Slash taxes and liberal spirits

I am so not ready to spread holiday cheer.

Egg Nog is a perfect metaphor for liberals because they are disasters from the day they become eggs to the day they develop fully (de)formed noggins.

I have never seen such a bunch of imbeciles. They get angry when they lose, and for some reason get even angrier when they win. They can’t even tell the difference anymore.

I have often compared liberals to Palesimians because they only want to negotiate when they lose. They would destroy everything if they thought it would bring victory. Conservative Republicans are like Israel. Every time they are about to win, for some reason they surrender. It is hard to refer to liberals as French when we on the right are the ones celebrating defeat.

So yes, this tax “compromise” being floated by Barack Obama needs to be blown to kingdom come.

Take this deal and kill it. Drive a stake through its heart so that it never sees the light of day.

The only thing I want to slash more than taxes is liberal spirits. I want them crushed on this issue, beaten (verbally and politically for those who fail to see that the true violence in this country is on the left) into submission.

As always, Sir Charles of Krauthammer gets it perfectly right.

Even Bubba Clinton realizes that Krauthammer knows everything. He just couldn’t admit it while in office. I will as a private citizen admit that Clinton is no dummy.

Let me spell it out for the left.

You are a cancer. You will not be happy until everything is destroyed and nothing exists. Until every Republican and conservative is wiped off the face of the Earth, you will not be satisfied. As I said, even Palesimians admire your suicide bomber skills.

Now for the deal itself. It is a victory for Democrats.

I understand that in any compromise, there will be something to bother everyone. I would have been ok with a straight up trade of extending the Bush tax cuts for everybody for an increase in unemployment benefits, with nothing else.

Yet the right does not understand the depth of hatred the left has for the “wealthy.” The left claims that they are fighting for middle class tax cuts. This is a lie. They are fighting to the death for the right to raise taxes on some people. They call Republicans “hostage takers” and “terrorists” (while ironically sharing verbal smoochies with Iranian leader Armageddonijad, a real terrorist who took American hostages), yet it is the left engaging in their typical scorched Earth tactics.

The left wanted to make the right spit blood. They threw in a trillion dollars of social spending. They hate tax cuts because that interferes with spending on social programs. The left is totally uninterested in deficit reduction. They don’t care if anything gets paid for. They do not object to spending, provided it is the right (in their case left) kind of spending. Obamacare proves this.

Conservatives (not Republicans, but conservatives) truly do want to cut spending. They truly and correctly believe that tax cuts pay for themselves, while social programs do not.

There is one thing that I do have in common with the left.

I am prepared to fight to the political death over tax cuts.

Those following my blog know that plenty of fights find me either tacitly supporting the party line, or staying on the sidelines altogether. Two issues get me to the point where blood drips from my fangs. I am a supply-sider and a Neocon. Cut taxes and kill terrorists. I will not yield on these two issues. I would rather lose than surrender.

It will be difficult for Republicans to walk away from a deal they agreed to, but perhaps the left will once again miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity and immolate themselves by blowing up this deal by getting greedy.

Holding out for a better deal is always risky, but I believe the Republicans should take this gamble.

(The left fought initial welfare reform. The right won the congressional elections and brought a much more conservative bill. Clinton vetoed it twice. While the third bill was less conservative than the first Gingrich bill, it was much more conservative than what the left initially fought. Republicans must apply this lesson to taxes. Clinton saved his job by not vetoing the bill a third time. The same pressure must be applied to Barack Obama, who would happily shove the left under a bus to get reelected.)

We will have a large majority come January. There is no reason to agree to a deal now. Outside of Israel and Republicans, when does the winning side ever have terms dictated to them by the losers? Why does the Pelosiraptor have any say whatsoever in anything? She should be sitting in a nursing home rambling incoherently to her shuffleboard partners about why somebody somewhere thinks she matters. Her head is so far up her hide that when the Botox was done, the doctor did not need to remove anything. It was already there. She has zero right to tell anybody what to do, and that gavel needs to be ripped out of her hands so hard it makes her palms bleed.

Yes, I know I am more hostile than usual. Tax arguments have that effect on me.

I am perfectly fine with only having a two year extension. I would love to have this argument in 2012. I am itching for a political street fight on taxes. I believe we Republicans win that argument every time.

Yet if we hold out, we can pass a much more conservative tax bill and force President Obama to either veto or sign it. We fracture his coalition.

This current bill provides enough stimulus (by any other name still not a sweet smelling rose) to temporarily help the economy. It reelects Barack Obama while making Republicans look like liars to the Tea Party people who want the budget to face a machete, not a scalpel. Republicans have one last chance to keep their word. If we blow this, we are done.

The left thinks that the threat of taxes going up will give the GOP a public relations problem. This is not true, since the GOP can reverse the damage rather quickly. They can pass a conservative bill, and if Mr. Obama vetoes it, he is the villain. I know the media despises Republicans, but I would rather we make half the country angry than back down and lose our own side and have everyone hate us like we did in 2006. If we do not stand for tax cuts, we are worthless.

