The best football temper tantrums

The president recently threw a 45 minute temper tantrum because he refuses to accept that people disagree with him. He complained that the other side was “moving the goal posts.” He likes to use football analogies because he thinks it will convince people that he really is a jock and not the effeminate sweet young boy who probably thinks that skipping rope and hopscotch are sports.

Here is his a small portion of his temper tantrum.

Ok, enough. He is the only man able to combine crazy with boring. That takes talent.

Anyway, here are some really fantastic and legendary football temper tantrums that will live forever long after the current First Gasbag in Chief is a Trivial Pursuit question.

Dennis Green–

“They are who we thought they were!”

“Crown their @ss.”

Moral: Do not kick the ball to Devon Hester.

Aftermath: Last good game ever played by Matt Leinart, Greene got fired.

Jim Mora: “Playoffs!?!”

Here is the Coors Light version.

Aftermath: They did not make the “playoffs” and Mora was fired. Peyton Manning did eventually win a few games.

Bill Parcells: He is the legend of press conferences. He has so many. This is one I did not even know about.

Rex Ryan: I keep saying it. He looks like a football coach. He insists he is not a great leader. He is wrong.

Brian Billick: I wish I could find the clip.

“You don’t tippy toe into the Lions’s Den. If you do that you’re gonna lose. You go in there, carrying a spear, screaming like a banshee, saying where is the son of a b*tch?”

Here is some fun with him.

Aftermath: The Ravens beat the Titans and won the Super Bowl.

Mike Gundy: “This is garbage! The editor who wrote this is garbage!”

Aftermath: They actually won the game…imagine if they had lost.

Adolf Hitler: He screams a lot for a guy who has been dead for a few decades. When he found out the Giants beat the Cowboys it did not end well for him.

Aftermath: The Fuhrer was a bad guy. Romo is still in the league, but the Giants won the Super Bowl.

Mike Ditka has had several, but this exchange with Will Ferrell was hilarious.

Adam Sandler did star in the football movie, “The Waterboy.” Yet he was calm in that one. As hockey player turned golfer Happy Gilmore, he took on Bob Barker. “The price is wrong, b*tch.”

Baseball gave us Earl Weaver, Hal McRae, Dallas Greene, and the legendary Billy Martin. It’s still baseball, but back then I could actually watch when one of those was storming out or being escorted back into the dugout. Now that Bobby Cox is done, baseball is unwatchable again.

This one is not sports, but still legendary. Jack Nicholson as Colonel Nathan R. Jessup.

“You can’t handle the truth!”

This concludes Temper Tantrum Sunday. Outside of the president, it is nice to know real men still exist.

Now let us pray that the NFL Lockout officially ends. The Hall of Fame Game has been canceled. This is not some debt ceiling dispute. This is serious. If the regular season gets canceled, the biggest temper tantrum will be by me, and it will be much uglier.


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