Nonsense Tuesday

Next Tuesday are the critical primaries in Arizona and Michigan.

The Tuesday after that is Super Tuesday.

This Wednesday is the next presidential debate from Arizona.

Today is nonsense Tuesday.

Nothing is happening of consequence.

Well, the economy is still crashing and third world genocidal lunatics are tryin to kill us all, but the media only cares about bad news when Republicans are in charge.

So as the media lives in fantasyland, several stories are a complete waste of time.

Yet when nothing else is happening, they get talked about.

There will not be a brokered convention under any circumstances. Every four years the media talks up the scenario, and every four years the conventions are choreographed coronations. The media loves conflict, especially when it is Republican infighting. There will be no brokered convention.

Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC for being a bigot. The network just figured this out now? Have they not followed his career for the last four decades?

Also, how bigoted does one have to be to be too bigoted for MSNBC? The entire rationale for that network is bigotry.

The problem is not that Buchanan is a bigot, but that he was the wrong kind of bigot. Oh sure, he criticized Republicans, but he could not despise them as much as Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, and the rest.

He was fired because the network is consolodating itself as the place for left-lunatics to froth and rage with zero opposition, even token. The real story is that a man nobody should respect was fired from a network consisting of people nobody should respect.

In sports, apparently Jeremy Lin is a basketball player for the New York Knickerbockers. He is also apparently Asian, although unlike Yao Ming, Lin is 100% raised in America. He speaks perfect English. Apparently Lin is also a religious Christian.

With Tim Tebowmania taking a few months off, now we have Linsanity. ESPN achors are getting fired for making anti-Asian jokes. Yet all the outrage in defense of Lin or ESPN misses the really big picture.

The New York Knicks, as of this minute, do not suck. It has been many years, but the Knciks are actually even better than not awful. They are actually good. If this continues, then Lin truly is Jesus and Santa rolled into one.

As for the contraception kerfuffle between Obama and the Catholic church, the church should consider that we would all be better off if liberals stopped reproducing. Let them kill off their own voters. The world does not need any more of them.

On Presidents Day, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wished they could come back to life and kick some serious @ss over politicians stomping all over the document one helped create and the other was murdered protecting.

In foreign policy, American and Iran are worried Israel might retaliate against Iran. It would be nice if the spineless leaders of these nations worried about Iran and just shut up about Israel. Israel should obliterate the Iranian area where the mulahs live and be done with it. Any captured mullahs should be waterboarded. I would ram bacon down their throats and take pictures because it is not like these savages represent true, decent Islam anyway. Most of the mullahs are like Bin Laden. When nobody is looking they are watching pornography and (redacted) themselves.

On the domestic front, gas prices are sky high, higher than liberals at Berkeley. Obama says inflation is low, but only because he excludes food and fuel. This is like saying that Charles Manson was a good guy minus the killing spree.

Barack Obama is complete nonsense, which is a fitting way to end Nonsense Tuesday. Wednesday will be about substance, as President Obama is not covered.

Oh and Happy Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras 2000 nearly killed me. I came down with lesbian flu. Coughed for 3 months. Straight guys should never kiss women who kiss women. Lord knows what they are carrying.


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