July 2015 Hate Mail

July 2015 Hate Mail

Here is a collection of recent hate mail with the appropriate responses. Apparently liberals are unhappy that I said Bill Clinton’s behavior was worse than that of Bill Cosby. People can disagree with that statement without getting hostile. Then again, it is liberals we are dealing with here.

markdubeau1986 9 hours ago

“Hmm, one raped. One cheated. You are a disgrace, and a name that will Soon be forgotten, article writer.”

ANALYSIS: I started writing my column 8 years ago. It has only grown. Assuming this commenters name is Mark Dubeau, his last name sounds French. Therefore, he should apologize for everything. Cosby and Clinton were both accused of rape. The only person who seems to be forgotten is Juanita Broderick, making Mr. Dubeau a most foul Frenchman indeed. If he is not French, he is now French anyway for acting French. If this commenter were any less relevant, he would be John Kerry.

Bill B. 8 hours ago

The writer of this should be terminated.

ANALYSIS: Now that is classy, making a death threat for having a dissenting opinion. The commenter can claim he just meant I should lose my job writing. Since I am self-employed, I choose not to fire myself. I took it as a death threat, and the writer of this comment should have the police visit his home. His comments are obviously a gateway to more violent behavior.

Plain Vanilla 10 hours ago

Wow! Some people will write/say anything to get noticed. Articles like this make you look desperate.

EDIT: After Googling the author, it is apparent from his picture that he’s going to have to rape someone in order to get laid.

ANALYSIS: The commenter “Plain Vanilla” is another example of how liberals communicate with people they disagree with. Does every liberal behave this way? No, but far too many of them do. Their defense is “Well, conservatives blah blah blah” as if two wrongs make a right.

This commenter was trying to insult me, but he was actually insulting any woman I have ever allegedly slept with, including the alleged ones in recent days. The liberal war on women is out of control.

This is yet another reason why I detest anonymous commenters. If this fellow had his IP address tracked and had his comment reported to his boss and lost his job, maybe he would think twice.

I am an adult but I cannot imagine how a comment like that his would affect a young teenager just starting to write.

Then again, this is liberalism. It is what it is, always was, and probably always will be. Tolerance, unless you disagree with them.

Unlicensed Dremel 14 hours ago

This is absurd – doesn’t pass the smell test – Clinton had no where near 37 accusers (did he?), and no accusations of drugging. Author claims this fact is “irrelevant” but then stops without explaining the theory behind that – fact is, it’s highly relevant. Cosby is the Ted Bundy of sexual predators; Clinton, notsomuch. This author is an unmitigated imbecile with no grasp of critical thinking skills.

ANALYSIS: This fellow is a bad speller because he got his own screen name wrong. He meant to write “Unlicensed Drivel.” What the commenter meant to say is he disagrees with me but cannot articulate why. Then again, cowards who hide behind screen names are not known for contributing anything positive to society in the form of thoughtful commentary. I recommend he let Bill Clinton near the women he loves the most and watch the fireworks fly. I am giving this commenter the benefit of the doubt in assuming he was, unlike MacBeth’s MacDuff, actually born of a woman.

Say it with me everybody: These are liberals. This is how they behave.


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