OWS–We are the 99%, except when we’re not

As Occupy Wall Street leftists try to destroy their own leftist cities, perhaps the reaction from conservative Republicans should be sheer delight rather than anger.

I mean I personally don’t care if Occupy Oakland destroys their own city. Let liberals burn their own neighborhoods. Just don’t hurt the Coliseum. If anything OWS does delays the Raiders game on Sunday, then OWS protesters should be met with predator drones.

Back during the 1992 LA Liberal Riots (the rioters were not conservative Republicans), my friends and I were terrified they would hurt Denny’s and Tower Records. Sadly that Denny’s shut down due to stabbing incidents and Tower went bankrupt due to technology.

Wealthy Republicans in bucolic areas and warm cul de sacs have private security. They can just shoot to kill when they need. So maybe encouraging liberals to finally destroy their own cities once and for all is something to encourage. They will blame evil Republicans, but they will do so from charred burnt down buildings. Conservatives can respond by shrugging.

Yet what really is getting laughable is when the OWS protesters insist that the violence in their movement does not represent the movement. It is only a few thousand bad apples.

So those committing rapes, vandalism, and wanton destruction are apparently not a true representation of the OWS movement. Yet how can this be possible? Doesn’t OWS represent the 99%?

By sheer definition alone there are only two possibilities.

Either the truly most violent OWS protesters are part of the 99%, and OWS has zero grip on reality, or:

Maybe the most violent protesters are part of the 1%!

That’s it! Shazamm!

Leftists did try to infiltrate tea parties by pretending to be tea partiers, holding up racist signs. I know this because I caught some of them and had them removed. Maybe conservative Republicans are leaving their jobs and infiltrating OWS to destroy stuff. Maybe this is like “Fight Club!”

Finally, we know the truth. Wealthy stockbrokers are putting away their three piece suits, getting grungy, leaving their offices during lunch, and blending in with the OWS protesters to rape people. Only an episode of Law and Order would accept such an idiotic premise.

So if one realizes that the 1% being targeted are not also the violent criminals burning stuff, then the group that claims to represent 99% cannot dismiss those making them look bad.

Congratulations OWS. You may have a few sane members in your ranks, but you will most likely be robbed or beaten or even killed since the crazies have the ammo and you don’t.

It won’t be the 1% harming you. They are at their desks working. You could learn from them.


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