More Holiday Hate Mail

In the spirit of Christmas, here is a special batch of my holiday hate mail.

[email protected]

Analysis: We all are. It’s Christmas. Don we now, our gay apparel! Get with the spirit!

“Robert Smith
[email protected]
Are you for real? Thank the Constitution for freedom of speech eh?  Lets you freely spout such utter nonsense but if your side has their way that won't last long either.”

Analysis: A former Minnesota Vikings running back and the lead singer of the Spin Doctors are both named Robert Smith. whichever one this is, they have fallen on hard times. Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, indeed.

“Susan Buckner
[email protected]
Did you go to school?”

Analysis: Yes, public school. That it explains why my lack of knowledge. Actually, you probably went to public school as well.

“Steve Kramer
[email protected]
Such a short sighted view of history. Amazing from someone education in a Jewish school. You'd think you'd be more keen to protecting people from abuses by the wealthy elite. As long as its not you I guess. Why do unions for some work and not others, because lives are not at risk? What a flawed concept. Weren't lives lost in factories? Sad to see the defense of corporate America on the backs of the middle class. You should teach for two years in an inner city and then write on the subject.”

Analysis: My parents taught in the inner cities for thirty years. I know from what I speak, despite attending public school myself. Hebrew School provided some value.

“larry mcclemons
[email protected]
You wrote "firefighters and police officers are vital to society. Teachers are not."

It is commendable that you learned to read and write without help from any teachers.  But it is not surprising that you would denigrate the importance of education to a functioning democracy since conservatives more and more operate in a fact-free environment.

Not sure what you're so angry about, but I'm sure help is available to you.”

Analysis: I said public school teachers were not essential, and I stand by that. Privatize the schools and save lives. Better yet, home-school the kids.

“larry mcclemons
[email protected]
Do you still think teachers are over-valued and not "vital to society?"”
Analysis: This fellow seems to think that because of a tragic school shooting I should join the group of people praising public schoolteachers as mini-gods themselves. Wrong. Fire some schoolteachers and use that money to hire armed guards at the schools. The teachers will say no, proving it was never about the kids.

[email protected]

I understand that you have no basic education but your article concerning gun control shows how truly stupid you are.  Gun regulation is needed very badly in the US and if this event doesn't prove that to you, then you obviously do not care about the kids who died in Conneticut.   People like you are the reason these sort of mass shootings occur so often in America.  You have no legal understanding of the constitution or the law in general yet you believe that everyone deserves the absolute freedom of owning a gun and that is why we have so many crazy people with guns.  It is obvious to me that if your parents had not gotten you this job your uneducated fat ass would be shining my shoes for a living. PS the kid forced his way into the school and the principle died trying to push the kid out.  Might want to learn the true story before giving your uneducated opinion.

Analysis: All liberals wanting gun control should voluntarily turn in their guns. That way any political conflict in the future that cannot be resolved peaceably will be won by conservatives, who will have all the guns. Mentally unstable people should not have guns, which eliminates union members and most liberal commenters about gun control.”

[email protected]
so your precious football game is more important that 20 dead kids? you are the most pathetic person in the universe. i'm so sorry you had to change the channel for a few minutes and your mommy didn't tell you the specific number on the dial you had to turn to. pathetic. you are a child.”

Analysis: I love people who call themselves Christian yet act very un-Christian.They are almost always liberals. This fellow probably never got the memo about loving thy neighbor or civility. Also, people who use a screen name of speechless should by definition just stay that way.

“Peggy Harrington
[email protected]
I just read your piece regarding President Obama speaking at the same time as the NFL game last night.  My question is this: Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a child?”

Analysis: No Peggy, but do not ever pretend you contribute anything positive to anyone, anywhere in this world. Good people do not act like you. Merry Christmas.

[email protected]
Keep your racist comments to yourself you are a dick weed and u look like one to this was a tragedy and you is talking about George bush he is dead rite if the president was white u wouldn't have said shit just shut and be quite no one care about u or what u have to say dick weed”

Analysis: Bush is Christian, so I blame him for all the peace-loving Christians everywhere. When you see people feeding the poor, clothing the unclothed, sheltering the homeless, and other evil acts, blame Dubya and other Christian zealots.

Merry Christmas. These are liberals, even around the holidays. This is how they behave.

Lumps of coal for them all.


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