Barack Obama’s Unholy Thursday

As Jews celebrate Passover and Christians prepare for Easter, wealthy liberals on the West side of Los Angeles were busy bowing down to their deity Barack Obama. Mr. Obama spent his time in Los Angeles worshiping himself among his followers in Beverly Hills.

For many in Los Angeles, Mr. Obama’s visit was a most Unholy Thursday.

Mr. Obama says he is a Christian. I believe him.

Yet when he says he cares about the concerns of ordinary people, I do not believe him for one moment.

He is the same snob who gives people glimpses of his true character when his guard is down.

This is the man who asked an Iowa corn farmer if he grew Arugula.

This is the man who disdainfully turned to his primary opponent and coldly said, “you’re likable enough Hillary.”

This is a man who would come to Los Angeles on one of the holiest days of the religious Christian calendar and shut down the entire city during rush hour traffic. This was done so he could attend fundraisers from wealthy donors for a campaign that is over 18 months away.

Legally he has every right to raise money. Morally he continued to show a lack of understanding of the people that “cling to their guns and religion.”

My anger was admittedly selfish. Only two miles from my home, an innocent trip to get some lunch turned into a fiasco lasting over an hour. All of the streets were blocked off. Getting home was virtually impossible. Then leaving the house for an appointment that could not be missed proved painful, as a two hour trip took four hours. The first two hours was just leaving Los Angeles.

Yet others had frustration that was far more important. Christians trying to attend Holy Thursday services at their churches could not get there. People trying to pay homage to God had to take a back seat because one man needed to pay homage to himself.

Those claiming that “his predecessor” pulled stunts like this would be bearing false witness. Mr. Obama loves to claim that everything he does is historic and unprecedented. Well his arrogance is precisely that.

As for the billionaire sycophants supporting him, they are just as culpable. THese are the people John Kerry referred to as the “heart and soul of America.”

Wrong. The heart and soul of America are not people making twenty million dollars for appearing on a screen. The heart and soul of America are the people who worked hard all day and wanted to get to Church and work on improving themselves.

If Hollywood liberals want to stop being portrayed as self-indulgent spoiled brats, they need to consider using better judgment when deciding when, where, and how to spend their money.

If Mr. Obama wants to be seen as somebody who cares even the slightest about ordinary people, he should not leave them stranded in traffic. While he was raising millions of dollars solely for himself, workers had their cars idling. With gasoline at $4.20 a gallon in Los Angeles, every drop wasted adds to financial hardship.

(Idling is also bad for the environment, but Mr. Obama’s motorcade and the resulting standstill is exempt from environmental scrutiny. After all, worshiping the environment takes a back seat to worshiping him in this part of the country.)

Very late on Thursday night a drive home led to more panic as Mr. Obama settled in on a hotel on the very street where I live. He was three blocks away. Well past midnight, there was a chance my very street would be blocked off. A man’s home is his castle, and my own bed could have been off limits.

It took longer than expected, but while Mr. Obama rested on the most expensive sheets in existence, the ordinary fellow three blocks away reached his own simple mattress.

As Holy Thursday turned to Good Friday, well wishes are again sent to the Jews and Christians celebrating their beautiful traditions. This Passover and Easter weekend, Mr. Obama may wish to consider lowering himself in his own mind to the level of mere mortal.

Mr. Obama needs to learn humility. He needs to be more sensitive to those around him, even if they do not earn seven figures and trade carbon offsets. He needs to understand that for the great unwashed masses, the right to liberty and pursuit of happiness comes in the form of a religious service.

His actions were selfish, classless, and even more sadly, typical.

I still wish the man a peaceful Easter, but his attitude toward his fellow men led to a most Unholy Thursday.

The next time he speaks about “change,” he should look inside himself when attending his church.

Unlike many in Los Angeles during his visit, at least he will be able to attend.


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  1. Man, you’ve just become relentless with this visceral hatred of all things Obama! You should hear yourself! This is Obama Derangement Syndrome, not at all different from BDS.


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