Obama to North Dakota: Tough Luck Cracker Honky Whitey

At 7pm PST on June 30th, I will be guest hosting the Rick Amato show.


My guests will include Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Nevada State Senator Elizabeth Halseth. A good chunk of time will be dedicated to the flooding in Minot, North Dakota, and how we can help.

Given that I am loathe to try and gain partisan advantage out of a natural disaster, I would never make it as an employee in the Obama White House. Rahm Emanuel would have cursed at me and fired me for letting a crisis go to waste.

Yet a disturbing pattern seems to be emerging with regards to Barack Obama and natural disasters. While it is absolutely possible that he is being helpful behind the scenes, the man who has an opinion about virtually everything seems to go silent when human empathy in the form of comforting words is required.

Minot, North Dakota has been devastated by floods.





The state is mostly conservative Republican and mostly white. The outward response to the floods from the Obama Administration seems to be “Tough Luck Cracker Honky Whitey.”

From floods in Tennessee to tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri to the North Dakota floods, Mr. Obama seems to be at his quietest when Caucasians are suffering. He was certainly very vocal about Hurricane Katrina.

Liberals have spent the last several decades calling conservatives racist for existing and breathing air. So turning the tables would really be fun. Yet we must be better than that.

Barack Obama is not a racist. He is just a bigot. He does not practice racial bigotry. He practices ideological bigotry.

Every decision Barack Obama makes is about getting to 270 electoral votes. Doing the right thing and letting the chips fall where they may is lost on this man. The people of North Dakota are simply not important to him.

North Dakota is a reliably Republican state in presidential elections despite having had two Democratic Senators for a long stretch until recently. They only have three electoral votes, giving them the worst combination in terms of getting attention. They are small and not a swing state.

After Hurricane Katrina it was trendy to attack George W. Bush as not caring about black people.

Rather than make the same vicious, insidious argument against Mr. Obama, let’s compromise and just say he is willing to let conservatives suffer.

He is on the golf course and holding fundraisers around the country. Would it kill him to hold a fundraiser in North Dakota?

Where are the Hollywood celebrities? Surely they could help, especially if he summoned them.

In the same way George W. Bush never received the benefit of the doubt despite noble actions, Barack Obama always gets a free pass despite perceived inactions.

He has to be doing something because that is the predetermined narrative of him.

Well the people of Minot, North Dakota need our help now.

So for those who can give, do it. Give money, food, and time if you have it. Many people already have shelter not because of the government, but because people preaching¬† “love thy neighbor” are extending their hands, hearts, and homes.

It is time for Mr. Obama to show an outward display of human empathy. Maybe he can send former presidents Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 to the scene. That way he can go back to the golf course.

Being president is not just about policy and politics. It is about people, and showing them that when the chips are down, the president gives a [email protected]

The people of North Dakota are people first, white conservative Republicans second.

They are human beings. They are creatures of God. They need our help.

We individuals will rise to the occasion.

Just once it would be nice if the federal government under this administration did as well.


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  1. Is Obama not helping enough in ND? I thought it was all being handled pretty well, no? Should he come up there and stand on a pile of sand bags and declare a War Against Floods? Perhaps a GWAF? Should we start hunting the fanatical hashassins who let loose the terror-pee down the river causing the floods?

    But really – is there something in particular you’d like Obama to do?


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