Meet Renee, eharmony cyberstalker

Meet Renee, eharmony cyberstalker

Dear Renee from Pasadena, California,

I hope you never go on another date as long as you live. I hope you die barren and alone. You give all women a bad name.

1) Cyberstalking is lame. My life is public. If you want to ask me something about myself, just ask. I didn’t spend one minute Googling you.

2) The next time you read a quote about me, read the whole quote. I understand you’re probably ADD, but you only read 1/2 the quote.

Example: “I think we should eat healthier, set a better example for our children.”

Now read the spliced quote: “I think we should eat…children.”

Do you see how those sentences are different? Stupid b*tch.

3) The 1/2 quote you misread was from 2007. I guess you have not changed in the slightest in 8 years. I also got into fistfights in college. Perhaps that should scare you. I also stole cookies from my mom’s cookie jar. Perhaps that means I lead a life of crime.

When people ask why I prefer to date Republican women, it’s because I don’t want a hypersensitive priss who b*tches & complains about the slightest little things, especially when she has no idea what the hell she is talking about. For liberals, this is always.

Renee, you are a liberal. That is why you are a hypersensitive crybaby who lacks anything remotely resembling class. I would post your phone number and your picture but then you would get cyberstalkers, and nobody wants that. I know I don’t.

It genuinely angers me at how many low class women act badly and then wonder where all the good guys are.

Renee is a liberal. These are liberals. This is who they are. This is how they behave.



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