Vacation Saturday

Today I am going to be lazier than Barack Obama. I am going to accomplish nothing and declare the day a complete success just because I said so.

Today is Vacation Saturday.

I would go to Martha’s Vineyard but those people do nothing for me.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a possibility but this is a one day break so there is no time to fly there and back.

So I will vacation today in Los Angeles. I might shuffle some papers around so that I look busy. In reality I will just move them from side to side.

I will also eat lunch and dinner, and maybe even watch some football.

Some will say that it is irresponsible of me to ignore the rest of the world while chaos is ensuing, but if Barack Obama can be useless and irrelevant than so can I.

So continue to take a break inbetween taking breaks Mr. President. Enjoy your vacation from whatever it is you do. After all, you work so incredibly hard looking busy and making speeches.

If it is good enough for you it is good enough for me.

So for those who have a problem with me taking a break today, get over it.

Back tomorrow.


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