Earth to Paulbots: You Don’t Matter

Earth to Paulbots:

You don’t matter.


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  1. Wow. Man. That was rough. They’re just idealistic young people, for the most part. They have a lot in common with you. Driving them away by insulting them is just stupid. You’re smarter than that. Heck, you prove it! You make some valid, important points! But you ruin it with mean-spirited ad hom attacks. You should be above that.

    You’re right. The GOP is more closely tied to the military sector than the Democrats. It goes back to the Vietnam War. Though it’s true the Democrats are just as reckless with military spending as the GOP, the GOP is far more willing to utilize the military in expeditionary adventures than the Democrats. The GOP plays the “national security” card (as if a bunch of mad hashassins are coming to conquer America, just as they commies were supposed to before) very well. It serves their purposes. The Paulites – Libertarians – don’t fall for this. They really not stupid. Just unrealistic. The fact of the matter is that the United States will not be demilitarizing any time soon, and the GOP is existentially dependent on the military estate. For all intents and purposes, the Republican districts in America are just like Byzantine themes.

    Abolishing the Federal Reserve is stupid. Going back to the Gold Standard is stupid. We live in a massive, highly advanced, industrial, technological, internationally connected nation. You’d have to be insane to believe we could sustain our standard of living, given our circumstance, by reverting to 19th, let alone 18th, century economic policy. The Paulites are not insane. They’re just buying easy (insane) answers to complex problems. Could we have a better central bank? Sure. I’m sure we could. Should we not have one at all. We resolved that a looooooooong time ago.

    “Ronald Reagan was an interventionist.”

    Yes, in many caes he was. No, in many cases he was not. I sincerely hope our good host understands that the Ronald Reagan of popular myth was not the real Ronald Reagan, president of the United States. If you think you can sell the “Paulbots” on Reagan being an “interventionist,” then I don’t think you understand them at all. Again, they’re not stupid, just young and idealistic.


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