My vacation from politics

For those who have never liked anything I have ever had to say politically, your prayers have been answered. Most likely they were secular non-prayers, but that is for another time.

For the next few days, I am taking a vacation from politics. This is because there is absolutely nothing going on in the world of politics that matters.

The presidential race has a 10 day gap. Therefore, those who write about the candidates can recharge their batteries.

Covering the Supreme Court hearings on the Obamacare law is a colossal waste of time. Until the 9 justices render a verdict, the only thing to do is engage in wild speculation. Reading the body language of those who play their cards close to the vest and confound us anyway is not worth the effort.

The Trayvon Martin case is tragic, but I am not spending one minute on it. Only two people know what happened, and one of them is deceased. So the only thing left for anyone else is again to engage in wild speculation. Al Sharpton is leading the lynch mob because that is what he does. Charles Schumer is using this as an excuse to enact anti-gun legislation because that is what he does. Let him try it in an election year when Democrats are already on the ropes and see how that works out.

The only issues that truly matter are Iran trying to blow up the world and Syria murdering its own citizens. The media is not interested, and I cannot make them care.

The Paul Ryan budget plan is fantastic, but until Republicans show a spine for once and publicly support it, the plan is dead on arrival, a mere fantasy of what could be if real leadership went beyond one fantastic Congressman from Wisconsin.

While the world of politics is useless right now, my true burning passion is the National Football League. I recently attended the Owners Meetings in Palm Beach, Florida. There is tons to report about that, and in the coming days I will.

So the TYGRRRR EXPRESS is going into football only mode for a few days unless and until real political news actually happens.

Tonight I fly from South Florida to Los Angeles to sleep in my own bed for a few hours. Then tomorrow morning I fly out to Billings, Montana.

So for those into useless politics, talk amongst yourselves. I will rejoin the conversation when actual news happens. I would sooner discuss the Jersey Shore than the current political climate.

My vacation from politics begins now.

It’s time for some heavy doses of football.


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