3/11/11–The Tygrrrr Express Turns 4

Today The Tygrrrr Express blog turns 4. Blah. What a lousy birthday.

I began blogging on March 11, 2007. I chose 3/11 because it was the 3 year anniversary of the Madrid Bombing and the exact midpoint from 9/11.



As Spinal Tap says, “The more it stays the same, the less it changes.”

3/11/7–Spain was blown to kingdom come in a terrorist attack perpetrated by Radical Islamists.

3/11/11–We have learned nothing. Congressman Peter King is trying to find out why young American Muslims are being radicalized, and politically correct ostriches are attacking him inbetween bouts of sticking their heads where ostriches stick them.

3/11/7–A presidential race was starting way too early. Covering a presidential race is actually easy from a blogging standpoint because there is news every day. Back then Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney all had a chance. Somehow Mike Huckabee won Iowa. On the other side it was Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards.

3/11/11–The Republican field is expansive. In addition to many of the Republicans just mentioned, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, John Bolton, John Huntsman, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and even Donald Trump talk about running. The field will be winnowed, but Mr. Obama gets to sit and watch this one with amusement. Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are not running, and George W. Bush is on his ranch retired. I still miss him and Dick Cheney.

When I began blogging I still had one grandparent left. No more. I miss them all. They are in heaven with Ronald Reagan. At least I still have my parents, who I love very much.

3/11/11 is just not a day to celebrate. Now I know how my buddy with his real birthday on 9/11 feels.

The Earthquake in Japan triggered the Tsunami that has devastated that country and even put Americans from Hawaii to the West Coast on red alert. My home of Los Angeles is safe for now, but obviously I am watching closely. As if it could not possibly get any worse, it always can. Due to the Earthquake, a nuclear reactor in Japan is having trouble with its cooling system. The United States has sent coolant.

As always, Jews and Israel have stepped up to help. B’nai Brith is the place to donate.


Much of the world still despises Israel and Jews, but we still try to heal and save the world.

Speaking of those not fans of the Hebrew people, the Middle East is on fire, especially in Libya. People are fighting for freedom, and Khadafi is responding with bullets. President Obama seems too timid to use force. He is taking a wait and see attitude while people are being murdered. It is like Rwanda and Bosnia all over again. Making matters worse, the tragedy in Japan could take media focus away from Libya and give Khadafi time to retain his grip on power.

People in Saudi Arabia decided that 3/11/11 would be their day of rage. That may go nowhere because the Saudi government does not put up with protesters very well. Either the protests will be minimal or the casualties will be maximized. What will the world do about it? Nothing.

At least Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is on top of things. Never mind.

That is because 3/11/11 sees the price of oil skyrocketing. In addition, food prices are also hitting stratospheric levels. Feeding a family and driving to work are as tough as ever.

3/11/11 has brought the situation in Wisconsin to a head. While the world burns, the protesters in Wisconsin are still protesting. Unlike the Middle East, Governor Scott Walker is not shooting people. So on the one hand we should be happy we live in a free nation. On the other hand, the situation has descended into lawlessness and anarchy.

I could say that it is time for the spoiled brats to go home and focus on something more important, like death and destruction worldwide. Also, it is hard to take seriously protesters who wave “hi mom!” to the cameras while being carried out.

I was on a conference call with United States Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin yesterday. I will deal with that Monday.

I was supposed to be on a conference call with Speaker Newt Gingrich this morning. I missed it. Yeah, I got distracted by the worldwide carnage.

I have a report coming up soon about Radical Islamist professors at UCLA. It can wait.

President Obama held a very important press conference. I will deal with it tomorrow.

Governor Scott Walker has his press conference today. Again, it can wait.

Heck, I was going to focus on me today, and lord knows that does not matter right now.

Over 500,000 people have visited my blog in the last 4 years, and for that I am grateful. People have learned from me, and I have learned so much more from them.

My blog led to a speaking career and 3 books.

So I will one day look back and feel proud that I have contributed something positive to this world.

Yet for now, I just want the world to exist.

March 11th of 2011…a great day for bloggers but a tough day for citizens of the world everywhere.

Hug your loved ones and pray for a quiet peaceful weekend. May 3/14/11 be the one thing that hurts bloggers but helps the world…uneventful.


5 Responses to “3/11/11–The Tygrrrr Express Turns 4”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I receive a subscription to The National Review. It’s a conservative paper.

    I noticed especially a review of a book about our folly in AFghanistan.
    The author, will be appearing on the Charlie Rose TV Show soon. The dismal analysis is based on the corrupt governing, the refuge in Pakistan,
    the numbers of Pashtun in the Taliban, and the entire political goal of
    making it into a viable state.

    The author believes the only remedy to constant (and unwinable warfare)
    is to teach the local militia how to kill the enemy.

    In other words, public works is really irrelevant in this fight, between
    Afghans, and ideology ( moderate Muslim or radical).

    I agree.
    Are you listening Obama?

    Speaking of Obama, what has he been doing lately? He is attending
    a conference on “bullying” He was bullied..having big ears, etc.

    “Bowser” was also bullied as a youngster. He attended Julliard School
    of Music and could play Chopin classics. He fought his way to school
    in Manhattan. He decided later to join a rock and roll band as lead
    base. He later got involved with nostalgia for the good old days.
    Hes talented, and found his calling.

    Obama was bullied, and there the similarity ends.
    Our President goes to a meeting on bullying, while the M.E. is
    burning, literally. Typically, he and his Sec of State voice their
    concerns and nothing much mure of importance.

    I suggested to a friend that Moammar can always go to
    his buddies in No Korea and Venezuela for help, like troops.
    Can we all imagine the “rebels” fighting No. Korea’s regulars?

