My Conference Call With Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson

Several days ago I participated in a conference call with United States Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Senator Johnson just defeated liberal icon Russ Feingold in the 2010 election that the left still refuses to acknowledged actually happened.

Given the ultra-serious nature of the situation in Wisconsin, levity would have been totally inappropriate.

(The conference call took place about 10 hours before the Earthquake in Japan.)

Therefore I did not ask Senator Johnson if Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch had a single twin sister, nor did I recommend Green Bay Packers Cornerback Charles Woodson be nominated for the next Secretary of Defense.

Like many Wisconsin Republicans, Senator Johnson is a serious, substantive individual that is all business without the flash. He is a workhorse, not a show horse.

In an unusual move, he did not make a speech on the conference call. He simply immediately opened up the floor for questioners.

He made it clear that he was totally against bailing out irresponsible states. There should be no federal bailout.

While Governor Walker’s action stripping out the fiscal provisions from the collective bargaining bill to get around the quorom requirement was successful, Senator Johnson was asked why this was not done sooner.

Senator Johnson pointed out that as Governor Walker has repeatedly stated, this is not an attack on unions or workers. The whole point of the bill was to solve a fiscal issue.

While the left was shouting slogans like “this is what democracy looks like,” Senator Johnson pointed out that “What doesn’t look Democratic to me is the mob rule.”

He then asked an important question of the democrats.

“What would they do to close a 1.8 billion dollar budget deficit?”

Senator Johnson pointed out that the new law gives local governments flexibility. Governor Walker sees that the federal government is bloated and that corresponds directly with the financial problems. Senator Walker is trying to rebalance the equation.

Senator Johnson was obviously concerned with the left with regards to “the amount of thuggery, the death threats, and the threats of execution.” Senator Johnson pointed out emails sent out threatening every single GOP legislator with death.

Mr. Johnson also pointed out the hollow argument about democracy by the leftist protesters.

“Our democracy is working here. We had an election.”

One thing Senator Johnson kept emphasizing is the gravity of the situation, and that if the Wisconsin legislator were serious, they would show up to work. “We have serious-minded individuals.”

Another word would be adults. The left are acting like children. Mr. Johnson, like his Wisconsin cohorts, speak in a calm, quiet, lucid manner.

I asked Senator Johnson about the potential for leftist violence leading to a police crackdown.

(I personally feel the police should make sure that no minorities are in the room when the backlash comes. Injured minorities make great props for the cameras. Then Republicans are called racists. Once the room contains only white people, the police should turn on the firehoses against any protester crossing the line from verbiage to physically inappropriate conduct. This is not Selma Alabama. It is middle class white people fighting for the right to be useless. I did not share this with Senator Johnson.)

Senator Johnson was calm and steady and with regards to an escalation and a crackdown, said “Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” He pointed out that the protesters were showing a “total lack of civility.” As for the public relations aspect of it, Senator Johnson simply said, “Let’s see how this all plays out.”

(I am totally fine with a Kent State style crackdown, but that is why I am not a senator. I admit to being a hothead, and Senator Johnson is the epitome of cooler heads prevailing.)

Senator Johnson was asked about a potential government shutdown. He replied that it is “extremely disappointing that the United States President is not showing leadership.”

He pointed out that the Democratic proposal would deal with “one day of borrowing.”

“Government cannot be duplicative and inefficient.”

“Voters expect government officials to be held accountable. I expect to be held accountable.”

One more questioner went back to the violent leftist protesters in Wisconsin. Unlike the peaceful Tea Party attendees, these liberal protesters really are smashing windows. With all of the signs being put up and other damage, Senator Johnson pointed out that it may be necessary to “replace the marble in the state capitol.” He pointed out what a beautiful building the Wisconsin state capitol is, and that is has sustained some damage from the protesters.

I would like to thank Senator Johnson not only for his graciousness but for his seriousness of purpose.

For a brilliant chronological summation of the Wisconsin situation, Steve Hayes in the Weekly Standard covered every precise detail.

The fiscal crises in Wisconsin and Washington, DC, require serious adult leadership. Thankfully Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is an even-keeled sober adult providing some of that leadership.


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  1. All this talk about who’s being an “adult” and so forth is stupidly counter-productive. Adults don’t fling indirect epithets around like that. That’s more the pervue of teenaged girls.

    The people of Wisconsin are divided on all this. But I can tell you this – the high-handed actions of the Wiscon legislature will be their downfall. Whether their ends are right or not, their means were wrong. The Wisconsin GOP will lose big-time next election season.


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