November Hate Mail

November Hate Mail

I explained on Monday that Republicans should fight President Obama and prevent him from raising taxes. The Bush tax cuts should be made permanent. Regardless of how one feels, this should be a policy discussion. Sadly, liberals are unwilling and unable to have serious policy discussions. All they offer is what makes my hate mail so delightful.

Below is a new batch of my hate mail, showing “tolerant” liberals having “dialogue.”

Cal Calber
[email protected]

You are a racist idiot!!!!!!!!!!!”

Analysis: I want tax cuts for all Americans, including blacks. Apparently this commenter wants segregated tax cuts where either only blacks or only whites get tax cuts. I say we raise taxes on imbeciles like this so clear thinking people like me have more money.

Al Marks
[email protected]

How did you come to be so incredibly stupid?”

Analysis: I went to public school in New York, where liberals have been destroying youngsters for decades. This is another reason I favor tax cuts. I absolutely want to starve the schools since the money is equivalent to helping drug addicts continue to get high.

Terry Gordon
[email protected]

Are you the I Me generation? Only for self and "damm" the country?”

Analysis: That would be the case where I only want to cut taxes for myself. I am even willing to give liberals a tax cut. After all, they can always refuse the money and donate it to public schools, green energy, and other failed ideas if they like. They only want to waste my money apparently, but not there own.

Harold Cantrell
[email protected]

This is all theorizing right?
Don't be so hateful.”

Analysis: Apparently wanting tax cuts is hateful. Ok, let me act like a liberal. The word “hateful” is now racist, proving that this commenter hates black people. See how easy it is to act like a liberal? Serious discussion about complex issues is now no longer necessary.

Tom Drumm
[email protected]

You know don't you that the Bush tax cuts were legislated as having a sunset because there was a developing federal SURPLUS?  That state of affairs doesn't obtain now, does it?

PS:  I really do sympathize that you've got to come up something, day in and day out, but REALLY.”

Analysis: This is not true hate mail since the insult disguised as sincerity only comes after a policy remark. Of course that remark is a lie. The sunset provision was because Democrats threatened to filibuster the legislation out of hatred for George W. Bush. This is the same filibuster they now want to abolish. So this commenter is full of garbaggio, but at least makes an attempt to pretend to offer an honest policy comment. Also, capitalizing the word “really” is what 13 year old girls do. At least he didn’t say “For realz.”

Say it with me everybody. These are liberals. This is how they behave.

Somebody toss them some bananas so they can stuff their faces and not be heard talking.

Oh, and make sure bananas are only tossed at white people. That way if bananas are thrown at 100 liberals, they can’t play the race card if one of them happens to be black. Also, raise their costs and make them pay extra for the bananas. My taxes should not pay for it even if the greater societal good of shutting them up occurs.


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