A Warning to Republicans

Readers of my blog know that when Barack Obama came in to office, I was overwhelmingly gracious to him for an extended period. Go back and read every column and see for yourself. I was fair with him.

Does anybody in their right mind think he has returned that graciousness? Does any intellectually honest person think the leftists in Congress will give the 112th Congress a chance to succeed under Republican leadership? Not a chance. Liberal bile is already overflowing. Warning to Republicans: be prepared.

On January 5th, 2011, the gavel will be ripped from the clenched fist of the Pelosiraptor and given to John Boehner. The Republicans now control the House and have significantly more power in the Senate than before.

I should be celebrating.

I’m not.

Today is a warning to every Republican, from the incoming freshmen to the most senior members.

Be prepared for a bloody fight.

Do not think for one minute that the liberal Democrats want to work with you.

Look at these people carefully. Listen to what they say. Watch how their supporters behave.

The left in this country wants to take the conservatives and rip their ever loving throats out. They want to burn conservatives in effigy only because it is illegal to do it in actuality.

Does anybody think that the Pelosiraptor or Barney Frankenstein want compromise? They are monsters for a reason.

Every conservative has had to listen to a lifetime of accusations of being racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes just for being alive and breathing.

When they say come together, they mean we shut up while they bound and gag us until their are no breaths left. Then when everything fails, we get the blame.

Not this time.

Just this one time Republicans had better not act like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

Conservative Republicans are like Israel while Liberal Democrats are like Palesimians. They try to destroy us, and when we defeat them in battle, they then want a truce. The minute we agree they go back to shelling us again.

There is nothing conservatives can do to be seen as human beings by the left. Absolutely nothing. They wake up in the morning, and they hate us.

So Republicans, do your jobs, keep your promises, and show a spine for once in your lily livered cowered lives.

You promised to vote to repeal health care. Do it. Have a vote. When the left claims you are neglecting jobs in favor of health care, point out that it was Barack Obama who did that for two years. Point out that if the left was still in charge, they would be ramming cap and trade down American throats. They don’t care about jobs. They never have. They want redistribution.

Point out that Liberal Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo just publicly announced that he was letting certain taxes on the “wealthy” expire. He is right.

Cooperating does not mean compromise. If liberals want to cut taxes for everybody, work with them. If liberals want to raise taxes, fight them like animals trapped in a steel death cage. Going along to get along does not work on deeply held principles such as taxes. Just ask President George Herbert Walker Bush.

The left knows that we will cave. We always do.

In 1995 it was Bill Clinton who shut the government down. Yet Newt Gingrich got the blame. If the government is going to get shut down, conservatives had make d@mn sure they have public relations people ready to slash and burn and rebut criticism.

Darrell Issa, I have met you personally. I like you. You have been very kind to me personally. You are a good guy. Yet you had better be cleaner than Ivory Soap. God help Republicans if you are sleeping with interns, hanging out in strip clubs, or engaging in domestic violence. The left is itching to destroy you before you conduct a single investigation.

If any Republican has sex or criminal issues that could cause problems, resign now. Either practice what you preach, or disappear. Right now Barack Obama has investigators digging into all of your backgrounds. If he finds something, it is your fault. Larry Flynt is salivating at the thought of blackmailing more Republicans. So is the liberal media.

Also, when Mr. Issa begins his very legitimate investigations and the media starts calling him a racist, it is up to every other Republican to fall into line and immediately defend him. Anybody shoving him under the bus will feel my fury.

The left is planning slash and burn strategies that are designed to have Republicans abandoning everything they believe. Now you can fight, or you can surrender.

Act like winners for once in your miserable d@mn lives. If you get fired for acting on principles, then there is nothing you can do. Just don’t get fired for becoming the second coming of the disaster that was the GOP in 2006.

Don’t apologize for a d@mn thing. Do your jobs. Keep your promises. Fight fire with fire. Every time a liberal lobs a grenade, throw it back at them before the thing explodes.

Conducting investigations is called oversight. Liberals loved it when President George W. Bush was in charge.

Barack Obama is not God, despite the warm thrills up the leg by those miscreants at MSNBC. When he calls you hostage takers, call him out on his incivility. Being respectful of his office does not mean bending over, thanking him, and asking for more when he questions your patriotism and motives.

Don’t let the media get away with garbage.

When Katie Couric opens her mouth, be armed to the teeth with facts. Get your talking points to the bloggers so we can rip her liberal insides out the minute she tries to rig the 2012 election by attacking the humanity of this Congress.

Jon Stewart is a b@stard. If he hits, belt him back. He represents the worst of the worst.

Hollywood celebrities are not the heart and soul of America. They are the rectum after a bad case of bleeding.

Joy Behar is a bucket of human filth. If she attacks one of you, hit back twice as hard.

Nobody respects losers, so don’t act like losers.

You cannot win over people that see you as enemies. You can demoralize your own supporters, which is what the left wants.

Attempt to reverse every bad Obama policy. It does not matter if he vetoes the bills. Make every wavering Democrat with an election in 2012 go on the record.

Be civil and polite, but do not give an inch until the Pelosiraptor and her pathetic ilk show that they will move first.

Take a meat cleaver to the budget. Hack away until blood is spattered everywhere in the form of cuts that should have been made years ago. Everything is on the table. When the left says to start with the military, tell them that when everything they hold dear is slashed and burned and cut to reasonable sustainable levels, the military can be looked at. Start by repealing subsidies for the Chevy Volt. It is a small amount of money but a big symbol cutting to the heart of liberal failure.

