The other war against women

Over the last few weeks, the American people have been bombarded with allegations that there was a “War against women” occurring in the United States.

This war on women is apparently the defining issue of our lifetimes. The fact that this issue became paramount at the exact same moment that a liberal presidency is on the verge of collapse is purely coincidental.

Rather than dismiss the National Organization for Women and other feminists as hysterical hypocrites, the honorable thing to do was research whether or not this war on women real or fictional. It took only moments to confirm that the war on women is a global problem.

The feminist mistake has now become an entire ideology of Marie Antoinette’s. The difference is instead of “let them eat cake,” it is “let them get beaten and raped.” Like Miss Antoinette, the Middle Eastern women have a death squad waiting for them. The difference is the guillotine would be a relief from the torture most of these women face before their slow, painful deaths.

So for those in the feminist movement who are so distraught over the mythical war on women in the United States, spend a week in Syria or Saudi Arabia. Then come back here and kiss the feet of every conservative Republican male willing to save them from life under the Caliphate.

Oh, and for all of those liberal males who watched Phil Donahue and think that liberal women respect you…they don’t. They think you are a bunch of momma’s boys who need to grow a pair. Feminized men are so disgusting that even feminists can’t tolerate them.

So to those who know what is best for liberal women more than they ever will, thank you for being you. Now go blow up Iran and Syria and free those women from their bloodthirsty dictator captors. Unlike the leftist rich white women in America who will forever complain about nonsense, the Middle Eastern women will be grateful. After all, they are real women dealing with real women’s issues. Real men understand this.


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