Joe Biden Useless Inconsequential Thursday

Today is Joe Biden Useless Inconsequential Thursday.

In the past I have celebrated “Nonsense Thursday” and “Nothing Thursday.” Yet today is a day when I really have absolutely nothing to say.

I flew last night on the redeye from Los Angeles to New York. After some sleep, a drive to New Jersey to speak to the Morris County Young Republican awaits. Then on Friday morning a flight to Tampa for some Republican Convention fun is in the cards.

As for the hurricane about to bare down on Tampa, there are two theories.

1) Maybe Obama really can cause the oceans to rise. We will see if he lifts a finger to help Republican voters if need be.

2) The Hurricane is Al Gore’s revenge.

Both of those theories will be expounded upon when I am not punch-drunk exhausted.

If my words make less sense than Hurricane Joe Biden coming to Tampa to mess up the GOP Convention, that is ok. We want him to come. He could be the evening entertainment.

As for now, when a man has nothing to say he should shut up. I understand this. Vice President Biden does not.

This concludes Joe Biden Useless Inconsequential Thursday.


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