That is why the entire discussion should enrage conservatives. Democrats are trying to raise taxes, and Republicans are not trying to cut them. Republicans are merely trying to not raise them.

I want to shove a conservative bill down liberal throats not because of payback but because it is sound policy.

If liberals really want middle class tax cuts, and think the rich should “pay more,” let’s test them.

Republicans are fighting (weakly) for the right to prevent the top tax rates from rising from 35% to nearly 40%. This is not a tax cut.

I say John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan should bring about the tax equivalent of Armageddon.

Offer a deal that is only a two year extension, not a permanent extension. I want this for a specific reason. Give Obama the unemployment extension and nothing else.

Yet here is the crux of my plan. It is an actual tax cut. The top rate for those making more than $250,000, or whoever the “wealthy” are, can be lowered from 35 to 34%. That’s right. Enough fighting for merely not raising taxes. Cut them. Everybody not in the top bracket should have their rate lowered to 31%.

That is right. I am proposing a massive tax cut. Even though I disagree with different top rates for people, this exception will make the Democrats lose their skulls. Let them try and veto a massive middle class tax cut. This is not the “95% of all Americans” getting a mythical tax cut that never existed and never happened. This is a real tax cut.

By fighting to cut taxes, Democrats will be so broken that they will be forced to “compromise” and agree to an extension at the current rates with nothing else.

In 2001 conservatives were upset that the Bush tax cuts had a sunset provision. I was fine with it because as long as they are not made permanent, Republicans can rip Democrats to shreds electorally until they are. Make real tax cuts an issue in 2012 so the left can get clobbered at the polls.

Making the cuts permanent is good policy, but if the left wants political fights, to quote George W. Bush, “Bring…it…on.”

I don’t want to merely “preserve” the tax cuts. I want more cuts. Then the political terrain shifts to the right as the left plays defense to merely prevent tax cuts, with raising taxes dead.

As long as the fight is whether to raise taxes or keep the status quo, the argument is between leftists and far leftists. There is no conservative agenda until taxes are actually cut.

Conservatives elected Republicans to do their jobs.

Elections have consequences. We won and they lost.

Now slash taxes and liberal spirits.

That is a compromise I can live with.


5 Responses to “Slash taxes and liberal spirits”

  1. I’d be offended by some of the remarks about “liberals” if they weren’t so comically insane.

    You don’t anywhere here explain what exactly is so bad about this bill from your point of view. You did site Krauthammers piece, which seems to be the rallying document for the conservatives who are against this bill (not all are aainst it), but even that is devoid of any substantive argument against anything in the actual bill. Most Liberal members of congress are against the bill as well, as they see a continuation of the disgracefully irresponisble Bush-years tax cuts (in a time of war no less – a historically unprecedented selfish, irresponisble and stupid decision). At least they seem to have a reason.

    The Right’s reason? It seems to be nothing whatsoever more than being against the president.

    I would love to know what exactly it is about this bill the Right is against? Someone PLEASE tell me!


  2. Micky 2 says:

    I would love to know what exactly it is about this bill the Right is against? Someone PLEASE tell me!

    The earmarks.
    Were upset because all that crap got attached to this and it didnt just stand on its own.
    More crap that no one can explain how is to be paid for.

  3. What earmarks??? :l

    Earmarks are not mentioned in the Krauthammer piece, that you and Eric and I all sited. I don’t know all the details of the five or so House versions of the bill, and the Senate isn’t where the earmarks could come from, so really, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


  4. Dav Lev says:

    Im not so sure I really understand Erics hatred of the Palestinians, and those that support their agenda, a one state solution to the 100 year old conflict?

    This would include the area, also known as Western Palestine, Judenrein. For those that dont know, Judenrein was a term used by the Germans after an area was rid of its Jews, during WW2. Typically, an aktion (or action) involving hundreds of police and/or soldiers, wererequired to murder off hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people.

    A few places come to mind, including cities mainly in Poland, Russia and
    the Ukraine. I know a family that survived Babi Yar, the infamous pit where 110,000 people were killed by the Germans and Ukrainians in about one year..with 30,000 in 3 days at one massive slaughter. Most of those killed were the elderly, women and children, who were told to bring one be resettled to a safer place. Their menfolk were away fighting with the Russian army.

    The people were marched, many abreast, thinking they were safe. Not until the very end, did they hear the shots by the soldiers, who had lined up the people at the edge of the large pit. 30,000 people in 3 days, thats about, lets see, one every few seconds. Lots of blood Id say.

    The Palestinians are doing the same thing, but in degrees. They under Abbas, Erekat, Hanan, and Fayyad, are fooling the Israelis into thinking ALL they want is a MUSLIM state, side by side, at the 67 borders (reversing years of history and several wars). No Jews or dogs allowed BTW.

    In the meantime, their allies (also Arabs) are grouping in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Gaza Strip, arming themselves, for the final jihad, the mother of all battles to reverse the nakba.

    Along with Iran (now with a base in Lebanon and Syria), and becoming friendly with Jordan, not to forget Turkey, they are preparing the massive assault, which they tried in 67 with Egypt and Syria, but lost. For those who dont know, there were Palestinian brigades in those wars.

