George Jefferson up in the sky with Weezie

George Jefferson up in the sky with Weezie

Sherman Hemsley has permanently left the building. George Jefferson is now reunited with his beloved Weezie, having moved on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky.

Mr. Hemsley also did a very controversial skit with Howard Stern that contained several uses of the n-word. Yet even that skit was funny because of what it was lampooning. A few weeks earlier Ted Danson and Whoopie Goldberg came out on stage in blackface and did a skit involving the n-word that was widely panned.

Because they were both politically liberal, they were given a pass. Hemsley and Stern disagreed. Hemsley came out dressed as Whoopie while Stern played Danson. Stern would say something to the effect of “Whoopie, you an ugly (n-word).” Hemsley as Whoopie responded, “Yeah Ted, well you a smelly (n-word).” Hemsley and Stern obliterated the notion that coming out in blackface was acceptable as long as one voted Democrat. Hemsley did not publicly discuss his politics, but he thrived on being politically incorrect.


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