If only Mr. Obama’s father had withdrawn

Barack Obama announced to the nation that he will continue the policy of simply being against anything his predecessor was in favor of. George W. Bush was against killing puppies and kittens. This means Mr. Obama is most likely in favor of it. Hide your pets now.

Mr. Obama is obsessed with withdrawal, and he finally was able to leverage the killing of Osama bin Laden with his greater goal of surrendering faster than one could yell “Vive La France!”

On the subject of withdrawal, it is now clear that America and the world would have been better off if Mr. Obama’s father had withdrawn in time.

I have no idea how religious Christians can be pro-life and against contraception knowing that people like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi roam free. I am amazed that the NOW do not cite them in their desire to preserve Roe vs Wade.

Now, that I have offended virtually everybody, let’s get down to why Mr. Obama is surrendering in a war his military generals desperately want to win.

One more thing must be ingrained into every American’s skull. This is now Barack Obama’s foreign policy. There is no more blaming George W. Bush allowed. Any people who get murdered in the Middle East can now thank Barack Obama.

In Syria, Assad is murdering with impunity because he knows he can.

In Libya, Khadafi has zero respect for Mr. Obama. He feared Reagan and Dubya. He laughs at Obama.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is ready to reassert dominance the moment America leaves Afghanistan. Time is on their side.

The price of oil is skyrocketing because our enemies…real enemies, not Republicans or American corporate executives in blue suits and red neckties…know that Barack Obama will cave.

This is not “peace with honor.”

This is not “winding down” an operation.

This is absolute surrender.

Mr. Obama is tired of foreign policy. It distracts from his domestic agenda.

He wants Israelis and Palesimians to come together and share high speed rail trains.

He wants the Taliban to put down their guns and “embrace green collar jobs.”

He wants Iran to stop threatening to blow up Great and Little Satan so he can focus on universal health care.

How dare OPEC make him look bad! Don’t they understand he is trying to get them gay marriage?

This is not about terminology, whether it be called isolationism, non-interventionism, or defeatism.

It is about reality. The reality is that the rest of the world is not going to stop being crazy just because Barack Obama wants to get reelected.

The decision to withdraw troops is nothing but naked electoral politics. It is not about 33,000 soldiers risking their lives. It is about 270 electoral votes.

Barack Obama is willing to lose a war to win an election.

Like Vietnam before us, we have told the world that if our enemies just wait long enough, a liberal American president will win the White House and encourage…make that discourage…Americans to lose their resolve.

The military will do its job. The civilian leadership didn’t do theirs.

Killing bin Laden did not end the conflict. Sadly enough, tough polls at home did.

For those who are “war weary,” I just thank the heavens that you were not consulted during World War II. We would all be speaking Russian or German now.

Today is a bleak day for Afghanistan and America. It is a victory for terrorists everywhere.

If only liberals had hijacked the schools and taught about contraception decades ago, Mr. Obama’s father would have spared us this indignity.

We would not be withdrawing our best had he just withdrawn his mediocre (redacted).


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    I agree with most of this bloggers statements. However, I take
    exception this time.

    Exactly what were our goals 10 years ago and have they been achieved, in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We wanted Saddam (a real bad guy, a miniature Hitler) out of the picture
    and his government dissolved or destroyed. We accom,plished that in 3weeks. He is dead.

    Regarding Afgjamostan, the rulers (Taliban) allowed Al Qaeda to
    flourish and use the country as a base of operations, training, financing,

    After 911, we hit back (at Al Qaeda and the Taliban).

    Al Qaeda is nothing more than a pin prick, compared to other
    potential enemies (China, Russia, the caliphate, Iran, No.Korea,

    They have been hurt severely in 10 years.
    They are a danerous group, but do not threaten our existence,
    a lla Fascism and communism.

    We lost far more men at Iwo Jima and in the Batle of the Bulge
    than in 10 years of fighting.

    Obama, typically is playing it down the middle. It is doomed to failure.

    My suggestin, get out of both countries NOW, and view both as
    bases of terrorism only, requiring few US personnel.

    We are wasting good money after bad.

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