5 days off

One of the great things about Thanksgiving weekend is that it is the only time of the year with 5 straight days of football. While NFL fans like myself realize that college football does not count, at least it is something.

Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, and a weekend of more football games concludes tonight with Monday Night Football.

Yet the reason why these 5 days are great are not just because of what they offer. It is what is left out.

For 120 hours, Americans do not have to deal with Barack Obama. He may have given a speech in the last few days, but if so he was tuned out even more than usual. We did not have to hear nonsense about “millionaires and billionaires,” “fair share,” “sharing the wealth,” “fairness,” and any other words that are code for a failed leader desperately trying to keep his job while others lose theirs.

For 120 hours, Occupy Wall Street protesters were defeated by America’s love of capitalism. It is one thing to face off against police officers afraid to use force to crack down on thuggery. It is quite another to try and occupy a shopping mall and inhibit soccer moms unconcerned with the rule of law. One woman pepper sprayed others to get an X-Box 360 on sale at Walmart. She would have shot OWS protesters if they were in the way.

Football games went off without a hitch because setting up tents outside of ballgames is not called protesting. It is called tailgating. People without tickets were denied admittance, leading to games that went off without incident.

Even those who did not go shopping did what many Americans do on the day after Thanksgiving. They began preparing for Christmas. I happen to be Jewish, but loud Christmas music drowns out protesters with more effectiveness than rock music in the 1990s smoked out Manuel Noriega.

Liberals represented by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Moveon.org, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Paul Krugman are angry, bitter, failed human beings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her offspring Ed Schultz (no, not really) of MSNBC are angry failed people. So are most OWS protesters. Yet the angry left these past few days was confronted with the one weapon they cannot defeat:


Even in tough times, Americans are happy, optimistic people. We believe in the competitiveness of football, the joy of spending time with family and friends, and the thrill of bargain hunting. Most people would sooner go to a mall than sit outside in an unclean park.

Even those like myself who just wanted peace and quiet enjoyed solace and men beating each other up over an oblate spheroid.

While Tuesday will bring a return to politics, let’s enjoy the real meaning of Thanksgiving, that being thankful.

We are Americans. We are free. We are the Shining City on a Hill. No amount of leftist complaining can change that.

Thank you America for 5 wonderful days off from liberalism.

Now to enjoy Monday Night Football and then get back to work on Tuesday.


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