We won. They lost. Elections have consequences.

Every time the left claims that the America people want compromise, remind them that they have no idea what Americans want because if they did they would not have been fired.

Every charge of bigotry must be answered with a swift and ferocious countercharge.

Stay the heck away from divisive social issues for now. The American people want jobs. Any issue not directly related to National Security and the War on Terror or reviving the American economy can wait until the presidential race.

Listen to the American people. They don’t read the Jayson Blair Times. They read their own bank statements.

So congratulations to Republicans for winning the 2010 elections.

Now get ready for liberal suicide bombers so ruthless that they will make Palesimian tactics seem reasonable.

This is your last chance. Either you beat back the leftist jackals wanting to devour you, or you will be eaten alive by people wanting to kill you for having differing beliefs.

That is their version of compromise and coming together. They thrive, you die.

I am on your side, but I am one man.

I did my part. Now do yours.

Pass a real conservative agenda, and force Mr. Obama to either sign it or be fired himself. He will sign everything.

You gave your word. Keep it…no matter what.

If you don’t, conservatives who elected you will not be around to speak up because the leftists will have finished us forever.

Good luck.


2 Responses to “A Warning to Republicans”

  1. Wow. The level of anger around here is getting a little nuts.

    Historically, Democrats work better and more with Republicans than vice-versa. It’s been that way for as long as I remember. Part of the reason for that is the old overlap of moderates on both sides. This has been retarded a bit by the losses of moderates on both sides of the aisle in this last election (the Blue Dogs lost big, for example). Nancy Pelosi has always been a partisan pitbull, but Barney Frank was always able to reach accross the aisle, with some quality results. The way you guys attack Frank makes me question your knowledge of American politics and its modern history.

    The ol’ Charlie Brown football kick trick will be seen as Obama plays Lucy and the GOP tries to kick the ball. We sort of saw this with the last omnibus compromise, but really that was more the result of outgoing Senators and House members who just wanted to get that done. The great thing about lame duckers is that they often have no impetus but to do the right thing.

    I don’t really see what all the “big fights” are going to be in the upcoming congress. There isn’t much to fight about. Repealing healthcare reform is just a political stunt. No one really cares about that. That’s why the GOP is getting straight to that and getting it out of the way – it was nothing but an empty promise made to empty-headeed voters.They really can’t even go after funding this year either. The military budget will continue to suck the American people dry, to the delight of the House, as the military is the number one source of pork spending in the country. There’s no big reforms coming down the pike. They may be some more fighting about what to do with millions and millions of unemployed, but they usually find a compromise for that too.

    The only “big fight” I see coming is the usual GOP contrived investigations into everything under the Democratic White House sun. This wasteful political scumbaggery is standard GOP fare these days. We saw it when Clinton was president, and it only made Clinton more popular.

    So your advise is welcome to me, as you are telling the GOP to do exactly what people like me, and the White House, are hoping for: makes giant arses of themselves acting like teasing little girls on the playground rather than getting anything done.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    The headlin in todays LA Times reads something about Gov
    Brown’s new look at prop 13.

    I started to read it, then just stopped. I didnt want to get more upset.

    I’m going to speculate that he might try to repeal the law, enacted
    I believe, when he was gov.

    The law sets limits to property taxation..homeowners and retail @
    1.25% of assessed value, if I remember? Only when the property is sold, ‘
    can the tax be increased.

    I am aware that in some parts of NYState, property taxes are 8%.

    Essentially, this law reduced the property tax burden significantly, the State
    having to rely on State income taxes (now needs a 2/3 vote),
    it took the wind out of the tax and spender sales big time.

    Yes, other ways of obtaining revenue were enacted, but never equal
    to the taxes saved.

    Now, Brown wants to do what, reverse the way of getting revenue?

    We knpw that he favors continuing the current surtax and DMV fees,
    as well as the county tax slight increase.

    He amuses me frankly, with his personal way of saving the State money,
    by renting a small building for his office. A pimple on a….as they say.

    A writer for the Times says Brown faces reality. Too bad he didnt during ‘his campaign.

    Speaking of reality, our State Department is sending millions of our hard
    earned gelt to the PA (Palestinian Authority). They rule the West Bank, but
    not the Strip (Hamas does) or East Jerusalem. They claim Israel’s occupation is causing high unemployment and other econimic serious problems. If only Israel withdrew totally, tore down that darn fence
    and allowed Hamas open borders..everything would be peachy.

    Folks, why Obama is allowing our denaro to the Palestinians is beyond me? Right next door is Saudi Arabia, with more gelt than Midas has money. Their GDP is over 350b..consisting of rugs, dates and oil.
    If Arabia would give 5% of their revenue to their brothers..well you get the point.

    BTW , Israeli businesses employ thousands of Palestinian Arabs..something not often mentioned by their DPM Fayyad. But what is mentioned is that he and Abbas made it a crime to buy from a Jew, and a death penalty to sell( G-d forbid) to a Jew (Zionist).

    How soon we forget. After Israel withdrew from the Strip, a group of
    rich US Jews bought the plants there from Israel and turned it over to
    Hamas. They believed, it would foster peace and economic growth.
    Instead, Hamas made them into military camps..and summer camps
    for young Arabs who are taught guerrilla warfare..to kill more Jews.

    I mean, how many vegis and tulips have they sold to Europe recently,
    the original plan?

    Obama still doesnt get it apparently. A friend of mine, who is a solid
    Democrat asked me what the Repulicans have ever accomplished?

    Well for one thing, we are not now part of a caliphate.

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