James Eric Fuller and leftist violence

The left just can’t stop the hate.

They can’t let go.

President Obama called for calm, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Yet it seems even a presidential request for a cessation of hostilities cannot stop the left, since hostility and hate is all they have.

I was willing to give some latitude to people who popped off before the president’s speech. Yet those same people have shown that they will never stop the scorched Earth tactics of burning the entire village just to gain an ounce of political advantage.

When a pot smoking, Communist Manifesto reading nutcase named Jared Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and murdered six others, the left immediately went bonkers. They explicitly blamed Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and the Tea Party movement for the murders.

There was not an ounce of evidence that Mr. Loughner was influenced in any way by conservatism. In fact, the evidence specifically showed that he was not. After several days of viciousness by the left, they chanegd their story line only when public opinion polls showed a backlash. Then they blamed the current political climate and said that everybody needed to tone it down.

What the left meant was that the right should just shut up and abandon their beliefs while the left kept lobbing verbal grenades.

The notion of violence on the right was a complete myth. It was an intimidation tactic. Yet leftist violence is very real.

This brings us to the tragedy that is James Eric Fuller.

Mr. Fuller was one of the shooting victims. He was hit in the leg and survived. While there is no doubt that he deserved our sympathy, this does not justify his turning from victim to criminal.

Several days after the shooting, he attended a town hall meeting. A tea party spokesman was giving non-controversial remarks. Mr. Fuller held up a picture of the tea party spokesman and yelled “You’re dead!”

This is what the civilized world calls a death threat, and what the left considers business as usual.

Mr. Fuller was taken into custody and held for a mental evaluation. Like Mr. Loughner, Mr. Fuller may be a few cards short of a full deck.

“It looks like Palin, Beck, and Sharron Angle got their first target. Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled.” He condemned John Boehner and recommended that Dick Cheney be tortured.

The left wants to dismiss Mr. Fuller as a lone lunatic. Not so fast.

Mr. Fuller is different from Mr. Laughner. Mr. Laughner was used by everybody from the Pima County Sheriff to MSNBC employees as n example of right-wing violence. The link was proven to be non-existence.

Mr. Fuller was a left-wing activist. His death threats were 100% directly correlated with the words of the leftist accusers. He said the exact same phrases. Using the “standards” of the left, they are directly responsible for Mr. Fuller.

I have said over and over that the reason why the left wants violence to be a part of the political equation is because for them, it works. The right can only win battles of policy. The left can only win by polarizing and personalizing the discourse. They foment rage because they benefit from it.

Mr. Fuller was not just a nutcase. He was a leftist nutcase. That is inescapable and undeniable.

So do MSNBC reporters and the liberal media have blood on their hands?

Only if we use their standards. They cannot have it both ways.

They cannot say we should all be civil and then continue spreading hatred.

The right wants policy discussions. The left wants political bloodshed.

MSNBC hatemonger Ed Schultz is a prime example. His views only yesterday, a full several days after the president asked for calm, tell a picture of a man who will never stop hating.

“I would be more than happy to change my tone on this show. I would do it…as soon as the Republicans stop blocking policies that help working class Americans.”

For the love of Almighty God, Mr. Schultz might have just declared hunting season on Republicans and made the death threats himself.

He has finally admitted that he believes his angry, hateful tone is justified because Republicans disagree with him. Republicans have policy differences, and until they change their policies, he will not change his tone.

How is that civility? The whole point of civility is to be decent to those we disagree with. Anybody can be respectful of those concurring with us. Tose dissenting from our view are the very people we need to be the most civil with.

Ed Schultz does not want civility. He wants Republicans to shut up and agree with him or face personal destruction from him. If they continue espousing beliefs, he will keep up his hateful tone.

“Republicans have no business talking about civility and tone until they change the way they govern.”

Actually it was the left screaming about civility and tone at the top of their angry lungs. Mr. Obama at least did so in a respectful, calm manner, when he clearly saw the left spiraling out of control.

