For those who complain that Chairman Steele misspeaks on occasion, I challenge every backbencher to have cameras recording your every word every second of your existence.

I would take Michael Steele in a speaking contest any day of the week over Joe Biden.

I would take Michael Steele’s optimism over Harry Reid’s pessimism every time.

Michael Steele did not say that we needed to pass a bill to know what was in it. That was Nancy Pelosi.

Like President George W. Bush, Michael Steele gets pilloried for an occasional verbal mistake.

Like President George W. Bush, I look at Michael Steele’s deeds and like what I see.

Every time Republicans are on the cusp of victory, we surrender and eat our own. Bill Clinton lied under oath, and yet somehow Newt Gingrich lost his job.

The left makes excuses for their worst elements while we subject our best to the circular firing squad.

We never learn. The left wants to destroy conservatives, especially minority conservatives. Look at Sarah Palin. Look at Michael Steele. Be prepared to see rocket fire turned on Eric Cantor.

The New York Times is begging conservatives to shove Michael Steele under the bus.

The left despises minority conservatives. They loathe effective conservatives.

Michael Steele is both.

His being a minority conservative is threatening to the left but irrelevant to us.

His being an effective conservative is threatening to the left and must be the only relevant factor for us.

He energizes crowds, recruits phenomenal candidates, broadens the party, and helps spread a vital conservative message of lower taxes, more freedom and tougher foreign policy stances.

He also is the epitome of inclusiveness. Whether one is black or white, Christian, Jewish, or another religion, gay or straight, moderate Republican or right-wing, Michael Steele has helped maintain and expand a giant tent for every single elephant.

Liberals are terrified by the color of his skin. I have gotten to know him and am elated by the content of his character.

He is the right man at the right time to lead the right party in the greatest nation on Earth.

He must be reelected.

I enthusiastically back Michael Steele for reelection as RNC Chair.

So for Republicans eager to fire somebody, start with Barack Obama.

Michael Steele is already working on that, and we should too.


4 Responses to “Reelect Michael Steele for RNC Chair”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    The Democrats have been telling those who listen for 2 plus years now, that race is an unimportant issue, vis a vie Obama. His race is irrelevant
    they say.

    But listening to Tavis Smiley on PBS, this view is often times contradicted not only by him, but his black and liberal guests. Race does matter, and a whole lot.

    For further proof, look at Oprahs tears at his speech or Jessie Jacksons
    face. Can anyone doubt that it was not him they were crying for (tears have many meanings), but his one-half blackness?

    I voted for McCain. because I believed Obama was a nice guy and a fraud. He was the junior Senator..with virtually no experience in foreign affairs, during the time we were fighting on several fronts. His buddies were pro-Palestinian or liberals, including the Jews surrounding him.

    He attended a church in Chicago whose pastor frequently made anti-Jewish,anti-white , antiUSA and anti-Semtic remarks. He didnt just go to that church for a week ora year, but 20 years.

    With all the churches and synagogues in that area, why did he
    simply stop attending? The excuse he later gave that he didnt agree with the sermons is hard to believe. I dont. When he knew he was to campaign, why didnt he terminate his relationship with the bigotted pastor?

    If John McCain and Sarah Palin attended a church whose pastor used similar rhetoric against blacks or Hispanics..well we all can hear the cries now.

    Obama is to put it simply not only disengenuous, but a fraud. If it looks like, acts like..well you know the rest., all badges of fraud.

    Why hasnt he said anything about Iran’s building a missile base in
    Venezuela, eventually supplied with Shahab long range missiles?
    Why? Does he really expect Ahmad to give up his quest for nuclear parity in the world,over an exchange of fuel rods? ( Which will allow for more
    enrichment not stop the process)?

    Why isnt Obama demanding a halt, with our using B1s and B2s to take out
    any base? This is not Korea Mr. Obama?

    The head of the RNC is a winner. He, like our President is black..and like our former Sec.of State is black. Like Koby, he is black. He excels. His race should be an inducement to vote for the is was
    in Nov 2008.

    I am a Conservatife Jew by birth. I respect all faiths, except radical
    Islam (people who want me dead). I voted for John McCain..and am not
    sorry nor do I apologize. Unfortunately I am a minority. I am trying to change all of that. I have hope. I pray to Hashem that my people will
    someday wake up, before we are all under Shariah.

    Unlike some of my people who decry AIPAC for their support of more and more Republicans..( increasingly), I am demanding that pro-Israel group
    split their half to the Democrats, one half to the Republicans, similar to Arab-Muslim voting patterns. Leave it to the Arabs, they lose the battles and win the wars.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    I dont know man. He’d better start coming up with some fundage

  3. I’m with Micky, here. I completely fail to understand Tygrrrr’s endorsement of Steele. His management of the RNC has been terrible, he and the RNC contributed very little to the GOP wins of 2010, and he has the worst case of foot-in-mouth disease I’ve seen in years.

    I don’t care about the GOP and race, let alone the GOP winning races, but Steele is a joke. Why would any Republican support this man for yet another failed term at the top of the RNC?


  4. Dav Lev says:

    During the OJ trial, I worked in an environment which fostered
    “black power” salutes..and statements. We had a very diverse group
    of employees, but were intimidated to put it mildly by the much more
    aggressive blacks.

    Dont get me wrong, I liked working with minorities, and was for the most
    part treated nicely. Not all whites were as cordial.

    Racism was always beneath the surface, and came out at unusal times.
    But there were also anti-Catholic anti-Semitism employees.

    Typically, they made the same statements we have all heard before, time and time again. The Jews are smart but crooks. The blacks eat yams
    and corn bread. The Hispanics are coming across the borders picked up
    by people in Cadillacs or Mercedes. And on and on..the koreans are this and the Armenians are that.

    More often than not, these remarks were ignored.

    There is double thinking however on the part of some.

    Its wonderful for Obama to be black, or part black. But its not for
    the head of the RNC. Anyone voting Republican has to be a racist.

    BTW, studies show that many Hispanics are voting Democratic, or will
    vote for the Democrats in the future, due to the Republican clamp down
    on illegals. Read the LA Times op-ed warning about what the Republicans are doing to hur themselves in future elections, considering the 3% growth rate among Hispanics.

    I dont know about voting in the future, but I do know this op-ed was
    blatantly disgusting.

    Like Hispanics, voters do not vote for one issue alone. Hispanics are a diverse people., just as whites are. Even we Jews have our streams, the religious being more conservative, the secular more progressive (liberal).

    But I admit to being prejudiced. I did consider Steelss race when I voted,

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