Quick Los Angeles Election Recommendations

March 8, 2011 has an election in Los Angeles. Turnout may be 4%. We get the government we deserve.

So here are my rapid fire recommendations, beginning with charter amendments and propositions.

G: Pension reform for newly hired police, fire, and other employees: YES

H: Campaign finance reform: NO

I & J: More oversight of Department of Water and Power: YES

L: More funding for libraries. Are you kidding me? We’re broke! NO!

M: Taxing medical marijuana. Again, is this a joke? The stuff is illegal to begin with. NO!

N: Amending charter to comply with U.S. Constitution. Gee, ya think maybe my city should obey the law? Perhaps just once. YES

O: Tax oil? I say we drill for oil in liberals’ foreheads. NO!

P: Contingency reserve account. YES

Q: Limit applicants for civil service positions. Not as good as firings, but it is a start. YES

Now to prevent the left form further hijacking our schools and creating another generation of imbeciles. Here are my endorsements for the Los Angeles Community College District. As always, I still recommend we close down the schools and convert them into prisons since the criminals are already there. Yet barring that, here are the best hopes for conservatives.

Seat 1: Jozef “Joe” Thomas Essavi

Seat 3: Mark Isler (Write his name in)

Seat 5: Lydia Gutierrez

Seat 7: Erick Aguirre

Ok, off to go vote and get my sticker.


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