So until Republicans simply stop being conservatives, existing, and breathing air, they deserve every unce of incivility that befalls them. This includes death threats by Mr. Fuller using the very exact same language used by Mr. Schultz.

Randi Rhodes had her own lovely diatribe.

“So Glenn Beck has now become Sesame Street for potential assassins.”

Really? I would argue Randi Rhodes is what she accuses Mr. Beck of being.

One could spend hours dissecting the bile that secreted from an angry crazed unidentified man to produce Paul Krugman, yet his love of Hitler and Nazi reference is sufficient for now. He feels we should avoid them “unless they are relevant.” Since he supposedly writes about “economics, (hatred of George W. Bush)” it is never relevant. Then again, neither is he, but the left refuses to condemn his repeated screeds.

The vile spreader of hate behind the Daily Kos, which controls the Democratic Party, reacted to the shootings by saying “Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin.” So as for Mr. Fuller, mission accomplished Markos Moulitsas.

Leftists will claim that since Mr. Fuller did not actually carry out his death threat, no harm, no foul. This is garbage. The guy made death threats. Perhaps anything short of actually murdering Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck or their families will continue to have the left ignore the truth. MSNBC blamed the Tea Party, and this leftist crazy Mr. Fuller went after a tea party guy who was simply speaking in a rather calm and quiet manner.

The left has two choices, both of them painful.

They can take responsibility for Mr. Fuller’s actions. MSNBC blowhards Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Ed Schultz can admit responsibility and apologize for Mr. Fuller’s behavior. The Pima County Sheriff can do likewise.

Or the left can truly stop accusing the right of fomenting hate speech. There is no hate speech coming from the right by any of the usual suspects mentioned. The left cites their existence, but never provides a simple single example. Yet with the left, we have concrete examples of how their speech leads to violence.

The left will never admit this, but it is also their fault that people like Mr. Loughner and Mr. Fuller run wild and free. The left blames Ronald Reagan for every deranged mentally ill person roaming the streets arguing with inanimate objects.

The reason these people do so is because the left is against the forced committing of crazy people to the appropriate looney bins.

I make no secret of my utter contempt for these basket cases. In the same way the left cares more about the rights of criminals than victims, they make excuses for lunatics but refuse to force them to get treatment.

What is the result of this liberal compassion? Crazies have the right to die on the streets of starvation, dehydration, and lack of medication.

I was the one who got flak for saying three years ago on this very blog that we should quarantine the mentally ill. My exact words were “lock them up, drug them up, but for the love of God, shut them up.”

I am long done with compassion for them. I have compassion for those who get hurt by them.

I have a couple of lunatics in my family, and I have begged for them to be forcibly committed. When they go bonkers and kill somebody, it won’t be because of me. I did the best I could to legally remove them from society.

So while the left is letting the inmates avoid the asylums, they are also filling them up with rage instead of medicating them.

Mr. Loughner and Mr. Fuller could have been locked up in the past. Mr. Fuller still likely won’t be locked up permanently. Then when he has another episode, the left will find a way to blame Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin even as he declares his undying love for MSNBC.

The left has no interest in civility. They want violence at all costs. Collateral damage for them is a victory. They do it because it works.

They want conservatives living in fear of enacting a single right of center policy.

Their strategy is working and they are winning. Until it stops working, there is not a safe place on this Earth for Republicans and conservatives to hide.

Since they will be despised and threatened no matter what, conservatives need to be prepared. Extra security and bodyguards are a good start, in addition to having top notch lawyers at the ready. Mark Levin gets it.


The left either forcefully condemns Mr. Fuller or they quietly support him. There is no middle ground. The day they falsely blamed conservatives for Mr. Loughner, they lost their right to blather about civility.

The violence in this country is one directional, solely and completely owned by the left.

Either everybody obeys the rules of civility or nobody does. Republicans and conservatives will not engage in unilateral disarmament while the left plans to politically (hopefully only politically) slit more conservative throats.

Congratulations Mr. Schultz. You and your ilk with your real hate speech have finally produced the results you desired. Well, not completely. No conservatives have been killed…yet.


