Hate Mail Thursday

I am being lazy today. I have received so much hate mail from “tolerant” and “enlightened” liberals. Before getting to the solution, send in the clowns!

Derek Treggalles
Are you planning to sue your parents for raising an idiot?

(I then explained that I was too busy to read his hate mail)

hate mail? it was just a joke for christ’s sake

(Very funny. Stay classy bro.)

Johnny Stingray, (rock star / teen idol)
Were your parents closely related?

Did you attend the Jon Stewart rally? Did you even watch it on TV? Do you realize Jon Stewart is a comedian and stands to gain nothing politically by anything he says? Do you know how hypocritical your article is? The entire article is about how horrible it is to put other people down, yet you go about trying to spread that message by putting other people down. It seems like you're REALLY into Glen Beck. Sucks that he doesn't support gay marriage, huh? OH – but that's ok because Jesus said it's wrong, right?
You should probably not chastise other people for crap-flinging when that's all you do yourself. Good day.

(Gay marriage had nothing to do with the column.)

Matt Golub
only made it as far as…"and Beck wants people of faith to come together and stand with the one true democracy in the Middle East and the beacon of worldwide religious freedom and tolerance."  Then I had to laugh my ass off.  But I see that you're Jewish, so I guess that explains it.  You're a d-bag.

(He pretended to have the same last name as me before offering anti-Semitism.)

Why are you so stupid?

(Fake name and email.)

Mike Miller
Ha, ha, ha!  That was the dumbest thing I've read in some time, and that's saying something.  Enjoy the rest of your miserable life knowing you're a complete tool.

(Classy fake email.)

How did such a piss-poor writer like you end up getting paid by the Washington Times to blog for them?

Are you a right wing fascist?

jeff stein

Only in america can a mindless toad like this cum drunk writer have a voice on the nations stage. To think that I sacrificed for this POS.

chris.fallows@yahoo.com   since it means nothing to you my opinion of you is that you are a self loathing jew hiding behind nationalism and conservatism to compensate for his likely small penis, lack of true friends, and more than anything else a complete lack of interest in him by the opposite sex.

Best of luck my tool….If you were a real man like some of us you would have gone to join the IDF when you were 18 and backed up your mouth.  You give those of us who truly believe in our homeland a bad name and it saddens me that i spent 2 years of my life defending the rights of my people to be free and you spent your life writing crap about a comedian.  You are a control freak

will; be by-passing this self effacing attempt at making yourself into something…you edit my post…I edit your relevance factor…jerk

(Apparently hateful people get angry when I delete profanity or hate speech.)

Ok, say it all with me now…

These are liberals. This is how they behave.

Since these people are bullies, we all know the only thing bullies understand is force. So how does one handle this?

The first step is to flag their comments as abusive. The moderator can take action. I let them know why they are being flagged.

If that does not deter them, the next step is to be the moderator and start deleting comments. I deliberately do partial deletion so they can see that if they make substantive points mixed with insults, only the insults get deleted.

If they keep retyping bile, then the drastic step of banning them takes place. I do whatever I can to avoid this but I let them know that banning them is not just from my column but from the entire site, including columnists they like.

Many of these people really would be emotionally crippled if their right to type on their keyboard was taken away. They can say they do not care, but they do.

Some columnists allow the hate speech to stay because it drives traffic. I would rather have lower quantity but higher quality of traffic.

Rip my arguments every day, but persoanl attacks get you flagged, deleted, and banned.

Also, I display your information so other sites can blacklist.

One guy named Craig Finlay went insane. When everybody else simply raised the discourse, he just went berserk. I had to ban the guy and I hate doing that.


Maybe I should not make him mad. He does resemble Charles Manson and who knows what people on the internet are capable of.

He informed me that he was cutting and pasting all of my deletions of his comments to show what an intolerant guy I am for refusing to allow hate speech. He was then going to spread it out to blogs so all of his leftist friends would know I was a bad guy.

Of course leftists think I am a bad guy. They are supposed to think that. Sheesh. This is why they are leftists. There existence is about hating me because I am conservative and breathe air. Water is wet.

So either they will flood my columns with comments or they will boycott me.

Memo to leftists who go on the internet and froth at the keyboard: You don’t matter.

I love it when people threaten me with more publicity.

Again, bullies understand force.Mr. Finlay had his rights takena way. I will reinstate him tomorrow if he behaves.

So to all who insist on sending hate male, at least make it creative like Ioana Stoica did. She specializes in “economic holistic justice.” She is special. At least her hate mail is spelled properly.

It is time to sweep these cockroaches. It is crackdown time.

Ok, this concludes Hate Mail Thursday.

Ain’t it fun?


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