Hate mail from a leftist relative

Hate mail from a leftist relative

Of all the hate mail I have received, this one was the worst. It came from somebody who is a blood relative. The difference between family and relatives is that family are people we wish we saw more and relatives are people who insist on forcing themselves against our will into our lives. Family are welcome. Relatives never leave.

Once one strips away the fact that there is lineage, what one is left with is typical leftist lunacy. With ordinary leftist critics, I just send them a simple message. “You don’t matter.” Yet with a relative, a sharper response is required.

So enjoy this very special edition of my leftist relative hate mail.

(Name and email address redacted): “It really scares me how hateful you are. Sarcastically funny is cool, but hatred isn’t. The irony is, you sound just as hateful as the people you hate. I remember once several years ago we got into an argument in Ruthie’s car, because when I asked you why you didn’t like Hillary Clinton, you said, ‘Because she is a bitch.’ You sound just as ignorant now as you did then. You don’t know her personally, so who the hell are you to call her a bitch? Aren’t you capable of articulating what it is you dislike about her (such as her ideals, or more likely her feminism) instead of name calling? Ok, you’re a Zionist, good for you. You could try a little tolerance too. You are not Darth Vader. You don’t need hatred to make you powerful. You can continue to hate me too, because I am voting for Hillary in 2016. Who do you think arranged the cease fire between Israel and Palestine? Who do you think got Bin Laden (Hlllary & Leon)? Whenever an entity doesn’t fit into your ideology, you try to discredit them. Is there anyone in the world you do like besides football and hot Republican women? You are soooo much like (redacted, another relative). Such a misanthrope. I really think deep down you are smarter, and much nicer, than the mean little troll you act like sometimes. SMH. Talking about France contributing nothing to society because they want to give Palestine member status in the UN? News Flash Eric, Palestine BELONGED TO PALESTINIANS, before the UN decided to give Israel to the Jewish refugees that nobody except England was willing to take in! Palestinians DESERVE a little piece of land for themselves to farm and fish in. Not everyone in Palestine is Hamas. Mostly they are poor villagers. Israel was given a certain amount of land and they keep encroaching deeper into Gaza, taking more and more space from people who are living in tents and encampments because they are continually displaced. This is why people are angry at Israelie government. And as for France, The French gave us the French impressionist painters (Matisse, etc), modern art via Picasso, amazing cuisine, Nazi resistance fighters, brilliant Fashion designers (Dior, Chanel) and a million other things that are culturally relevant to society that you overlook because you are a philistine. You shouldn’t blanketly hate an entire country and everyone and everything in it because of what it’s government reps decide to do. It scares me how angry you are at everyone and everything you don’t agree with all of the time! Please Eric, calm down a little bit. The world has enough hatred in it.”

Analysis: This person has an actual mental illness. This is factual. I thank God I was not afflicted with this illness. They use their illness as an excuse to avoid being held accountable for their behavior and actions. “They can’t help it” is the refrain. In this case, they can and choose not to. Her account of events are completely fictional.

Ordinarily I would say “These are liberals and Palestinians. This is how they behave.”

I would also remind everyone that “Liberals are bullies, and the only thing bullies understand is force.”

I could remind you all that “Liberals are like Palestinians the way they treat Republicans and Jews respectively. Liberals are verbal suicide bombers.”

Nevertheless, in this case an ordinary response will not suffice. Special hate mail deserves a special response.

“Wrong. I am fed up with you because you are a defective human being whose very birth and existence was a mistake. Everything you touch turns to poison. You have been repeatedly told not to contact me, and you don’t listen. Now you stalk me on Facebook and Twitter. You are not family to me. You are nothing but a stranger who happens to have the same (redacted) as me. If I were to die you would be unaffected, and the feeling is mutual.

There is nothing in this world that either one of us brings to the other that is positive. The difference is I leave you alone. You now need to do the same.

For the last time, do not ever contact me again.”

For those conservatives out there who have leftist relatives, you should not force your views on them. However, if they force their views on you, cut them off immediately. Unless someone respects your boundaries, have zero interaction with them.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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