South Carolina, Boeing, and Union Bullies

The union bullies are at it again. They will not be happy until every business in America is destroyed. Somehow the union bosses think that they will get a larger share from a pie that ceases to exist. Then again, union leaders are leftists, and leftists are fine with shared misery rather than anybody having more than anybody else.

The newest victim of union thuggery is Boeing. Boeing has decided to build a new plant in South Carolina. For the environmentalists in this country, a plant in this case is not greenery. It is a place where people can do business.

The National Labor Relations Board has decided to block the ability of this plant to be built. The NLRB is arguing that this is not the creation of a new plant, but a transfer of workers from Washington State. Washington is a labor friendly state while South Carolina is a right to work state.

While the NLRB is wrong, many people may wonder why it would even matter if the NLRB was right.

Logic would dictate that businesses want to do business in business friendly climates. This is not a revolutionary concept. Businesses are leaving California for Texas because California is anti-business and Texas is pro-business.

Unions can protest all they want. In fact, that is all they seem to do lately. Maybe if they spent less time protesting and more time actually working, they would not be seen as the obstructionists that they are.

The bottom line is the bottom line. Business are in business to conduct business. If they were meant to be charities they would be called charities. Everybody outside of unions seem to understand this.

The idea that the NLRB can tell a business where in America they can operate is insane. Make no mistake about it. President Obama could end this controversy by putting a leash on the NLRB. Given his ideological blindness, siding with a business over a labor group in any situation is unlikely.

Boeing is a legitimate company. They put out a legal product. They do so in a legal manner. Since no laws are being broken in any part of the supply chain, the NLRB has no justification for blocking Boeing.

This is another example of where the left is too smart and smug for its own good. They think that by bullying Boeing, other companies will be afraid to move. Failed (blue) states like New York, California, and Washington cannot compete with successful (red) states like Texas and South Carolina. The left is doing what liberals always do when they fail to compete. They sue for the sake of suing.

Yet Boeing has a third option. Being unable to move to South Carolina does not mean staying in Washington.

Boeing could do what many companies are doing. They could leave America entirely. They could move to China, India, or any number of countries where the wages are lower and the regulations are fewer.

This will lead to cries that these companies are being unpatriotic. This is hypocritical given that the unions are attacking their fellow Americans to begin with.

How many companies have to leave before liberals finally understand that if you chase people away, they will leave?

The solution is not to harass states that “get it.” The solution is for the unions to realize that they are the problem.

Unions exist today because they scare the daylights out of the American people. They manage to convince Americans that we are one day away from going back to the Gilded Age where workers were used and abused. Like aging revolutionaries who refuse to accept that they are an anachronism, union members refuse to concede that they won the battle ages ago and have long since shifted from defense to offense and greed.

Liberals need to answer very simple questions.

What will they do if American businesses leave?

If those businesses are somehow forced to stay, how do they prevent the higher costs from being passed on to consumers?

How can union members get any wages much less higher ones if the companies they work for lose money or worse go bankrupt?

How can a regulatory agency step in to block a business move by a company when not one aspect of the company, the product, or the business decisions and actions are illegal?

Boeing has every right to build a plant where ever it pleases. If Washington is upset with losing, then Washington should stop being a place for losers. The same goes for California and every other failed liberal experiment.

Spouses don’t like to be married to serial abusers and companies don’t like to be located in places where they are hated. South Carolina rolled out the red carpet. Who would you want to do business with, the suitor bringing flowers and candy or the one bringing union members wielding threats and baseball bats?

Being pro-business helps companies and the workers. Being anti-business hurts everybody.

Unions do not exist to help the companies. They exist to help themselves. Somewhere along the line they helped themselves to too much. The companies produce the stuff. The unions do not.

The NLRB has turned into the mother of all union bullies, led by one particular bully behind his presidential pulpit. The NLRB needs to be slapped down hard.

Boeing has every right to do business in South Carolina. The sooner this happens, the better.


4 Responses to “South Carolina, Boeing, and Union Bullies”

  1. Eagle 6 says:

    One of the reasons Michigan is struggling can be attributed to high taxes. In the early 70’s I worked for Goodyear. Costs of union labor coupled with overbearing taxes encouraged the plant to move to Tennessee. They still had a union but weren’t overburdened with the taxes. I talked with a Boeing rep about this last week – if not SC, they may be forced to take the jobs overseas… Let’s be fair…

  2. Maybe Boeing shoud refuse the 137 million in special tax breaks they get every year?


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Maybe Boeing shoud refuse the 137 million in special tax breaks they get every year?”

    Fine, I’ll bet they survive.
    but, since you moonbats are all about a level playing field why dont we just eliminate subsidies all together and let the best product/service claim its just place in the market.
    We can start with GE and work our way down to corn farmers…

    fair enough ?

  4. Dav Lev says:

    Texas has problems California never heard of.
    I would not compare the two states.
    They execute people, lots of people. Thats their idea of
    an eye for an eye. Funny, but didnt Paul say something about
    turning the other cheek?

    I dont know what kind of authority the NLRB has over
    a corporation relocating? Its new to me. I do know that often times, municipalities give companies tax incentives.

    Yes, California has lots of rules and regulations. But its all about
    the law. I dont put much credence in faith.

    Obama is sure friendly and honest. After all, he did mention
    something about how we should treat union workers..but he also
    denied COLAs these past two years to Federal workers, while living expenses are going up, and equities are gong down (in homes).

    He sure knows how to reward his base.

    I see he now is chummy with the Chambers of Commerce.

    Considering they hate him and his liberalism, and the unions who
    financed his he disengenuous?

    Give me a Harry Truman anyday. He would know how to deal
    with Syria and Iran.

    Look guys, Libya is a pimple in the M.E. It does have 3trillion worth of
    oil beneath the ground and sells lots of oil to Europe. Thats why all the
    fighting. Its not about Moammar, who admittedly is a putz, its aboutthat balck gold. The protestors want it..just as the Shias do in Iraq.

    To America and Obama..wake up for all our sakes.

    Killing Ladin has been in the woiks for 9 years…and we were still lucky
    that both helicopters didn’t stall, or that he was lightly guarded, or that
    the Pakistani West Pont wasnt more vigilant or that he didnt
    have an Israeli security presence with their version of the seals. . Forget that one.

    Maybe G-d is watching Obama after all.

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