Even More July Hate Mail–My new response approach

Starting with this newest batch of July hate mail, I have decided to take a new approach with my responses. Anyway, this is another edition of Paulbots Gone Wild. Sadly it involves teenage boy libertarians rather than Spring Break female libertines.

“GOP fan
[email protected]

You're so dumb my cousin with down syndrome is smarter than you”

Analysis: Ron Paul supporters insist they are not anti-gay bigots, yet they keep using anti-gay slurs. I happen to be heterosexual, yet I find this coward a blight on all humanity. As for his cousin with down syndrome, my heart goes out to the lil tyke. It is a shame that unlike the cousin, this commenter has no excuse for his behavior.

[email protected]

Dear Eric,

How long did the proctologist tell you it would be before he could pry your head out?

Most sincerely,”

Analysis: This Virginia miscreant refers to himself as ChristsWorldOrder. He also is requesting Slim Jims, which means either he likes breaking into cars or he is a typical bachelor who enjoys beef jerky. It would be hard to fault the latter.



His real name is Jim Fox, and he supports a political party called the “Christian Liberty Party.” Apparently he is unaware that Jesus began Jewish, and was not into profanity and personal attacks.

“MIke Flewell
[email protected]

Eric, what a waste of time you are as a shill for the Neo-Cons. The mere fact that you have a steady job writing yellow journalism is laughable. In all honesty what was the point of this Ron Paul hit piece?

Jerk Off!!!!”

Analysis: Real name Mark Flewelling, lives at 62 Woodcrest Road in Ontario. His phone number is 705-734-3046.


This man should apologize for being Canadian. Canadians have spent their whole lives wishing they were Americans. For those wondering why I blame an entire nation on one man, I am still bitter about the 2002 Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Finals. A decade later, and watching Canada slap around the USA still stings.

“Bobbie Rogers
[email protected]


I found your article about Ron Paul fascinating.  Sike, you suck dude.  Why don't you wash the grease out of your hair, get a tan and move out of your parents basement.  Get a life.

Bobbie Rogers”

Analysis: This is a guy. First of all, he spells his name wrong. Boys should spell it Bobby, not Bobbie. This guy needs to take the bobbie pins out of his hair and let it flow like mine does. Also, at some point a boy has to grow up and become Bob or Robert. If you win championships like Bobby Knight and Bobby Bowden you get an exemption.

Sike? It is spelled “psyche,” and kids have not said that since the 1980s. As cool as “jams” and hackeysack were, it’s time to move on.

[email protected]
You are an ass”

Analysis: President Obama should stop using aol. They get hacked frequently. For all I know this could be an impostor. Then again, perhaps this is the real Obama telling me I truly want to be a donkey Democrat. No, I am still a Republican elephant and proud of it.

“vic jack
[email protected]

Why are you such an idiot for start? how dare you claim ron paul supporters shouldn't go to the convention.. what do you work for the dems you lousy piece of shit…just admit you only put posts about him because you know it draws hits to your site. what a slimeball..what do you even stand for other than continuing to divide the country and it's crappy political elite system?,.  you are a traitor to democracy Eric. go to hell”

Analysis: A traitor to democracy? Wow, this guy must be a Paulbot. This guy makes less sense than a reggae musician with tourette’s syndrome.

“Martin Allen
[email protected]

You don't really believe what you write do you? Come on you can tell me. You are just spouting propaganda to get hits on your blog right? If you do believe, your mother should be ashamed of herself for raising such a closed minded individual.”

Analysis; According to this genius’s Linkedin profile, he went to community college, and like me started his own business over 2 years ago.


As he admits, he still has not figured out how to make anything of it. If I spent 12 years as a shift manager I would be pretty bitter toward total strangers as well. Of course his career is stagnating. He lives in Seattle, and Starbucks has reached its quota of failed refugee Silicon Valley wannabes.

He may wish to spend less time focusing on me. I get paid for what I do.

[email protected]

Why are you prostituting yourself to the msm?  For a couple of dollars?”

Analysis: This guy might be qualified to lead an Occupy Wall Street rally, where actual skills in exchange for money are not required.

[email protected]

Your article about how ron paul supporters shouldnt attend the gop because they arent voting for either rigged candidate is disgusting , do you forget that ron paul won iowa and other states and was pushed under the rug by the traitors of the united states because they are scared of his small government anti taxation views?  Who paid you to write such bull shit.  You forget the GOP are the traitors who screwed ron paul from being our president we have a right to show up with our middle fingers raised high you puke.

I urge you to do 15 minutes of research to see how you just dont get the big picture. You are a sad lost slave. Have a good life as a sheep who thinks they are part of the system and will be saved.”

Analysis: This guy is like a 1990s grunge album without the cheery pleasantness. Maybe Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder got stoned one night, had sex, and produced this miracle child. They collaborated to form “Temple of the Dog,” which sounds a lot like this guy when read backwards.

[email protected]

How do you feel about the fact that nobody read your  latest article, but instead simply scrolled directly down to your comment section to leave you rightfully-deserved negative comments?
I did read it, though.
I mean just pure….. TRASH.  You should apply at Bloomberg!
By the way, have any Republican, Jewish women ever contacted you as per your signature?  Pathetic.  I would expect that from a  whiny, liberal, high-school blogger.

Eric Golub is not a Republican and should stop writing about Republican primaries.”

Analysis: Does Michael Bloomberg know that this fellow escaped his clutches? The Mayor of New York regulates everything, yet he cannot take away this man’s keyboard and regulate him out of society.

I am doing fine with Republican Jewish brunettes, although Mayor Bloomberg is now trying to regulate my intake of them. Well forget that! It’s all about the badonkadonk, and I will not settle for stick-figured women refusing to drink beverages from 7-11.

Now let’s wrap things up with one stray feminist.

“Sandy LoSchiavo
[email protected]

I got a question – what are you such a sexist shitheel?”

Analysis: Sandy baby, if I did not get it on me by stepping on you, somebody else would.To quote Great White, “Tell you what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna step on you.” Great song, great album. Shrug.

Say it with me everybody. These are liberals and Paulbots. This is how they behave.


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