    Unlike in Egypt, Libya has oil, lots of it, for a small population.
    Libyra is 4 times the size of California..with all that petroleum,
    sweet crude,good for cars.

    Since the fight is on the ground..why should Moammar carfe about
    a no -fly zone. Then of course, maybe he could hire Egyptian, Syrian
    or Iraniian pilots and Palestinian mercenaries.

    Which side btw are the Pales on?

    In Wisconsin, the legislature voted against civil service, big time.
    Im a Republican but am against this one. Union workers are good
    employees..like contented cows. You get what you pay for guys.

    Now we read that there are several candidates for President from
    the Republican side, but no one with a majority. thus we are doomed.

    Yet, the country voted for an unknown “organizer”, with a great
    advertising team? Gives one pause…

    Rep King was questioned yesterday about profiling Muslims as
    would be terrorists.

    I admit to being prejudiced. When in a 7 Eleven and I hear
    Yiddish, I smile. I am not afraid. When I hear Arabic or Farci..
    I become anxious.

    Hey hows about the latest, that Sheen is an Israelite?
    Now that’s one for the book.Like mixed marriages in general,
    he was NOT raised Jewish. Would the Silver Arrow care?
    Does Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood care?

    Okay, so Carter lost Iran, so what if Egypt goes Brotherhood?
    Obama will not be in office by then, back in Chicago with his
    buddy Rahm. He never loses. In the meantime, Israel is
    building more bomb shelters..and preparing for the UN to invade
    the West Bank.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    “peaking of Obama, what has he been doing lately? He is attending
    a conference on “bullying” He was bullied..having big ears, etc.

    I doubt it.
    Hes just patronizing the choir by pretending a victim of the same.
    I went to Punahou during the summers and its one of the most snotty but diverse schools on the island where the biggest fight might of been over someones Sushi platter.
    Public school during the remainder of the year was like being a freaking fugitive as
    I was only one out of three white boys who had to fight his way home at least twice a week. There was no facebook or social networking where wussies were suicidal over their BBF takin em off their friends list.
    Bullying meant being cornered by a bunch of locals with switchblades and chains and running for your life, getting your lunch money stolen everyday,spit on, locked in your locker…


  3. Wow. Has it been four years already? Happy Birthday to the Tygrrrr Express! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!


  4. Dav Lev says:

    All over North Africa, Obama is perceived as the next Jesus Christ (excuse
    me Muslims). His speech in Cairo 2.5 years ago, was supposed to
    set a precedent for US policy..kindler, gentler towards the Arab world,
    harsher on the Jewish (Zionist) state, less suseptible to lobbies ( or
    focus groups), pro-labor ( voting requirements for unions), health care for
    all, and of course, beefing up in the necessary war (Afghanistan) while
    reducing our forces in Iraq.

    To judge Obama, pick up old newspapers going back two years, then
    compare to the headlines today. This is the litmus test for his success as a President ( or failure).

    I was a registered Democrat..but switched. Am now a moderate
    conservative Republican.

    I sent contributions to Giuliani at first, then switched to McCain.
    I still get emails from MeCain.

    If Giuliani runs agin, Ill vote for him.

    Frankly, fellow followers to Tygrrr Express, ANYONE is better than
    Obama, even other Democrats. (Except Hillary of course).

    Obama makes me ashamed I am an American. I warned others that
    if elected, he could undue 300 years of USA democracy in 4.
    So far, he is living up to my expectations.

    He gave a news interview last week. And what did he say?
    He may open up the strategic reserve (oil) to lower oil prices.
    Yeah sure..and so what!

    I wonder now that Japan’s oil is problematic and Libyra is
    still out..how much oil will he deplete?

    I just filled up my gas tank folks..@ 4.00 gallon.
    Thanks Obama, for nothing.

    Speaking of Libya, he claims we are tightening the noose around
    Moammar. Sure, and the Palestinians will sit down and “talk” to
    the Jews.

    Hey, hows about the UCI. The LA Times had a picture of Muslim students
    all with heads covered….with their mouths taped. In other words,
    they are alleging ( to the District Attorney) that their freedom of speech
    has been curtailed ( they are Muslms).

    Did they ever think about WHY students are being indicted?

    Oh these Arabs, they are something.

    In the West Bank, 3 Jews were slaughtered yesterday..by a knife
    wielding terrorist (Palestinian). One was a baby.
    The IDF has closed the W. Bank and is looking for the thugs.
    But of course its too late to save them.

    Yet Abbas will demand Israel withdraw to the 67 cease fire lines
    and have no presence in the Jordan Valley (heights overlooking
    Israel to the West). He says, their being there will not bring peace.
    Tell that to the “settlers” just murdered..about peace that is.

    In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood wont try to dislodge any
    govt. Right, and my name is Ahmad.

    BTW as much as I dont like Moammar, didnt he
    agree with Britain/USA/France…to dismantle his nukes?
    Hasnt he had oil contracts with US oil companies for decades?
    Yes, on the flip side, he was responsible for the downing of that
    Pan Am.

    Last month he advocated 1.4b Muslims march on Israel.
    He has also invited the “Jews” back to his country. I suppose
    to escape the onslaught.

    Oh these Arabs.

    And while all the above, what is our indecisive President doing
    I ask?

    We are reading that no Republican can defeat him…that we are divided
    That the Tea Party will ruin our chances.

    Are you listening ACORN, and Moveonorg?
    Hey CAIR, do you think intelligent profiling is bad for US?
    Why are you demanding the FBI stop spying on places thought
    to have revolutionaries and worse? If non existent, why worry?

    I am personally happy that the FBI is watching and listening.
    What do you think Obama? Please tell US?

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