Deport all feminists to Iran and Syria

Deport all feminists to Iran and Syria.

There is no more reasoning with these zealots.

They are not interested in equality. They are interested in advancing a political agenda, and to hell with everyone standing in their way.

Well I say to hell with them.

Just deport them to Iran and Syria and be done with this.

The “war on women” is a complete and utter myth. It is an election year weapon of mass distraction to take away from the fact that Barack Obama is a failed president. The economy is a mess, people are out of work, food and gasoline prices are skyrocketing, and the world is engulfed in a global conflagration.

What are feminists clamoring for?

Birth control subsidized by others.

In short, they want free stuff. This is the essence of liberalism. Give me free stuff.

The fact that it is birth control and not fee I-Pads is totally irrelevant. It is all about free stuff.

Sorry to disappoint the femizealots, but their right to freedom ends when it encroaches on mine. They are not required to pay for my sexually medically necessary items such as candles and Marvin Gaye and Barry White cds. I am not paying for their birth control. For ladies who complain (feminists) about men getting free viagra, that is wrong as well. The only difference is men are not going on television and claiming that this is the defining issue of our time.

Radical feminists have no idea how good they have it in this country. They should live in Iran or Syria for a few weeks and then they would come home and kiss the American ground.

This is not about birth control. It is about feminists needing to complain about something to maintain the illusion of relevance. It’s too late. American feminists are the Chevy Volt of citizens. They’re defective. Subsidizing them will not help.

This is about more than birth control for me. It is about peace and quiet and the right to get through a day without their complaining.

Everybody knows this is a manufactured election issue.

By sending feminists to Iran and Syria, it could also help us win the War on Terror. After all, maybe Assad and Ahmadinejad would surrender after a few days of listening to these modern women yammer. Perhaps the women would just be shot, but maybe they really could talk the dictators to death. It would be fun to watch.

Iran is trying to blow up the world, and Syria is murdering its own citizens. It’s high time the radical feminists in this country start caring about the world around them rather than focus on their own selfish, liberal agenda.

Live your lives. Pay for it yourselves. Do it quietly.

Everybody else does this. It’s time for equality. It’s time for feminists to do this as well.

If not, Damascus and Tehran are waiting with open arms for their seldom closed yammering mouths.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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