June Paulbot Hate Mail

Happy Summer Solstice, belated of course.

My June hate mail is dedicated to one Paulbot. The quantity is smaller because from a quality standpoint, even some Ron Paul supporters would find this guy an embarrassment to humanity. If Ron Paul supporters wonder why their movement fails to become mainstream, it is because fringe lunatics like this adopt the movement and claim to represent it.

A woman on Facebook asked a serious question. She is a Libertarian, and wanted to know why anybody would be anything else politically. It was an honest question.

My response was that I am against legalizing marijuana. For one thing, I dislike stoners and favor the Singapore approach. Stoners should be caned.

It was a joke, but one Paulbot decided to act like himself. The transcript of his lunacy is below.



Let’s review. This “human” actually believes that likes on a Facebook page or post is the real world, and that I spend one minute of my existence concerned about that. I have real friends in real life. He was not sure if he and I were Facebook “friends.” What does that even say except that he seems to care about what does not matter in life.

The Ron Paul movement will never be taken seriously until Paulbots like this have their keyboards taken away from them. These miscreants are a liability to the movement.

Say it with me everybody.

These are Paulbots. This is how they behave.


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