Mubarak steps down while Obama stands down

America is on the verge of becoming the Abdication Nation.

Some are surprised that Hosni Mubarak has agreed to step down as the leader of Egypt when his term expires later this year.

I saw this coming. I caused it. In 1968, once RFK decided to enter the race, LBJ dropped out.

42 years later, Mr. Mubarak saw the handwriting on the wall when I announced my intention to lead Egypt. It is no coincidence that hours after I enter the race, he surrenders.

Yet the situation in Egypt is not about Hosni Mubarak. It is not even about me. It is bigger than both of us.

This is about the Egyptian people.

They have a chance at becoming a real functioning secular democracy.

Some conservatives are wringing their hands over the possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood will take over.

This must stop. Too many Americans, even on the right, are too reluctant to use power for fear of being labeled a “bully.”

The American way of life is better than the Middle East existence. It is superior. Those disagreeing can feel free to go live in the Middle East. Immigrants come to America legally and illegally by the truckloads because our way of life is the model of excellence.

We give Egypt two billion dollars per year. President Obama has every right to let it be clear that no money will be given to any government led by the Muslim brotherhood. This is what President George W. Bush did with Hamas. He was right.

Leftists will claim that this is meddling in foreign affairs. Nonsense. It is our money.

So yes, American absolutely must take steps to ensure that the new government that takes over in Egypt is pro-American.

This is not happening because the imminent leadership vacuum in Egypt is matched by a leadership and moral vacuum in the White House.

Ronald Reagan said “Tear down this wall.”

George Herbert Walker Bush said “This will not stand.”

Barack Obama points his finger and says “let me be perfectly crystal clear,” which is followed by ambiguous double-talk that says everything and nothing.

President Obama needs to stand up. Instead he has decided to stand down.

The right thing to do is to loudly and emphatically pledge to help the Egyptian people on their path to democracy, freedom, and liberty. When this succeeds, his job will be to enhance our role as the chief trade negotiator. Bi-lateral trade will lift up both economies. This happens when democracies work together.

The Egyptian people want to hear that America will not abandon them. If I were an Egyptian right now, I would not feel terribly confident in American support.

Mr. Obama’s approach is to effectively tell those fighting for freedom that they are on their own.

Either we stand for something or we don’t. Either we are a beacon of light or a mirage.

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush advanced the cause for liberty. These were not empty words. They were a global commitment that America honored.

Actions have reactions, and those reactions can be painful. Yet inaction and indecision is a certain losing proposition.

It is not too late for Barack Obama to develop some gumption. He needs to stop being so cautious and using polls and focus groups in place of guiding principles.

On domestic policy, Mr. Obama has clear principles. I disagree with them, but at least he has them. He is prepared to go to the mat for his health care plan.

He needs to develop that same steel spine on foreign policy matters.

The fate of the world is at stake. With Groundhog Day approaching, President Obama needs to come out of his hole and stop being scared of his shadow.

Ronald Reagan once said that he did not need other people to tell him what he believed because he knew what he believed.

Barack Obama had better get to that point rapidly. Otherwise he will become the next Jimmy Carter. Given what Iran has become, a similar outcome in Egypt is untenable.

The world is watching, but Mr. Obama cannot be doing the same. We are followers. He needs to lead.

Stand up Mr. Obama. Let the citizens of Egypt know you unequivocally support an unfiltered secular democracy.

It is the right thing to do.


7 Responses to “Mubarak steps down while Obama stands down”

  1. I wish you guys would listen to yourselves. Reagan and Bush would’ve done the same thing Obama is doing. This is just attacking Obama for the sake of attacking Obama.

    Take the partisan blinders off once in while.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    OMG, All hell is breaking loose.
    This is all moving too fast to even comment with any accuracy.

    jersey, at this point I could care less whos president. Barry should be making Mubarak an offer he cant refuse.
    Will they lose peace with Israel ?
    does it matter at this point when were basically looking at a civil war that could end with an even more radical takeover ?
    You cant kick the people out of the country.
    Most of them, the average Egyptian appreciates the peace they’ve had for 30 years. I dont think they need Mubarak to keep it.
    I could be wrong.
    In all my debates with Arab Muslims I’ve asked them why all their theological dictatorships are third world hell holes.
    They either deny it or defend it, or make excuses.
    Well, here ya go guys, this is what your religious zealot leaders brought you

  3. Instead of making a rabble-rousing public spectacle, Obama sent an envoy over the other day to tell Mubbarak that he needs to step down. Then he gave a careful speech in which he encouraged the developement of democracy over there. That’s what a statesman does.


  4. Toma says:

    The citizens of America have been telling Obama to step down for over two years. Lotta good it does.

  5. Toma,

    Obama is a popular president. Lotta good it does to be on the crazy fringes talking about his illegitimacy.


  6. Toma says:

    Depends on where you live. I drive through several ranches on my way to my drilling rig everyday. One of the ranchers has a feeding area next to the road. In the feed lot he has put up two wood panel pens with jackasses inside. A sign on one pen reads NANCY P. in big blue letters. The other pen has a sign with HARRY R. in big blue letters. Between the pens is a large iron wheeled horse drawn freight wagon with a broken tongue. A sign on the side reads OBAMACARE. But I guess to you we are just dumb old country hicks. But we vote, and that may be disturbing to some. Obama is not popular where I live.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    “That’s what a statesman does.

    I thought he called his own citizens enemies?

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