4 Responses to “James Eric Fuller and leftist violence”

  1. You do realize you’re engaging in the same sort of political finger-pointing when you say “pot smoking, Communist Manifesto reading.” On top of that, lots of perfectly normal, smart, young people smoke pot and have read the Communist Manifesto. It’s pretty much a requisite for today’s college-aged kids.

    The “evidence” for the initial finger-pointing from the Left was purely circumstantial. It was the attempted assassination of a political figure, ina state with a particularly heated political scene, just after a close elecvtion with a Tea Party candidate, etc. So, you can see why the knee-jerk reaction.

    Mr. Fuller has a unique story – and serious problems. You can finger-point in regarrds to him all you like, but it seems he may well have reacted the same way regardless of the media or current political scene.

    You guys apply the same flawed reasoning to this situation as you do to Global Warming. Whether or not there is a such a thing as anthropogenic global warming, isn’t it always a good idea to pollute less? Whether or not Mr. Loughner was motivated by dishonest and hyperbolic poltiical rhetoric, isn’t it always better to be honest and mature?


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “You do realize you’re engaging in the same sort of political finger-pointing when you say “pot smoking, Communist Manifesto reading.”

    You know, you’re a trip.
    We went thru this the other day as I pointed out Mein Kampf and the Communist manifesto were odd choices next to the rest of his fairy tale library consisting of Alice in Wonderland and a bunch of Grade school crap.
    Then, plop in the middle of all that you’ve got one of the most hate filled autobiographys and manifestos in existence.
    You gotta admit, its a red flag.

    I smoke pot occassionaly. But I dont have the need to brush up on my communist doctrine or nationalistic genocide.
    You (and Eric) seem to forget the crux of the issue.
    Jared not only smoked pot, which by itself is no biggy to me. But combined with hallucinogens, which he was an avid user of and alcohol + the mental illness, you got a real freak on your hands.
    So, its worthy to point out his choice of reading material in light of his actions.
    Its that simple.

    “The “evidence” for the initial finger-pointing from the Left was purely circumstantial.”

    I’ll refer you to my comments yesterday

  3. Well, Micky, I did hear that the guy had a sizeable library full of all sorts of stuff. The point I was making is that any library, accumulated over 22 years of a young man’s life, doesn’t tell you too much about people. All of those books could be unread, for all we know.

    In this guy’s case, if he’s half the loony we think he is, it would be more telling. We’ve yet to discover the impact of any literature on him. You guys are just being sooooo ironcially silly with these constant references to Mein Kamph and The Communist Manifesto. I’ve read Mein Kamph and the Communist Manifesto and I’m neither Nazi nor communist or anything like that. I’ve also read everything from MAD magazine to texts on the history of the Byzantine empire. I smoked pot on and off for many years. My IQ remains high, my personality is none the worse, if anything it’s broadened my intellectual horizons. I have no urge to murder people.

    One trouble with people who are crazed, it’s that they digest information in very different ways than you and I. I read The Catcher in the Rye. I don’t want to kill John Lennon. We don’t know yet why this guy did what he did. We may never know.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “You guys are just being sooooo ironcially silly with these constant references to Mein Kamph and The Communist Manifesto. I’ve read Mein Kamph and the Communist Manifesto and I’m neither Nazi nor communist or anything like that.”

    First of all, this has nothing to do with far leftists such as yourself.
    Second of all, dont talk to me about sillyness when it was your buddies who bolted out of the gate not one hour after the shooting making the most far reaching abdsurd connections to the right anyones ever heard.
    All which turned out to be false but to only use this tragedy as some pathetic excuse to sit next to each other in congress and control our speech, bring back the fairness doctrine.
    As if anything anyone said caused this guy to go off.
    Man o man did you guys ever blow it. Big time.
    If he’d of had some part of his collection to mitigate mein kampf and the manifesto such as war and peace or any other work showing support for his country it wouldnt be such an issue. But so far, the only two books he had that required any IQ were those two

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