Restoring Courage 2011

August 24th, 2011, is the day that Glenn Beck held the Restoring Courage Rally in Israel.

While he was showing solidarity will Israel, Americans all over were showing solidarity with Israel and with him by holding pro-Israel rallies.

I will be speaking today at a Republican Women’s luncheon in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Then later in the day from Farmington Hills I will be speaking at a Restoring Courage Rally.

Tomorrow in Michigan is a major pro-Israel solidarity event in Grand Rapids.

While the left will once again try to shoot the messenger, they would be better off offering their own positive message. Nobody is stopping them from holding pro-Israel rallies. Jon Stewart most likely will hold a pro-Palesimian rally because he likes suicide bombers and jihadists. Yes, Cat Stevens is a terrorist if we call those issuing fatwas to be terrorists.

Mr. Stewart can hold his “Restoring Cowardice Rally,” but I think I will stick with Glenn Beck.

Those who think that the Islamofascists hate America because of its support for Israel have it backward. The Islamists hate Israel because it reminds them of the United States. We are the Great Satan, with Israel only being Little Satan.

I hope that liberal Jews either for once support what Glenn Beck is doing or shut up on this one. They had their “pro-Israel” J-Street conferences. Now let’s see if they can support a real pro-Israel movement.

Let’s see if the left actually really does hate Radical Islamists more than conservative Christians preaching love thy neighbor.

The left claims that Christians love the Jews so they can convert us all. This is as nonsensical as it is bigoted. Christians love the Jews because while we differ on Testaments, we share common values. Liberal Jews may wish to one day realize that Israel is more important than abortion, gay marriage, and global warming. The number of Christians who have tried to convert me is precisely zero. If one tried, I would simply say no. Unlike Islamists, Christians do not use guns. They use a book, and I have my own book. They respect that.

Last year was about restoring honor. This year it is about restoring courage.

Stand with Israel.

Thank you Mr. Beck. As a proud Jew and son of a Holocaust survivor, your support means more than you will ever know.

Hineni. Here I am. Jewish, Pro-Israel, and proud to stand with those who love America and Israel.


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