Happy Thanksgiving 2012

My family never celebrated Thanksgiving, so I could be perfectly happy watching football and eating a Swanson Dinner.

The day began with a 5:30am radio interview with Austin Hill on WMAL. Not sure what I said.

Then came football.

Erma Bombeck once said that any man who watches three consecutive football games should be declared legally dead. She is long gone, but the game lives on, which proves…well…something I guess.

The games will be watched, but the Swanson Dinner will be replaced with dinner at a friend’s house.

Black Friday begins tonight. As much fun as it would be watching a pair of soccer moms act like Middle East Jihadists over toys, quiet solace might be the way to go tonight for me.

I am thankful for some stuff, not thankful for other stuff, and in need of being more thankful for even more stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving all. God bless.


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