Yet even more May Hate Mail

May was a spectacular month for hate mail, and the month is not even over yet.

Normally leftists and Paulbots send me the most hate mail. Yet last week a very special French edition was published after I had the nerve to criticize the French electorate for choosing suicide over economic growth.

A Syrian edition of my hate mail will be coming since many supporters of Bashar Assad want me to know how much they love their leader.

Heck, I would love Barack Obama if he threatened to murder me if I backed Mitt Romney.

Yet today is a traditional hate mail bag. The Paulbots are at it again. They keep insisting that the worst of them are a small minority, but at some point they need to accept that their movement is being accurately reflected.

Say it with me everybody. These are leftists and Paulbots. This is how they behave.

Now for the hate mail.


you are such a fucking dumbass.  i wish you could stand at my front door so i could beat the living shit out of you.  you are the dumbest fucking person i have ever seen in my life.  when is the last time you got fucked?  oh wait…rombama fucked you in the ass a second ago and they have done so since you were born.  you have had a dick in your ass since the day you were born you piece of shit. :)”

Analysis: This person reflects accurately on the Ron Paul movement and especially his youngest supporters. No wonder nobody listens to young people. So much for his movement being peaceful. It seems fairly violent to me.

Hank Williams

Nice Ron Paul piece asshole, you give us all hope that we can quit our McDonalds jobs and work for the Washington Times. Way to go!”

Analysis: I write for the Communities at the Washington Times, a totally separate entity. This person has no idea who they are railing against. Also, McDonalds is a respectable company with a quality product committed to cleanliness, value, and service. They would never hire this fellow.

“John Mack

You are a retard.. Period…”

Analysis: John Mack is the former CEO of Morgan Stanley. I worked for Morgan Stanley when he was CEO. I hope he has better things to do than worry about me. It could be a different John Mack…shrug.

“Tyrell Rutledge
dissidentx is right , you really should just go back to Israel or kill yourself.”

Analysis: Another day, another Paulbot anti-Semite. This is where Paulbots claim that this fellow does not represent them. Then they claim he is actually an anti-Paul guy pretending to be pro-Paul to make Dr. Paul look bad. Then they claim I am this guy, and that I am attacking myself to frame Ron Paul. When these miscreants remove their tinfoil hats they will realize anti-Semitism is running wild in the Paul movement.


You are not a journalist.  You shouldn't be writing for any newspaper.  Satirical and fictional slander concerning Ron Paul is not professional journalism.  You should replace Ron Paul's name with your mom's name.  Then you should use that picture with your mouth hanging open and put a shaft in it.”

Analysis: My mother? Really? Is the Ron Paul movement so corrupt that it allows third graders on the playground to vote? As for this fellow, the issue is his mother. She should wash out his mouth with soap and then take away his keyboard.

“Your a douche bag

your a douchebag for writing a story on ron like that, fuck off”

Analysis: Said the coward hiding behind the fake screen name. This is what Paulbots consider “discourse.” Try getting them to use the word in a sentence. “Well at college I took dis course and dat course.”


Was reading your blurb on Dr, Paul

Wondered if you are on some sort a special needs program? I have a young cousin who bang type keys too – I was hoping he coukld get a job with the Times. Thanks in advance.”

Analysis: The cousin might be qualified, but this commenter is not. After all, there are no government programs to help people who are defective ideologically.

“rael real

Question – why are you such a douche-bag?”
Just wondering…”

Analysis: My theory that the Paulbots all talk to each other and nobody else is again confirmed. Their vocabulary is rather limited. Maybe they act this way because they are hungry and need to be let out of their cage. I know I get grumpy when lunch is delayed. Somebody get these baboons some bananas.

Say it with me everybody. These are leftists and Paulbots. This is how they behave.


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