Libya vs Wisconsin

At age 14 I tried to convince my father that social studies class was too hard. A Holocaust survivor, he looked at me unsympathetically and asked “Did the teacher try to shoot you?”

When I told him no, he motioned me to get upstairs, open the books, and learn personal responsibility. There were no victicrats in his household.

Decades later, twin events in Wisconsin and Libya have me echoing my father’s words.

In Libya, Moammar Khadafi is determined to hold on to power. The people are rising up, and Mr. Khadafi is shooting them in the streets. This should not surprise people. Genocidal lunatics by definition alone are not the nicest individuals on the planet. Mr. Khadafi has calculated that the United Nations is too impotent to stop him and President Obama is preoccupied with domestic matters. The people are fighting for their very lives.

Yet when looking at true barbarism among the people, one only need look at leftist protesters in Wisconsin. Mob violence has led to chaos at the state capitol.

While paid leftist mercenaries will do what they do, simple questions needs to be asked of the few people protesting who are not on the Soros or Moveon payroll.

Is this really necessary?  Do you really believe this is life and death? Is anybody shooting at you? Is your liberty truly in danger to the point where the tactics being used by the left are reasonable? Do the ends really justify the means?

Forget the paid agitators. They are soulless, and impervious to the concept of shame. Yet if there is decency deep down among those truly not on the paid union thuggery payroll, now is the time to start looking in the mirror.

Is Wisconsin Walker Governor Walker using bullets, tear gas, fire hoses, or any other deadly means to subdue protesters? Has he tried to send his Jewish constituents to ovens to be burned alive like real Nazis tried to do to my Dad in the 1940s? If not, aren’t comparisons of Walker to Hitler over the top? If so, why will President Obama not condemn this rhetoric? Why will Wisconsin Democrats, especially Jewish ones, not stand up and condemn such vile comparisons?

Is it civilized to surround a Republican state lawmaker and try to intimidate him physically by making it difficult for him to get to work? Should it really get to a point where a Democratic lawmaker will have to scold the crowd to stop the madness?

Is it proper for a male Democratic lawmaker to tell a diminutive female Republican lawmaker that she is “(redacted) dead”?

Is it problematic that another Democratic lawmaker told a leftist crowd that it is time for people to “get bloody”?

Is there anything that these people are fighting for that cannot be solved by trying to win the next election peacefully?

Despite desperate attempts to paint conservative tea party attendees as violent, the overwhelming evidence was that those rallies were like Woodstock minus the drugs and filth.

Conservatives responded to the 2008 election loss with dignity. Conservatives looked in the mirror, analyzed what needed to be improved, and came to work as a loyal opposition minority. Hard work led to the 2010 election victories throughout the country.

Yet while Republicans went the way of ballots, the Democrats seem one small step away from bullets.

Forget momentarily that the entire strategy of the Wisconsin Democratic legislators is illegal. Getting the left to obey the law is often too much to ask.

Yet why is the real violence going on by American leftists not being condemned by any mainstream Democrats?

Do Democrats really believe that Governor Walker is Hitler, Mussolini, and Khadafi combined? Are they that far gone?

Are Democrats so incapable of reasonable civilized discussion that the concept of taking the debate with Governor Walker to 2012 is not good enough? Are death threats and stalking his personal home really how they do things?

Mainstream Democrats at this point are a contradiction because they will not weed out their own zealots. Worse, the zealots have won. They own the Democratic Party.

The sad answer to all of these questions is that it does not matter why they do what they do. The only thing that matters is what happens when victims of bullying have decided that they have had enough.

In Libya, the people truly are fighting tyranny and evil. Decades of being tortured is leading to the people saying they have had enough and want basic human dignity.

In Wisconsin, liberals are preparing to burn down the village because they might lose their right to collectively bargain. That is a policy issue, and not one of life and death. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could embrace non-violence on issues as serious as segregation, how could violence be justified on matters of finance?

The left banks on the fact that the right will be too scared of bad publicity to engage in forceful self-defense. Yet what happens if that calculation turns out to be false?

