Ioana Stoica–Another liberal feminist shrew

I wrote a column awhile ago praising a certain political woman for being gorgeous. Conservative women were amused and the subject was flattered. Liberal women acted like themselves, which meant complaints. One Ioana Stoica needs to have the Stoica removed from her backside.

She complained to me privately, and I told her to go public with her complaints. So she complained to my editors.

Here is what I said:

“Please post your comment publicly if you feel that strongly. Maybe others will agree with you.

After all, given that you are most likely a liberal and a feminist, hypersensitivity comes with the territory.

My inbox has been flooded by conservative Republican women who loved the article.

So do not think for one minute you speak for all, or even a majority of women.

I did not mention rape or violence against women, and your extrapolating such information from thin air is simple feminist hysteria.

I am against rape and violence against women. I am in favor of men complimenting hot women on their beauty. This bothers liberal women because unlike the conservative women I cited, fewer men are admiring them. After all, hot women don’t need feminism.

I am not interested in being sensitive. I am still right.

Challenge me in the court of public opinion. Post your comments publicly.

eric  :)  aka the Tygrrrr Express

P.S. Feminists do not care about women. They care about a left-wing political agenda. Until George W. Bush and Sarah Palin are considered feminists and Hillary Clinton is not, then feminism is worthless.”

Her screed was lengthy and boring, even by hyperfeminist crybaby standards.

“To the Editorial Board at the Washington Times,

I was disturbed to read Eric Golub’s derogatory article on women from March 4, “The Reason Governor Scott Should Resign Now,”, and wrote him a letter to express my outrage at his sexist comments.  (Though I do appreciate it is his First Amendment right to be as hateful and as sexist as he deems necessary in order to get his “humor” across). I am not writing to complain about the original article, but rather about his correspondence with me since.

Mr. Golub replied to my email quickly (but unfortunately I did not receive it until today, upon cleaning out my “spam box”). I am including his message below so you may deem for yourself if his conduct is indeed what you expect from your newspaper if indeed you have any pretense at actually being a major newspaper with some sort of credibility.

Also to note, Mr. Golub wrote me back to ask me to please post my comment publicly, which I appreciate. It is very appropriate that a journalist would want criticism as well as praise to be published, and I would have truly appreciated if Mr. Golub was actually open to other opinions being discussed on his blog. However, what Mr. Golub does not say below is that I DID comment on the website, in fact, before my email, but that he deleted or otherwise “moderated out” my post. Two months later, looking at the comments on this post, I find only ones that agree with him, and others that I had seen there in the past that disagreed have been deleted, including my own post (which, because it has been deleted from the website and because I used the website form to email Mr. Golub, I do not have a copy of. However, you should still be able to find it in your records of either website comments or emails, unless you have deleted these. I have nothing to hide, as my initial email/post was certainly outraged but not unprofessional or childishly immature, as Mr. Golub’s comments to me. The original email was written by myself from my other email account,

My concern is that Mr. Golub is unprofessional beyond plain sexism, bigotry, or otherwise inappropriate comments. His email to me, ranting about liberal women not being “as hot” as “conservative women” who agree with him, about his not caring what I/one say/s because he “is right” (even though clearly he is expressing an opinion) and otherwise calling me a “hysterical feminist” (he claims if I was “hot” I would “not need” feminism) are outrageous for a person employed by a major newspaper. I would not expect correspondence like this coming from ANY professional organization.

Civil dialogue between adults I would understand–also, disagreement, or respectful opinionated replies. However, inane commentary of an ignorant and petty nature that serves only to further personal attacks should be beyond the pale for a professional news organization like the Washington Times.

I wanted to point out this inappropriate email so that Washington Times has a better idea about the emails their employees are sending out to customers and readers. I urge you to take this into consideration as you consider your national image and reputation. I WILL be posting this insensitive and ignorant email of Mr. Golub’s around to various sites and blogs, and will be sending it along to other media outlets to showcase the type of unprofessionalism supported by the Washington Times.

Ioana Stoica

WOW. I am going to be sending this message around the blogosphere and also to your editors and boss. This is pretty low, even for a misogynist womanizer…

“hot women don’t need feminism”??? liberal women are less attractive which is why they need feminism? if your comments were not insensitive and completely out of line before, they are now.

Thanks for giving me the perfect email to send to your boss as well as around the net. Beautifully done!

PS: you don’t know JACK about feminism if you think it’s a “liberal agenda” of “unattractive women.” But it’s not my job to educate you and I am not going to waste one more minute on this email and connecting with such an immature and laughingly ignorant human being.

To recommend some reading to assuage your blind ignorance, only a little bit (there’s so much out there): try bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Simone DeBeauvoir, Henry Giroux and Michael Apple, Nel Noddings… many many men and women of all political stripes are ‘feminists’ because they fight for equal opportunities for men and women, including opportunities to NOT be sexually harassed and intimidated by people like yourself.”

My response to her is simple. I WANT this woman to publish my comments. Her threatening to give me more publicity would only be better if she promised to keep her own trap shut.

She is a liberal feminist crybaby, which means she is boring and wrong.

The subject of the column loved it, and thought it was hilarious.

This harpie does not speak for all women, just the leftist ones who are man-hating hags too hideous to have a man ever compliment them.

So keep the hate mail coming you hysterical shrieking shrew.

eric  :)

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  1. Spree says:

    yeah!! I can finally comment. She needs the stick removed, agreed. Only someone who truly doesn’t know you would consider you sexist.

    I have been communicating with you for a couple years now here and there and lately more and I wonder how someone like her could be so utterly and completely wrong.

    No worries Eric, you can call me hot any time you wanna!

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