Israel and Jews under another worldwide assault

Those who hate Israel and Jews accuse the Jewish people of exaggerating the threat of a second Holocaust for our own advantage. The critics act like Jews sit up and night and pray for more of our relatives to be burned to death just so we could say we were right all along.

The issue is not Jewish hyperventilating. The issue is that these Jewish fears are entirely reasonable.

As the Simon Wiesenthal Center points out, the Arab Muslim world in the Middle East is every bit as harmful as 1930s Germany was.

Look at the world today. It is undeniable that Israel and Jews are under a worldwide assault every bit as dangerous as what the world ignored 80 years ago.

Look at Egypt. Barack Obama praised the Egyptians for a peaceful revolution. Apparently he did not feel the need to comment on Reporter Logan being beaten and sexually assaulted. As 200 Arab Muslim men chased and beat her, they kept yelling over and over “Jew.” Lara Logan is not Jewish, but this is irrelevant. They thought he was, and ripped her body to shreds in a clear case of anti-Semitism.

Yet to relegate such barbarism to the Arab Muslim world denies the horrors going on in the United States.

The political left in this country is loaded with anti-Semitic rhetoric. The Axis of Anti-Semitism consists of the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and These leftinistras argue that criticism of Israel does not automatically makes one anti-Semitic. The rebuttal to this is that undue and false criticism of Israel is absolutely used to hide a fig leaf of anti-Semitism. Throw in Code Pink, which exists to criticize Israel, and the left has another cudgel.

Much of the funding comes from George Soros, whose hobbies over the course of his life have included trying to legalize drugs, defeat Republicans, bankrupt currencies, profit off of human misery, and regale in delightful stories about spending his teenage years sending his fellow Jews to the gas chambers.

Sadly enough, the right has a tiny but virulent strain of anti-Semitism as well in the form of the Paulbots. Ron Paul himself is not an anti-Semite. He is just an isolationist that wants to end all foreign aid. This is a wrong but sincere and consistent position. Yet many of the Paulbots are simply lunatics, and the other Ron Paul supporters refuse to weed them out the Way William Buckley did with the John Birch Society in the 1950s. Mr. Buckley also took on Pat Buchanan, calling him out for what he was and still is.

The Paulbots refuse to take on their cancerous elements who complain about worldwide conspiracies involving “bankers” and “Neocons.” Most of the Neocons are Jews, and Paul Wolfowitz is the one most criticized for being a Neocon and a former head of the International Monetary Fund. When the Paulbots say that American foreign policy should not be used to help Israel, be afraid. I personally have been told that I take my marching orders from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before writing my columns. Shockingly enough, Mr. Netanyahu has better things to do than deal with idiocy. The same cannot be said of the Paulbots.

Jews are absolutely under assault from the Obama White House, and I do not say that lightly.

Mr. Obama is not an anti-Semite. He has no malice in his heart toward Jews or even Israel. He is just cold and indifferent. Foreign policy is an intrusion that interferes with his domestic agenda. He wants the Israelis and Palestinians to shut up, solve their decades old conflict, and stop sucking up media oxygen that should be spent debating health care or environmental legislation. He applies a moral equivalence to a situation that is completely unbalanced in terms of fault. Israelis are trying to defend themselves from Palestinian suicide bombers that are really genocide bombers.

Mr. Obama’s attempt to hope it all goes away by treating both sides equally has only angered both sides. Nowhere can this be more evident than at that anti-American, anti-Semitic bastion of moral worthlessness known as the United Nations. Syria and Libya have sat on the Human Rights and Security Councils while most of the resolutions blame Israel for having the nerve to refuse to allow themselves to be blown to kingdom come.

Mr. Obama recently refused to veto an anti-Israel resolution, with the incredibly lame excuse that this allowed him to use the U.S. Veto on a harsher resolution. This immoral jujitsu was further strained from a credibility standpoint when the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice actually apologized for having sustained the veto. She called Israeli actions “unwise.”

Mr. Obama is able to get away with this because while every other community aggressively fights for its own interests, the Jewish community uniquely contains a large faction who thanks our Radical Islamist enemies and attacks our conservative Christian friends. After all, why fear Bin Laden or Armageddonijad wielding a bomb when we can shriek hysterically like Joy Behag over some Christian minister wielding a book. Short of Obamacare including a mandate that liberal Jews immediately get cranial-glutial extraction surgery, Mr. Obama  will continue to be given a free hand to slap them around. Like battered housewives, liberal Jews will keep apologizing and blaming themselves, leading to more abuse. This is called Jon Stewart Syndrome.

For those who want moral and ethical clarity, Sir Charles of Krauthammer must be heeded. He was at his absolute Krautiest in attacking those playing the moral equivalence game.

“Unwise is the wrong word, and then she said with what regret she cast the veto. Look, what she should have said is it’s not unwise. It’s hypocritical, it is scandalous, and it is something that we reject with relish. It is one sided. If it had been coupled with for example, denunciation of the Palestinians for their rejection of a peace offer at Camp David in 2000, a second offer in the same year at Taba, a third offer two years ago by Prime Minister Ehud Ohlmert, every offer of peace and partition since 1947, well perhaps I would have agreed with it. To apologize for a one-sided resolution, let me just add one fact. The state introducing this resolution was Lebanon. During these troubles, nobody has really noticed but Hezbollah took it over in a coup about a month ago. Think about this. Hezbollah, a terror organization, genocidal and anti-Semitic and terrorist, has a seat at the Security Council, the premiere entity that is supposed to secure peace in the world. Think of the moral inversion of the universe when that is the case as it is today.”

Yes, it is a moral inversion of the universe indeed. The world is upside down. We live in a world where the President of France wants to fight as the President of America keeps surrendering in a series of bows and bended knees before despots seeing these prostrations as weakness.

Israelis understand that those who have not wiped us off the map are still trying.

Between overt threats like Iran and more subtle but still dangerous enemies on the fringes of the American political extremes, Israel is in trouble. The goal is not to eliminate Israel. It is to end Jews. It almost happened once as the world did nothing to stop it.

So from the indifferent Mr. Obama to every last political zealot railing about Neocons and bankers, this worldwide assault on Jews overt and covert must stop.

Never again. Ever.


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  1. Tygrrrr, you should take it a little easier on the Left when it comes to this. Every serious player on the Left, and that includes those outlets you cited, is worried about how these Arab uprisings will affect Israel. The Peace Treaty with Egypt has been the key to Israel’s security for 34 years (and Jimmy Carter had a lot to do with that). Little ol’ me has always been concerned about potential problems for Israel with this uprising. But this is why we should be so, so careful, as Americans, about getting involved.

    I think so far Obama has been playing a pretty nice TR. Let’s hope he keeps it up. I wouldn’t bash him on this one. His careful touch seems to be working for all involved, for the most part. Besides, we all know by now that the administration has will stand by Israel. I’ve never been close to convinced otherwise.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Why should anyone besides a Muslim terrorist or a moonbat take it easy on the left over this ?

    “we all know by now that the administration has will stand by Israel.”

    Yeah, we just let Irans battleships cruz the Suez for decoration :-(

    Did you hear Bambams speech on Libya today ?
    Same ole same ole.
    All the right key words and still said nothing

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Actually, I think Barry loves the rise in oil costs

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