Violence is not the answer in this situation, but what should the innocent silent majority do if the leftist mob refuses to stop? If the choice becomes forcefully removing protesters from the capitol to ensure safety or allowing anarchy to reign supreme, the protesters cannot be allowed to win.

The Wisconsin protesters have made their point. They disagree with Governor Walker. They should do what the tea party movement did, which was field candidates and try to swing the political pendulum.

What the left is doing now is repeating the 1960s. While this led to conservative political dominance for decades, it also ripped America apart between traditionalists and those wanting to tear America asunder.

Yet even some of those liberals did more than illegal drugs. They fought for a noble cause that benefits all Americans, civil rights.

The leftist protesters today truly believe their cause is as noble as the struggle for freedom in Libya or 1960s America.

It is not. It is just wanton destruction for it’s own sake disguised as legitimate discourse.

The left needs to dial it down now. If not, they will have only themselves to blame when the right decides they have had it with being abused.

Everything comes at a price, and law and order must be restored to Wisconsin.

If violence is what the left wants, violence is what they will get. I pray that enough Democrats pull back from the brink and decide that the peace they often sing about truly is inside their hearts.


8 Responses to “Libya vs Wisconsin”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Its hopeless to ask why.
    Here lays the difference.
    When fakes or rogue right wing nuts were inserted into Tea Party protests the truly decent people pointed them out and called them out and shipped them out.
    We see no such thing happening amongst these morons in Wisconsin.
    Sadly, I’m loosing hope.
    I fear no one will wise up til someone gets killed.
    Let em take their BS to Libya and see if they can even find poster boards in the stores never mind getting shot in the process.
    My family also suffered at the hands of Nazis, my mom is still damaged goods til this day.
    How dare they

  2. I don’t agree with Tygrrrr’s assertion that “Mr. Khadafi has calculated that the United Nations is too impotent to stop him and President Obama is preoccupied with domestic matters.” Secretary Gates has made some very thoughtful comments on that. I’ll leave it to you guys to be informed. As well, you should know that the President has moved the Marines into the area, and Gates has made it clear that we do have contingent plans.

    The union workers in Wisconsin are fighting for their right to organize.

    In any realistic, though hyperbolic, analogy to be made, the Wisconsin workers are like the people uprising in the Middle East, while (I won’t add the adjectives here) people like Scott Walker are like Gaddfi et al.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “I don’t agree with Tygrrrr’s assertion that “Mr. Khadafi has calculated that the United Nations is too impotent to stop him and President Obama is preoccupied with domestic matters.”

    I wouldnt get too excited til Barry actually does something.
    You’d think you guys would learn by now.

    “people like Scott Walker are like Gaddfi”

    Grow up. The man never killed anyone…


  4. Toma says:

    The Dems love it. Their intentions are clear for all to see. Create chaos and confrontation. They want to see blood in the streets. The final act will be martial law. The final question is what side will law enforcement and the military support? I guess we will find out. Government oppression vs the people has repeated itself time and time again. This is nothing new.


  5. Micky, GOD MAN!, could I have qualified my point any more???

    Toma, Micky, eric – we’re the protesters and you’re the status quo. Get it?


  6. Toma says:

    The status quo is you are robbing us and living off of us. Get it?

  7. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, GOD MAN!, could I have qualified my point any more???

    Toma, Micky, eric – we’re the protesters and you’re the status quo. Get it?”


    We on the right, the staus quo, are like Qaddafhi and you’re the oppressed/brutalized protesters ?

    yeah, you made your point alright while looking a complete self conflicting hypocrite.
    Thanks to Abercrombie we cant even elect our DOE administration here, they’re appointed by a pro-union moonbat.
    I have no say so how my tax dollars get spent on these morons

  8. Micky 2 says:

    @ Jersey

    You’ve been MIA at your blog.
    Whassup ?
    Hard to put a positive spin on anything moonbat these days.
    I understand, I’m here for ya

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