2012 Foreign Policy Debate

The Final 2012 Presidential Debate

For those living in the Southern California area, the final presidential debate will be followed by the “debate of the debate.”

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney square off on Monday night, October 22nd, in their final of three presidential debates. There are debate watching parties across America, and Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue in Encino, California, will feature one of these 6pm PST gatherings. After the debate at 7:30pm, I will have the honor of making the case for Governor Romney. My friend Randy Steinberg, an accomplished Democratic consultant, will be making the case for President Obama.

As for the presidential debate itself, there are cracks surfacing at the White House. While Mr. Obama has an icy cool veneer that some describe as cold, there is one emotion running through Mr. Obama and his liberal supporters on the eve of the debate: Panic.



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