Navel Gazing Sunday Postponed

It it with a deep sense of regret that the navel gazing competition I challenged President Obama to today had to be postponed.

CPAC left me exhausted, and today I flew from DC to LA with a stop in Chicago.

Yes, ironically enough I am too tired to even contemplate my own navel. Also, my voice is shot. This leaves me unable to effectively pontificate out loud to the president about nonsense in the way he can to me.

Given what an expert navel gazer the President is, it would be unfair to have the competition with me not feeling the same level of uselessness.

Also, the Egyptians are doing serious stuff, which means they would not be able to participate.

Sometime in the near future the event will be rescheduled. Some would argue that my entire blog is navel gazing, but that subject can be debated when I have more energy. Not since college when my friends and I held meetings of our Lethargy Club have I been this out of it.

This concludes the announcement that “State of the Useless: Navel Gazing Competition” has been postponed. Check back for details of the new date as I post them.


2 Responses to “Navel Gazing Sunday Postponed”

  1. What? No juicy tales from CPAC yet??? C’mon!

    Breitbart got served, Mitt Romney took the first big step in his campaign, Bachmann continues to wow the far-right, the young are little more libertarian than usual… this is interesting stuff.

    Just what happened there this year?


  2. Oh, and has Pam Geller gone insane?


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