Another Smokey and the Bandit Saturday

Before getting to football, today is a day of driving.

The rest of the world will have to wait a day or so. Last night I spoke at the Cattaraugus GOP Dinner in Olean, New York. Olean is one hour South of Buffalo. I spent 3 days in Olean and it was awesome.

The Country Manor Restaurant is a slice of heaven, and everybody should experience it.

Today I drive 5 hours or so East to Morehouse, NY, in the Central Adirondacks. I will speaking at a Friends of NRA Dinner. Then I drive about 3 1/2 hours South to Bullville, NY, an hour North of NY City. Tomorrow is the Orange-Sullivan Annual Tea Party Picnic.

So lord knows I will have earned the right to enjoy football highlights on Sunday before flying to Texas on Monday.

Texas is the home of the late fictional Buford T. Justice, and I hope he takes it easy on me.

Until then on this Smokey and the Bandit Saturday, you all know where to find me. You know where I will be.

Eastbound and Down.



Patriots (9) @ Bills

(Patriots win but fail to cover)

Jaguars @ Panthers (3 1/2)

(Panthers cover)

Dolphins @ Browns (2 1/2)

(Browns cover)

Broncos @ Titans (7)

(Titans win but fail to cover)

Giants @ Eagles (8)

(Eagles win but fail to cover)

Lions (3 1/2) @ Vikings

(Vikings win outright)

49ers @ Bengals (2 1/2)

(49ers win outright)

Jets (3 1/2) @ Raiders

(Jets win but fail to cover)

Texans @ Saints (3 1/2)

(Saints cover)

Chiefs @ Chargers (14 1/2)

(Chargers cover)

Ravens (3 1/2) @ Rams

(Ravens win but fail to cover)

Packers (3 1/2) @ Bears

(Packers cover)

Cardinals (3 1/2) @ Seahawks

(Seahawks win outright)

Falcons @ Buccaneers (2 1/2)

(Falcons win outright)

Steelers (10) @ Colts

(Steelers win but fail to cover)

Redskins @ Cowboys (6)

(Cowboys win but fail to cover)


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