Thank you Big Ears!

For once Barack Obama will screw things up in a way that will not directly hurt me.

Wrecking the economy and collapsing the stock market sucked.

His speeches get more tiresome with every word.

His demonizing of people for disagreeing with him is contemptible.

Corruption scandals due to environmental and anti-gun zealotry in the form of Solyndra and Fast and Furious are troublesome.

Yet the worst thing President Obama does is come to Los Angeles.

This is my city, and his visits mean traffic. He comes during rush hour for his $35,800 fundraisers from left-wing Hollywood imbeciles and brings the city to a standstill.

He is be doing that again from September 26th through the 27th. Yet for once, I will be ok. I am on a plane from New York City to Memphis and then Austin. Our paths will not cross.

Yes, the world is burning, and later this week I can deal with Israel and the Palesimians, as well as the worst organization on Earth known as the U.N.

So many political issues abound, but today is a day to enjoy the Oakland Raiders winning on Sunday and a Monday Night Football game that will not take 3 hours for a pizza to arrive because traffic is blocked off.

Yes, this is all about me. I am still less of a narcissist then Obama.

Keep creating gridlock in Los Angeles until every last voter finally turns against this egomaniac.

I will hide out until the nightmare passes.

Mr. Obama, please have your staff continue to monitor my schedule so that no future conflicts arise. Give me plenty of notice since my travels are actually relevant.

Until then, accept my personal thumbs up for finally screwing over your own supporters and making their lives unbearable instead of mine.

Good job Big Ears!


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