Rich white man violates poor black woman while minorities shrug

A rich white man has just been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a poor black woman.

The NAACP issued a strongly worded statement condemning the attack.

The NOW rushed to defend the woman and condemn her attacker.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marched in the street to declare it a hate crime. Women everywhere showed outrage at such a barbaric display.

Oh, wait. Never mind. Sometimes I confuse shoulder shrugging with caring.

As is often the case, certain brutal attacks are news while others are white noise.

The rich white man was a French leftist socialist. The poor black woman from Africa was just somebody living in New York.

The entitlement mentality that allowed Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton to escape scrutiny after sexual assault charges lives to this day.

The same double standard that allows George Soros to spread misery and destroy poor people globally is alive and well.

The NOW, not known for keeping their yammering traps shut about nonsense, have indulged every man’s fantasies by going stone cold silent at the worst possible time.

Black “leaders” used to yelling “No justice, no peace,” have now apparently contracted laryngitis and blindness.

After all, why scold a man who gives failed nations bailouts when we can attack Paul Wolfowitz for existing and breathing air?

The fact that Dominique Strauss-Khan has been arrested means nothing.

Where are the feminists? Where are the blacks?

Both blacks and women talk about “sisters.” Doesn’t this woman deserve to be acknowledged?

Where is President Obama? Isn’t this a teachable moment? The man comments about everything but has nothing to say about this.

Where is Eric Holder? Can he be outraged by anything that actually matters?

The attacker is not an isolated perpetrator. He is part of a system of left-wing plutocrats who preach about taking from the strong and giving to the weak while being the strong and crushing the weak.

Do not expect any moral or intellectual honesty from the left on this one.

These are the people who let Michael Moore bash corporations while busting attempts for his own employees to unionize.

These are people who preach about human rights while allowing a democracy named Israel to be demonized and terrorist nations like Syria to chair councils.

These are people who give Nobel Prizes to everybody from Yassir Arafat to Al Gore rather than elderly ladies who saved lives during the Holocaust.

This is who leftists are. This is what they are about.

This is how they can hear about a rich white man sexually assaulting a poor black woman and not blink an eye.

The man was a leftist. He gets a pass.

The criminal justice system may by some miracle convict him.

Yet the court of leftist opinion will do know such thing.

If not for dumb luck, Mr. Strauss-Khan would already be back in France living the high life with Roman Polanski. You remember him. He was the man who sexually assaulted an underage girl but was forgiven by the left for…you guessed it…being one.

The next time the NAACP and NOW get outraged about nonsense, the response should be simple.

They should shut up and sit down. They had their chance to speak, and they chose to remain silent.

It is one thing for socialists to be members of a failed, discredited ideology.

It is quite another thing for them to be failed moral human beings.

So what about it left-wing grievance mongers? Will any of you stand up?

Of course not. In your warped worlds, left is always right, right is always wrong, and plutocrats can rape and pillage with abandon provided they vote the proper way.

The non-reaction is almost as disgusting as the actions that set an avoidable tragedy in motion.

So congratulations to the peasants worldwide. The left has decided once again to let you eat cake, provided they do not rip it out of your hands violently and eat it themselves.

Just pray it is only cake they are trying to take.


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