Fast and Furious Fighting Friday

A pair of common and repeated themes dominate Fast and Furious Fighting Friday.

(For those wondering why a Friday column is being released on Thursday, consider it a Bush Doctrine inspired preemptive strike.)

Force works, and the only thing that bullies understand is force.

We could shut down the State Department and reduce the number of diplomats in half. They would find utterly useless work the next day as Ivy League guest lecturers anyway.

On several fronts, one side is engaged in a bloody street fight while the other side tries to play nice with metaphorical (in some cases literal) guns to their heads.

The first street fight involves National Palestinian Radio and NPR’s illegitimate cousin PBS.

For years both of these leftist organizations have hid behind the slim worthwhile programming they offer, such as Sesame Street. They use Elmo and Big Bird as human shields (ironically because they are not human) with all the passion of Palesimian homicide bombers. When anybody dares try to criticize their liberalism, the leftist elitist snobs turn around and say Republicans are uncivilized dummies who hate art and culture.

(For the record I personally loathe artists, but I am in the minority.)

NPR and PBS had choices. NPR could have stuck to conversations about books, cooking, gardening, and other harmless topics. They could have kept their political coverage non-partisan. They chose not to do so in the same way that politicians try to pass budgets with 90% garbage and 10% necessities (numbers subjectively chosen) with the gamble that nobody wants to reject the vital 10% everyone agrees about.

PBS could have stuck with Sesame Street and Masterpiece Theatre and kept the political coverage neutral. Ideological zealotry prevented this.

If NPR and PBS want to avoid having their budgets eliminated, they can simply cease political coverage altogether. They could have hired ombudsmen, but it is way too late for that. They can keep the programming for children and other cultural staples and nothing else.

Firing Vivian Schiller the Civility Killer is not good enough. As vicious as she was regarding Juan Williams and every other aspect of her dictatorial reign of error, NPR if allowed to live unchallenged will just replace her with another leftist ideologue. The anti-Semitism will continue unchecked because the many liberal Jewish targets of NPR’s bile hate Republicans more than they love and respect themselves.

The only solution with bullies is force. Until every NPR executive is under investigation, they can live to fight another day. Schiller was her namesake, a leftist corporate shill. If conservatives back off, the dead branches will move on while the entire NPR and PBS trees will just regrow. They rot from the root, and congressional investigations need to rip their roots out for good.

George Soros can pay for them. He supports everything else on the left. To have conservatives pay for liberal thuggery cannot happen anymore.

As vile as the people behind NPR and PBS are, they are plankton compared to the paid leftist mercenaries who have descended on Wisconsin.

The leftist protesters from the anti-Semitic leftist (redundant) are willing to get into the gutter to protect what they have. The rule of law does not matter to these community organizers who do not seem to belong to any community and look fairly disheveled and disorganized personally.

Thankfully Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is hitting back hard. The Wisconsin legislature needs a quorom to pass fiscal measures, but non-fiscal issues require only a simple majority. The fiscal provisions have been removed from the collective bargaining provisions that have leftists throwing temper tantrums in the (not so) great tradition of leftists.

While leftists are acting like themselves, Walker has showed his inner Chris Christie. He has seen that those who surrender like Arnold Schwarzenegger get punished while those who fight back and win are heroes.

After three weeks of legislators fleeing to Illinois to avoid accepting an election loss, Governor Walker passed the senate bill. The assembly will put the final nail in the coffin of this saga. The left will cry, scream, and engage in days of rage that would make their Jihadist cousins proud. Yet when they are hoarse from yelling, what really matters is what Ronald Reagan told the Soviets. We win, they lose.

The left will claim that unions are the people. This is a lie. As the brilliant economist and one of the finest minds on Earth, Dr. Thomas Sowell, points out, corporations exist to benefit corporations and unions exist to benefit unions. He is right. If any worker benefits anywhere, that is ancillary. Unions exist to perpetuate themselves. Unlike corporations, unions produce nothing.

The struggle in Wisconsin is about power. The left sees its power slipping away. Yet if Walker backs down, the left will return like a hydra. If Walker hangs tough, the entire thugocracy could implode faster than the mixed nuts at ACORN.

While NPR and PBS are street thugs and the Wisconsin leftist protesters are well coordinated gangsters, nothing compares to the situation in Libya.

Khadafi is using bullets to commit genocide. The rebels are receiving the bullets in a most unwelcome manner. To avoid mass slaughter, being nice to a bully is a bad strategy.

NPR and PBS are awful. They have not killed anybody. may commit violence, but at least its supporters are not armed to the teeth just yet.

Khadafi is killing his own citizens. He is the epitome of a bully. Yet leftists who claim to care about human rights are sitting on their hands. After all, Khadafi hates Jews, as does the hard left. Even more important, he despises Republicans because he knows they actually are a threat to him.

He knows that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will issue stern words with no actions to back them up. Those who claim that the uprising must come from the Libyan people fail to have a plan if Khadafi cracks down even harder. Does anybody remember the Kurds? We turned our backs on them, and let Saddam Hussein the bully slaughter them. Only when Saddam the bully met somebody who hit back did he back down. George W. Bush stood tall and Saddam was found hiding in a spider hole like the parasite he was.

The rules of life have not changed. Force works. The only thing bullies understand is force.

It is time for conservatives, Republicans and Neocons to stop letting the dithering, doddering dillitantes put the entire world at risk.

While leftists are obsessed with Elmo and collective bargaining rights, a madman with nuclear weapons is having a meltdown that rivals any narcissistic Hollywood celebrity.

The clock is ticking. Talk is cheap, and the time for talk is over.

It is time to fight back against the bullies and win before it is too late.

Fight fast, fight furious, and take no prisoners. The other side wants a fight to the death. Reasoning with suicide bombers, whether Islamist or leftist, is impossible. When in a fight, no matter how unwanted, the only solution is to win.

Either the forces of decency win or the bullies win. There is no middle ground.


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  1. So, let me get this straight, you’re saying that public broadcasting should not cover the public sector???

    This gets to the ol’ Colbert saying, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

    PBS and NPR are the best in-depth news outlets out there. There coverage is objective, intelligent, and driven not by commercial value but by newsworthiness.

    Why do conservatives want an ignorant public???


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