Dallas 2013 Season 2 Premiere–J.R. Ewing’s final stand

Dallas Season 2 Premiere Live Chat Monday January 28, 9pm EST on TNT

After 21 years, “Dallas” returned in 2012 for ten episodes. The second season of the relaunch starts tonight, and the Ewings will face more inner and outer turmoil than ever before. Join in the chat!


When we last left the Ewings in July, Christopher left Rebecca for Elena, who broke up with John Ross. J.R. and Bobby appeared to end their own feud while their sons carried it on. Cliff Barnes was still seeking revenge against the Ewings and Sue Ellen Ewing was running for Texas Governor. Rebecca, pregnant with Christopher’s twins, was revealed to be Cliff’s daughter. J.R., Bobby, and Cliff all molded their children John Ross, Christopher, and Rebecca to be just like they were. Bobby’s wife Annie had fought back against her smarmy ex-husband Harris Ryland.

The last episode ended with John Ross demanding that J.R. teach him every dirty trick in the book to seek revenge on Christopher and Elena. J.R. flashed his grin and said “That’s my son, from tip to tail.”

Yet the 2013 version of Dallas will also be bittersweet. Legendary actor Larry Hagman died recently at age 81 from cancer. Many are saying that he was J.R., and J.R. was Dallas. Can the show survive without him?

Perhaps the answer can be found in an old episode of the original Dallas. One of the characters looks at him and says, “No one is indispensable, J.R.” Let’s hope that turns out to be true. Parents want their children to carry on without them, and the best way to honor Larry Hagman would be to keep the new “Dallas” at such a high level that the show continues. Maybe in another two decades John Ross and Christopher will have their own sons fighting.

More importantly, think about losing somebody who matters to you. Think about how many times you wonder if you could see them just one more time. Dallas fans will get that wish. Larry Hagman filmed six episodes of the new season before he died. J.R.’s funeral is scheduled for week eight. So for the next six weeks, J.R. Ewing does live.

TNT has a fun “Rise to Power” game where people can ride their fortunes by guessing which character will come out on top. On Twitter, the fictional characters have their own accounts where they dispense pleasantries, and some not so pleasant digs at other characters.

Who will win? Who will lose? As J.R. would say to the ladies, “tune in darling and find out.”

Let the games begin. It’s time for wheeling, dealing and stealing, because “There’s no place on God’s green earth like Texas.”

You got that right, J.R.


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