October Hate Mail

I really have nothing to say today. I could say something anyway, but then people would confuse me with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I could just be useless and take up space, but then I would get lumped in with the Occupy Wall Street Protesters.

Thankfully, police are finally breaking out the tear gas on these miscreants, but not frequently enough.

Meanwhile, angry leftist savages do not like to be told they are angry leftist savages. They respond by acting like, shockingly enough, angry leftist savages.

So here is some October hate mail. Actually, this all came in the last 24 hours.

If I had anything better to offer today  I would, but this is Obamaworld where everything is of low quality.

So enjoy my hate mail while I enjoy a peaceful day in Oakland.

I will not be visiting the protests in Oakland. I am simply leaving a wreath at the Coliseum for Al Davis and headed home.

With that, here is some of my hate mail.

Robert Moskowitz
[email protected]

Why do you make a fool of yourself in public by writing factually incorrect sentences and drawing inferences (botulism in hot dogs?) that you cannot support with evidence or logic? Is the money you're earning enough to make you do this? Is there some other motivation that makes you averse to living in the evidence-based world? There are already two major conversations going on in America, and when you write like this you relegate yourself to the children's & cult-members' table.

I'll be interested to see whether you respond to this email at all, and if you do, whether you resort to insults or attempt to provide actual verifiable facts to bolster your original assertions. Of course, you could just spew more of what you've already put into your column. I've bet five dollars with my brother on my best guess as to how you'll respond. Do me proud, Eric. Do me proud!



Analysis: Metaphorically or not, any guy yelling “Do me, do me” to me is kind of creepy. Now if a woman wants to send me that message, I will evaluate her by the quality of her Halloween French Maid’s uniform.

Bill Dalbey
[email protected]

Here's my question.  Just how big an asshole are you?  I only managed to read a few paragraphs of your bullshit diatribe against the occupy wall street protesters.  I got as far as your assertion that the Tea Party demonstrators were "civilized", in contrast to the OWS folks.  Yeah, real civilized.  The kind of people who cheer at the execution of 234 people in Texas, who want folks who choose not to buy insurance to die, who boo Iraqi war veterans because they ask a question about gay rights.  Do the world a favor and go live in a cabin in the woods somewhere.

Analysis: Before cheering 234 people executed in Texas, I need to know whether they were for raising or lowering taxes. If they were Keynesians, get rid of them. As for gays, fine, be gay if you are male. You are reducing my competition for women. Lesbians are selfish, never thinking about my needs.

Ken Beach
[email protected]

Violent Protest? Street of NYC were ever sanitary?

The only thing we can do is be hot dog vendors and shoe shiners?

I am not protester, but I found you work to be A BIG PILE OF SHIT!

add this to the list of complaints that you have.
"Only date Jewish republicans" how smug and narrow minded you are out there in "LA"

Analysis: Actually yes, the streets of NY were quite sanitary when Rudy Giuliani was in charge. As for this fellow not being a protester, perhaps someone should tell him that it does not even require filling out an application or doing anything that involves proper spelling. The protesters are not the best and brightest, and would welcome him to the protests.

Paul Berlenbach
[email protected]

Eric, after reading your column I can only assume you're an uncaring asshole…  Yah, the rich "earned their money"    Tell me how its possible to earn "millions, where some wallstreeet insiders and CEO's earn 10's or 100's of millions of dollars" each and every single year – whether their off vacationing in the Hamptons, Aspen, or  one of their penthouses in Paris…   And none of this "hard" earned money is at the expense of middle class employees working many hard hours… The Company I work for "IBM" is doing quite well, so well that it was deemed necessary to fire me and asked me to hire my Indian replacement..  Luckily, after working there for 15 years being a top contributor and having contacts I was able to find another job within IBM so I am currently gainfully employed – even though my new Manager had to literally jump through hoops in order to get my tranfer approved.  She had to prove that her attempts at hiring employees from Russian, and Mexico, and India for over a year were not working out and they were not qualified to fill the position she was looking for.  Only then was she able to secure my position.  Over the past 3 months my group has added an additional two employees and looking for more – one  from Russia, the other from Mexico… Now I could see how this would/could be necessary if IBM wasn't doing so well, but that doesn't seem to matter these days.  I'm expecting to be let go by IBM like many of my colleagues at some point – its really just a matter of time…  CEO's, and the "ultra" Rich are selling this country short by their practices "ALL" in an effort to enhance the bottom line and their  already bulging pockets…  How Rich does one have to be before putting thousands of "US" families welfare at peril for the only reason being to increase EPS by a few dollars…  Sam Pamilsano who is leaving IBM at the end of this year – filthy rich I may add is guilty as the rest of them…   Yah, I'm sure you agree a hedge fund manager that makes $500 million dollars or more should only pay 15% taxes because he "earned" his money.  If you don't see whats happening out there to the US middle class then I can only assume your blind or just don't care…  If you just don't see it then forgive my rant, otherwise in parting I'd like to add…  Fuck off…