    This time, they are going about it more cleverly, I have to admit, fooling not only many Israelis, but gullible US Jews, the US liberal leadership, the anti Semitic EU and UN. (Hey Argentina and Brazil, what are you thinking?)

    Why is Iran, an oil exporter, spending billions on nuclear energy guarded by Russian and its own missiles I ask? Why did Iran just have massive
    maneuvers on the border with Iraq? Iraq? Why hasnt this been written up in the press?

    And magazine, are also being taken in, such as Time.
    See their article on the Palestinian youth that doht know
    anything about ordinary Israelis, just soldiers? Sooo, they
    are smuggled into Tel Aviv to wine and dine ( a crime in Israel).
    Hmmm, I thought any Jew caught in Palestinian territory is killed?
    Maybe Im wrong? And God forbit an Arab sells land to a Jew.
    Living side by side, sure.

    Why did Ahmad recently go to Lebanon and visit with their leader?
    Why are 1200 Iranian troops in Lebanon? Why is Iran supplying Hezbollah with tens of thousands of missiles, since Israel is not at war with the Islamic Republic?

    If the Palestinians wanted peace, why have they refused a state of their own repeatedly? Why did they insist on an Israeli freeze on buidling
    after 10 months when there was a freeze? Why are they threatening to
    go to the UNSC to declare a state, even though UN242 specifically calls for both sides to negotiate a compromise? And finally, why did they attack Israel in 1948 even though they were given a state, ALONGSIDE Israel, in a legal UN vote and again AFTER every subsequent war?

    Like the Germans at Babi Yar, who fooled the hapless Jews, the Palestinians unfortunately are fooling the people who defeated them. The losers dictating to the winners in wars of extermination (Read Michael Orens account of the six days of war in 1967).

    And what is Obama doing to thwart this goal, engaging, talking, using diplomacy., and yes, financing this mother of all battles.

    But more to Erics point of the tax nonsense.

    I ask, who pays for most of the federal taxes? You guessed it,
    those in the top 20% of earnings. The poor and middle classe contribution are minimal. Get it, minimal. Poor people get an earned income tax credit, get it.

    As one pundit says, he was never employed by a poor person.

    Poor people and middle class people dont emply others.

    In California, less than 100,000 families pay most of the state income tax.

    When the stock market fell from 14,400 to 6800, who felt it the most, the poor? Trillions of dolalrs of wealth were lost thanks to the greed of
    many bankers, and private purchasers.

    Yet, Obama wanted to increase taxes on the wealthy. He made this
    a campaign pledge. What exactly is wealth? Is wealth the same in lets say Buffalo, New York, as it is in Manhattan or Beverly Hills or Newport Beach?

    If someone pays 36% income tax on earnings and 10$ state, thats 46%, not to forget social security and other taxes. But Obama and his liberal friends like to pit one group of non-paying taxpayers against those that do pay taxes. Tax the rich..soak them, suck all their incentive out of them to
    achieve. Lets all work for McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King for minimum wages. Lets not own a McDonalds, Get i9t. Let them NOT eat cake, or whatever.

    BTW, most of the tax gap each year of 14% of the federal budget, is outright fraud, by people who fudge on their dependents and exemptions and itemized deductions. And those that simpy dont file tax returns.
    Why not go after them?

    The simple solution to all the above is obvious, less (much) government, and smarter government, but never at the expense of the military., especially now with some wanting to spread the caliphate to our shores.
    Hey guys, in Indonesia and Malaysia, caning has gone up..caning, understand, caning.

    I read the LA Times, and am no longer shocked at the news daily about another bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. The other day, Afghanistan was hit by dozens of bombs..and most killed were civilians.
    In Sweden, a terrible tragedy was averted as we all kinow, when a suicide bomber killed himself before he could harm others.

    Iran is now cuddling up to the Jordanians. Turkey, the largest Muslim nation in NATO, has its eyes on we Jews, and demands an apology from Israel for defending itself. (The US and other nations simply shoot
    the people and sink their ships).
    Look, you want to fight wars, pay for them. I would not be against a surtax paid by everyone.. a surtax, or value added tax. You buy, you pay.

    You want to fight wars, have a draft and fight to win and quickly.

    Thats why we spend 600b a year on the military and send recruits to Forts in Missouri and California, where vegis are served vs donuts to keep soldiers from getting obese. Obese, after basic training? My gosh.

    Oh get real.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, you get real.
    The last election clearly stated that we dont want the kind of spending this congress is trying to slip in just before years ends.
    I swear, you guys are brain dead, you just dont get it.

    Were not talking about right now. Were talking about impending doom at revenues verses expeditures.
    This latest omnibus bill at almost 2000 pages has so much pork attached it comes out to 575 million bucks per page with almost 2000 earmarks which is clearly what the country voted against Nov 2nd.

    Turkey defending itself ?
    Bwahahaha… not even close bro.
    They attempted to run a checkpoint in place for years and knew damn well what would happen

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