Leftist mobs and the Second Amendment

If the left wants bipartisanship, fine by me.

Despite being a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, it is time for a compromise on gun control that will make conservatives happy and liberals less miserable than usual.



3 Responses to “Leftist mobs and the Second Amendment”

  1. Why would you bother to take the guns away from people who don’t have guns in the first place?


  2. Toma says:

    eric, you are wrong. Lefties don’t own guns because guns kill, don’t you know. They are afraid that if they have a gun it will grow legs and trigger finger and walk out of the closet and shoot them, in the back. Lefties froth at the mouth for gun control because a lot of Americans own guns and know how to use them. This puts the lefties at a great disadvantage and hampers their desire to bully America into submission. A person willing to defend himself cannot be bullied. Their intent is to disarm America and then control America, ala Lenin. Their intent is plain for all to see.


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