Osama Bin Laden killed by Americans

Justice was done.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by Americans nearly ten years after murdering 3,000 innocent Americans.

I am born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. I live in Los Angeles but will always be a New Yorker.

My country and my state were attacked. My fellow New Yorkers were executed in an act of pure evil.

Finally, justice was done.

Today is not a day for political score keeping. There will be plenty of time for dissecting every ounce of this situation.

Right now I just want the despots all over the world to remember what President George W. Bush said.

September 14, 2011…”I hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and pretty soon the people who knocked down these buildings will hear from all of us!”

September 20, 2011…”We will not falter, and we will not fail.”

The entire world was put on notice. Either you were with us or against us.

We had victories along the way. We captured Khalid Sheik Mohammed. We captured Saddam Hussein. We killed Zarquai.

With help from Israel, Sheik Yassin and his successor Rantisi were taken out.

Yet the big prize eluded us.

Osama Bin Laden may be less important from a strategic standpoint than Mohammed. KSM was the actual mastermind of the planning of 9/11. Yet from a psychological standpoint, getting Bin Laden does matter.

So let me put aside partisan politics and say it.

Well done Mr. Obama. Good job sir.

As for the men who carried out the orders, thank God for these brave men. When politicians of all stripes let our soldiers do their jobs, the job gets done and it gets done right.

Bin Laden was the target of a strike but that did not kill him.

A firefight ensued. Bin Laden was shot in the head facing his enemy.

Most importantly, reports have it that an American killed him.

The cooperation behind the scenes with Pakistan was important.

Reports are coming fast and furious, and I have decided to hold off until we know much more.

It is not about being first. It is about getting it right.

Thanks to actionable intelligence and brilliant military precision, the attack on Bin Laden was swift, severe, and fatal.

None of this will bring back the lives we lost. It will not end the War on Terror.

Yet it is absolutely a cause for celebration.

So to all the despots of the world, just know that America never rests until the job is done.

You can hide in caves, but eventually we will find you.

You will not have an ounce of rest until we end your days permanently.

An attack on one American is an attack on all of us.

For a decade, every single day at some point 9/11 was in my thoughts.

As President Bush said, some people went back to normal. I never did.

There is so much more work to do, but this does call for a peaceful night of sleep for anyone capable of feeling that peace.

Osama Bin Laden is burning in hell.

Best of all, it was American skill, steel, and resolve that put him there.

This was not vengeance. It was justice.

Justice was done.

Now to get every single last murderous Islamofascist zealot until the children born today can sleep at night without the pain we felt on 9/11.

Until that day…

God bless the USA.


4 Responses to “Osama Bin Laden killed by Americans”

  1. This is a great moral victory for America and much of the rest of the world, but now we all have to be on the lookout. We can expect swift retaliation. Killing OBL was good, but the Obama administration’s real test comes now.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Too bad we’ll never get to know who the guy is who put that bullet in his head.
    He deserves a parade and a holiday all his own.
    I could be wrong, more than likely not.
    To expose him would no doubt put him and anyone close to him in danger.
    I know the military is exempt from claiming rewards, the 25 million. But hell, at least get him a Lamborghini and a house.
    I wonder if he really was buried at sea or if thats just an appeasement to keep Muslims at bay.
    You gotta figure someone wants his head mounted on a plaque in their study.
    Maybe hes being held at area 51, cryogenics.

  3. Dav Lev says:

    May he rot in hell, and I dont mean with 72 virgins.

    He is still considered a holy warrior for Islam in many parts of
    the world, notwithstanding now his previous supporters have
    abandoned him.

    Its amazing how quickly peoples attitudes can change,
    when their leader is killed.

    I have heard for years that Al Qaeda has in fact regrouped
    and is constantly attracting more members for the Jihad.

    Now all of a sudden, Pakistan is saying little.
    Anyone reading the LA Times knows that we Americans
    are hated in that country, despite our giving it tens of
    billions of dollars.

    We read in time magazine that the US support for
    certain countries including Iran, Egypt, etc.,
    has come back to haunt us. Therefore, we should
    be with the street.

    I still dont know whether we are fighting in what amounts
    to civil wars..Sunni vs Shia, rich vs poor?

    A writer for a large circulation magazine said during an interviiew
    that the displays of happiness and pro-Americanism sends the wrong
    message to the Arab world..we are bloodthirsty.
    He also said that our involvement in Iraq has lead to 1m deaths, a war
    that from the beginning was illegal and immoral.

    He faults the US foreign policies, including supporting Israel,
    for a new generation of Jihadists. (Based on his tavels).

    Yeah, and I am converting tomorrow.

    With people like this..what more can I say?

    As NYCity papers say, “Go to hell”.

    BTW, the militant leadership of Hamas condemned the
    killing of this monster. This holy warrior. This same group
    said it will never recognize Israel..no matter it becomes
    a part of a unity government with its more peaceful and
    realistic rival.

    Should I say any more? Bring them on.

  4. blacktygrrrr says:

    7 years later, we know the brave man who killed Osama bin Laden. God bless Rob O’Neill now and forever.


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