Analysis: I remember when IBM hired the best and brightest. They used to actually make computers. If this is the class of people working at IBM then I may have to sell my shares. As for the Indian who replaced this fellow, most of the Indians I talk to on the telephone are exceedingly polite. This American fellow could learn some manners and then maybe he would be employable.

Matthis Chiroux
[email protected]
You must be the most intellectually bankrupt conservative author I've recently read, and that's a hard race to win. I never directly respond to what I read, but you…Your rhetoric is as hollow as the position you take up: that somehow life is better for the 99% when the 1% get their way all the time, or that somehow justice in this country functions equally for all regardless of class. While I've tried to understand what logic your position claims to offer, to me your only academic ideas equate to economic bigotry and the bulk of what you write is indicative of an intellect weak in areas of critical thinking. A perfect example is your simplification of leftist thought to, "we want what they have." This is as ridiculous as saying conservative thought equates to "I'm keeping what I stole from you." Honestly, do you have intellectual standards, or are you just a shock jock? Does your editor understand the concept of molding arguments around premises and conclusions, or is it all about creating social inflammation through the use of hyperbole? Isn't that what you accuse the protesters of doing? Creating hyperbolic social inflammation just because they're unhappy?

What's sad is your attempt at vast left-wing character assassination actually hurts America as a whole, including conservatives, because whether you agree with the protesters or not, America's economic plight is serious. Rather than engaging in a dialogue that highlights your difference of opinion, you give us this "leftists are parasites" diatribe and further entrench the standoff and inflame folks like OWS. You're throwing fuel on that which burns you. Besides being juvenile, it's just counterproductive.

So my last question would be, I guess, do you know when you call whole groups of people "parasites" how much of a bigot that makes you? I'm sure you know this is literally what Hitler said about the Jews, mister 'I only date Conservative Jewish Women.' How do they react when they here this Nazi shit roll off your tongue with such conviction? Your hatred is no different than theirs was. You should be ashamed of what you have become, Mr. Golub, and the Washington Times should be ashamed of publishing you.

Finally, somebody invoking Hitler. I was worried I would encounter 5 or 6 liberal diatribes without comparing me to Hitler. My mustache is not as bushy or distinguished, rendering comparisons of me to Hitler, Captain Kangaroo, or even Rollie Fingers invalid.

Sean Braig
[email protected]

Come on now what is with this BS. mass media that it is called it which in effect is controlled by corporations to control the people this is why it is called programing. This country is clearly not serving the people the system is ran by secret societies that will get there time in hell.. Want to know the news read Z magazine or go to zmag.org.. I support my brothers and sisters protesting we are sick of this shit period.

Analysis: This may not be hate mail given that the message is incomprehensible to me. As for supporting his brothers and sisters, he should encourage them to go get jobs so he would not have to do so. As for the rest, it is like listening to boxing promoter Don King. It makes sense to somebody somewhere, I guess.

John K
[email protected]

You're a fucking moron.

[email protected]

fuck you dick head.

Analysis: These people are definitely liberals and absolutely went to public school. They may be the same person or even worse, dating each other. I pray they do not reproduce since the hate mail from that demon seed would be even worse from a class and grammar standpoint.

Ok everybody, once again the angry left shows exactly who and what they are.

Say it with me now.

These are liberals. This is how they behave.


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